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СЛЕДУЮЩАЯ ГОНКА: SUPER SILHOUETTE DTM 91 (2023) на треке Laguna Seca в Вторник 07 Февраля. ПРЕДСТОЯЩИЕ ГОНКИ: SUPER SILHOUETTE DTM 91 (2023) на треке Loch Drummond в Вторник 14 Февраля.

Automobilista 2 - V1.3.8.3

Автор: Validamar 11.07.2022, Просмотрено: 293, Категория: Reiza Studios


Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.3.8.3. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.



Added Cordoba No2 & 4 layouts

Adjusted AI suspension rate multipliers (also used in Multiplayer code) to minimise vibrations from opponents in Multiplayer

Minor tire tread adjustments to Group A, M1 Procar & F-3
F-Vee: Adjusted FFB

Added check for AI to add extra fuel over the default level if default isn´t enough for their run in practice sessions
Added custom AI drivers for GT3 series
Nurburgring: Adjusted AI Grip for Norschleife & 24h Layouts

Cordoba: Adjusted pit building, race control materials and textures, Added houses at Villa Parque Santa Ana; Added Myrian Stefford monument; Added powerlines and light poles, radio masts, water tower; Added road noise; Added marbles; Added pit and brake marker cones
Termas Rio Hondo: Art Pass & added seasonal foliage; Relaxed track limits slightly at T10 apex

F-Classic Gen3: Revised liveries
Mini JCW UK: Revised liveries



Added Buenos Aires alternative layout 6 with "tobogan" chicane

Fixed Championship editor allowing too many opponents
Fixed ABS driving aid not working in vehicles without factory ABS

Minor tire tread refinements BMW Procar, Copa Classic, Lancer Cup
F-Ultimate Gen2: Minor aero adjustments; Increased spring adjustment range & generally stiffened default to better optimize undertray aero (setup reset recommended)
Revised ABS strength as a gameplay driving aid for cars that don´t feature the system built-in
Procar: Adjusted default roll bar (slightly softer front, stiffer rear)
Group A: slightly stiffer default front roll bar
Revised aero dropoff rates for all cars with significant downforce, reducing minor inconsistencies

Further reduced high aggression AI lateral rate of movement for slightly less twitches
AI calibration pass for Copa Classic, F-Ultimate Gen2
Reduced AI CoG multiplier to attempt minimise chances of cars rolling over sausage curbs
Brands Hatch GP: Further AI performance adjustments
Buenos Aires:Adjusted AI line & performance at T4,T5,T6,T7 of layout 6

Fixed missing Azure tunnel & bridge reflections

Buenos Aires: Adjusted razor curbs on selected runoff areas ("Curvon 8, "Viborita" and "Cajon") ; Added missing winter trees for No.12
Cordoba: added new race control, 2nd garage building, adjusted seasonal foliage, tweaked crowds, roadlines, few small tweaks to curb heights for TC layout section, added tents, vehicles and other details around the track; Added animated marshals; Added night lighting

F-Ultimate Gen2: Added cockpit vibration effect to the front fender winglets; revised collision



Fixed championship editor not respecting max opponents and max rounds in some cases
Fixed crash trying to start Stock Car Pro 2022 championship
Revised livery name alterations for Porsche Cup & VW TSI Cup, adding more distinctions to help prevent duplicated liveries with custom AI files

Fully revised Lancer Cup, TSI Cup, Opala 79, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno physics
Further tire tread revisions to F-Trainer (both), F-Vee, F3, F-Vintage (both); F-Retro Gen3, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 (both gens), F-Reiza, F-Ultimate (both gens), GTE, GT3, Group C, BMW Procar; Ginetta G40 (both), P1, Vintage Touring Cars
FFB Max force & smoothing adjustments for F-Vee, F-Trainer, Lancer Cup, Opala 1979, Opala 1986, Sprint Race, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, VW Polo & VW Virtus
Ginetta G40 (both) Slightly adjusted CoG height, frontend aero
Further revisions to tire tread of all radial slicks & wet compounds when running on a wet surface (revisions in progress, to be completed by V1.4)
F-Ultimate (both gens): Adjusted ERS mapping for Silverstone

Minor adjustments to AI racing behavior: Reduced range at which AI car ahead will try defend from car behind; Increased range AI behind will try pass car ahead; Slightly reduced speed differential needed to attempt overtake; Slightly decreased avoid ratio at max aggression; Minor increase of care factor against human; Minor decrease of lateral range while defending
Slightly increased AI hotlap pace push for pratice / quali
Added Porsche Cup, GT4, GT5, G40 Cup custom AI driver names + Ai entries for the 5 new DPi liveries
AI calibration pass for Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, Opala 1979, Lancer Cup, F-3, TSI Cup
Adjusted AI grip for Spielberg (both layouts)

F-Reiza: Increased DRS beep volume increase
Added & adjusted several soud effects from trackside objects - helicopter, 747 jet and turboprop animation sound effects

Added real weather data for Buenos_Aires, Cordoba and Termas Rio Hondo
Buenos Aires: Added VR trackside cameras
Cordoba: Static object LOD corrections
Termas Rio Hondo: Additional static object, crowds, and marshals; Change Default race date to May 29 2022
Minor adjustment to grass friction coefficient

Corrected driver gear shift animation of Lancer RS, Caterham SuperLight & SuperSport to match the actual car gearbox (sequential or H-shifter)
Reduced frequency of exhaust backfires in vehicles in which that is not common

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