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rFactor 2 - Build 6098993

Автор: Validamar 20.01.2021, Просмотрено: 562, Категория: rFACTOR-2


Studio 397 выпустила второе обновление в этом году для rFactor 2, кторое включает улучшения световых переходов в динамическое время суток, настройки пользовательского интерфейса и различные другие изменения, подробно описанные в журнале обновлений ниже.
Update Notes:
Added back-end support for detecting the state of the Steam overlay so we can advise people to turn it on when trying to show them a shopping cart.
Fixed a possible deadlock.
Changed the lighting at dusk to gradually transition the fog color, preventing a sudden light change.
Improved the shutdown of a dedi so it no longer exits with a non-zero return code.
Fixed an issue where if we failed to load a custom skin we would not correctly fall back to the default skin.
Fixed an issue where blurred reflections did not show up.
Made the material editor port configurable in the scene viewer and changed it to 5396 by default so it won't conflict with the default port that rFactor 2 uses.
Allow up to 128 scene paths in the scene viewer.
Fixed an issue where upgrades did not correctly show in the showroom when selected.
Enforced loading the correct upgrades before we initialize physics online.
Added a few missing control options in the menus so they can be assigned again in the UI.
Significantly improved the way we render our clouds, resulting in much better looking skies.
Server will now kick a client using a custom team if file transfers are disabled because that client would be kicked when a race starts anyway.
Various auto exposure tweaks were done, also to the cockpit view.
Only pause the first session now if the setting is enabled on a dedicated server.
Fixed UI mouse click control.
Converted old FSAA values to new MSAA ones.
Corrected some inconsistencies between the viewer and rFactor 2.
Fixed some compound rendering issues in the showroom.
Improved the camera editor in dev mode by fixing some assets for it.

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