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СЛЕДУЮЩАЯ ГОНКА: MONO CLASS AUDI TT CUP 15/16 (2020) на треке NINGBO (Short) в Вторник 22 Сентября. ПРЕДСТОЯЩИЕ ГОНКИ: MONO CLASS HONDA CIVIC WTCC (2020) на треке MACAU в Вторник 29 Сентября.

Automobilista 2 - v0.9.3.1

Автор: Validamar 24.05.2020, Просмотрено: 189, Категория: Reiza Studios


Reiza Studios выпустили очередное обновление для своей версии Automobilista 2 Early Access. Обновление v0.9.3.1 содержит множество исправлений и улучшений в FFB и физики, а также новый контент.

Added Hot Cars (Early 80s Brazlian Touring Car Series with 3 models)

Fixed missing Adelaide Historic loading screen
Fixed low-res AMS2 shortcut icon when generated by Steam
Show disabled text in lobby session info if practice/qual are disabled
Adjusted opacity of main HUD element containers
Fixed race over countdown
Added selected state to in-game chat text entry boxes
Fixed incorrect vehicle statistics for various touring car classics
Added missing F-Vee Fin statistic
Fixed track logos being retained from previous track selection when current doesn´t have one

Slightly refactored the way steering arm forces pass on to FFB (should provide a slightly “tighter” wheel around center)
Slightly reduced the filters that added in previous update,
Added soft lock for wheels that still didn´t have it (WIP).
Disabled Old Default FFB profil
FFB profiles with lockstops enabled and new exposed values in them.

Globally reduced slick grip on wet tracks
Revised aero efficiency losses with yaw for various cars
Super V8: Fixed error in steer lock range; Adjusted default ARB & camber settings
Revised F-Classic front & rear wing for more consistent downfroce increments accross proportional changes of wing angles
Reduced bumpiness over grass & gravel to address collision issues while running off-track
Fixed rear brake cooling in various formula cars
Revised restitution values for crashing into walls and barriers
Moved default brake bias slightly to the front for FWD cars
Reduced brake efficiency when cold
Fixed missing 5th gear in Gol / Passat Classic B
F-V10: Fixed error in fast damper range
F-Classic Gen2: Disabled redundant engineboost function
F-Ultimate:Slightly increased carcass load stiffeness
Adjusted Roco Aero balance & default setup
Opala: Fixed rear brakes
MCR S2000: Fixed missing rear tyre warmers
Fixed Ultima gearbox RPM tolerance in manual shifts
Fixed F-V10 loud Traction control sound
Fixed V-10 AI bouncing
Fixed Opala 1986 redundant rear left damper setting

AI performance multipliers for practice & qualifying sessions are now customized per car & proportional to their race performance
Improved AI skill when driving off the racing line & reduced range for factoring cars up ahead (improves their pace on initial laps & reduces hesitation while being passed)
Further boost to AI awareness when behind human players
Callibrated peak AI corner grip & grip multipliers resulting in better speed mid corner through slow / mid speed corners, more realistic speeds through fast corners
Improved AI skill when off the racing line (resulting in less 1st corner slowdowns and better pace over 1st lap)
Callibrated AI throttle application for all cars to better correspond with human ability
Reduced AI boost under braking during an overtake;
Reduced minimum straight lentgh for KERS / boost application
Improved AI ability through water puddles (less lifting off throttle)
Slightly bumped up AI speed under yellow & blue flags
Revised AI paths for Londrina (both layouts)

Updated TV cameras for Donington & Kansai
Kyalami: Updated curb textures
Jerez: Snap revised road noise; updated walls & barriers to latest standards; Add missing garage door collision; fixed garage door mapping/alignment
Montreal: Fixed bug causing cars to visually appear to float over track surface
Added cockpit windscreen reflections to Super V8, Ultima GTR Race, Ultima GTR Road, Touring Car Classics
Adjusted visual brake glow ranges
Fixed F-Classic G3M3 RPM bar
Adjusted various Fusca textures
F_Ultimate 2019: Added rain light
F-Vee: Added rain light
MCR S2000 new liveries / updates / redesign #10 #13 #19 #20 #21 #23 #24 #14
F-Trainer: new community skins #21 #22 #23 #24
MRX P3 revised liveries

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