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СЛЕДУЮЩАЯ ГОНКА: ENDURANCE GT GT3 (2023) на треке Monza в Вторник 03 Октября. ПРЕДСТОЯЩИЕ ГОНКИ: ENDURANCE GT GT3 (2023) на треке Zandvoort (GP) в Вторник 10 Октября.


Автор: Validamar 08.11.2022, Просмотрено: 251, Категория: rFACTOR-2


7 ноября вышло четвертое из запланированных крупных ежеквартальных обновлений для rFactor 2 в этом году, и мы надеемся, что у вас будет возможность сесть и приятно провести время на виртуальных гоночных трассах с новым обновлением.
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The Update
Client: 9873443
Dedicated Server: 9873452


Enabled Alt+F4 and X closing the game
Fixed a rare crash when changing cameras
Fixed game crashing with “null” in controller.json
Fixed game crashing when pressing escape to monitor
Added Key Assignment to toggle Freelook Mouse Control
Improved package install speeds
Updated DRS regulations to be restricted in all zones by default and not allowed if there are no drs zones.
Added RFM parameter “RearFlapNoZonesAllowed” to allow DRS when no zones are available.
Fixed online temp car not lighting correctly at night.
Improved visibility of pitbox marker at night.
Fixed anonymous steam IDs being reported in the results.xml when players left the server before the file gets written.
Sped up Race Event creation in MAS Tool regardless of size/age of pkginfo.dat
Fixed premium content unavailable offline

Track Limits
Added Relaxed Track Limits Mode
Added Penalties Only display mode
Added Test Day support for GDB Settings (via Practice settings)
Increased penalties for passing illegally and increased time to return place.
Made it possible to change modes in Dev Mode
General improvements to pit lane, removing unnecessary reports inside the pitlane, and fixing pit exit line cut detection if content is setup correctly.
Reworked Track Limits dialogue to use HUD Font and add indicator strip
Updated track limits display, showing all warnings and penalties via messages.
Fixed AI editor adding connections from pit lane to main path where the game should not (in some cases due to waypoint locations)
Fixed an issue where going off track again before penalization would not continue the investigation.
Added ability to configure Track Limits display in HUDs, but fix to set display if not configured.
Added “HUD” option to Display position options for Track Limits Info, when set at this it will be placed where the HUD configures. You can manually adjust the position otherwise.
Added sample parameters to default HUD
Removed loose fonts from ModDev and fixed font loading from mas files
Added HUD editor support for Track Limits element

Added Headlight Pulse. Defaults to J key. On activation headlights will pulse 4 times for a second. Previous headlight state is retained and this will not cause issues with headlight requirements.
Set Auto Headlights to turn on at night even if not required.
Fixed an issue with Headlight assignment not being kept after a driver swap.
Fixed Max Headlights PLR value not being respected
Updated Headlights to be culled based on the position of selected vehicle. Note in Freelook mode to make sure you have selected the vehicle you are focusing on if you are having issues with the headlights not being rendered.

Improved in Game Exposure in VR
Fixed omni lights being falsely applied to objects with Omni not enabled
Added ability to set an emissive map on the Terrain shader. Intended for baking distant lighting into terrain.
Fixed delta not resetting correctly after a driver swap
Fix crash when trying to display the game in borderless on a third monitor with a different solution than the first.
Fix using the resolution of the first screen when displaying on any other using borderless.
Fixed a crash when changing monitor when in fullscreen.
Fixed changing resolutions in windowed mode.
Fixed reverting resolution picking the wrong resolution to revert to. Used to pick the first with the same width.

Settings across the UI can now be adjusted more quickly:
Right mouse button: 10x multiplier
Middle mouse button: 50x multiplier
Holding down left mouse button:
5x multiplier after 2 seconds
10x multiplier after 4 seconds
Greyed out setup settings (including the name and value) that cannot be adjusted
Fixed camber setup setting description
Ambient and track temperatures in the event screen are now shown in Celsius of Fahrenheit based on the selected units
MultiView monitor side angle setting has been limited to 90 degrees in graphics settings
Updated refreshing of setup list
Fixed subscribing to “All” content collection in the First Launch Wizard
Fixed setup settings becoming greyed out when one of the step values is “N/A”
Fixed multiplayer admin session controls
Fixed setting next race length (note: new race length will be displayed after switching to another session, e.g. practice → qualifying)
Fixed restart race button being disabled during a race session
Fixed showing percentage for the singleplayer “Race time” setting when “Race criteria” was set to “% Track Time” or “% Track Default”
Fixed “Torque split” setup setting description typo (read wheels → rear wheels)
In multiplayer session controls, fixed selecting spectators when there are more than one
Fixed selecting driver/spectator in multiplayer session controls when there’s a driver and spectator with the same name on the server
Fixed not being able to delete the first replay in the list

Fixed erratic throttle and brake inputs
Fixed waypoint lookahead to fix jerky steering motion
Fixed an issue with driveline noise that could cause AI to brake partially off track and spin, or cut too much
Fix for problematic behaviour introduced in RC where AI would lose track of the target waypoint or get stuck driving the wrong way.

Refactored engine code

Minor fixes
Fixed an issue with sounds disappearing (other, similar issues still exist!)
Fixed a rare crash when loading AI cars using the new sound system
Fixed issue with sounds disappearing

Live stream overlayModding
Added the ability to animate any maps UVW via Scroll and Step options on IBL Standard and IBL Standard Blend shaders.
Fixed buggy background on telemetry debug screens in ModDev.
Added OnScreen ModDev Tweakbar for debugging Car Cockpit readouts and debugging of LED values.
IBL Road Shader: Added the ability to blend out alt normal map via RDT.b
IBL Vegetation Shader: Added optional detail map with extended blend options.

Known issues
Skip updates button on package install is unresponsive
Going off track and returning on track with a return pass message visible will reset the counter to 5 seconds
There are some issues around track limits violations being converted into time penalties if you finish the race before the violation is evaluated.
Transmission sounds don’t play correctly
Setup list doesn’t work correctly in mod dev

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