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Automobilista - Build V1.15 & DLC Imola

Автор: Validamar 18.11.2016, Просмотрено: 815, Категория: Reiza Studios

Reiza Studios выпустила DLC и обновление V1.15 для Automobilista. В паке представлено 4 версии трассы Imola: 1972 (версия без шикан), 1988, 2001 и 2016.
DLC Imola доступен в Steam за 5.99$ долларов США. Студия Reiza работает над следующим DLC для AMS, который выйдет в начале декабря.

Automobilista v1.15 Changelog:

Cars (Only Available for BRIT PACK and / or season pass owners):

Added Ultima GTR Standard Road Series (less powerful than the original 720 model)
Tracks (Only Available for IMOLA and / or season pass owners):

Added 4 versions of Imola – 1972, 1988, 2001, 2016
Features & Fixes

Opponent filters now listed alphabetically in session menu
Added vehicle configuration menu to Multiplayer car selection screen
Slightly toned down AI aggression when near other cars for all tracksRe
moved the fields with wrong info from AMS Config
Added Memory load warning when approaching application limit
Fixed shader initialization bug with could cause tire textures to become darkened in saved replays
Added warning messages for Pit Lane Closed & Open during multiplayer start procedures for players starting from the pits
Increased Multiplayer pre-race time from the 30s to the 60s
Switched penalty for leaving the pits under a red light after race start from DQ to stop/go (penalty when leaving before the start remains DQ)
Updated UI sound effects
Several track limit detections and tweaks at Interlagos, Mendig, Montreal, Granja, VIR, Salvador & Supertruck layouts
Adjusted collision feelers for better detection, slightly improved behavior & AI awareness
Corrected engine sound panning for cars with alternative driver seat positions
Minor DFV sound update
Corrected pit menu settings for brit pack cars
Updated road & terrain properties for Brands, Cadwell & Oulton
Brands: Rebuilt GP layout AIW in hope of fixing reported online freezing issues
Cadwell: Fixed issue with falling through terrain on right-hand side just before mountain turns
Oulton: Moved tire stacks on apexes back by about 20cm; Improved wrong way messages when running wide on straight after Cascades (may still occur in some circumstances); Adjusted AI line through Druids in International layout
Spielberg: Adjusted AI line through the last corner
Mini: Minor adjustment to onboard engine sounds
StockV8: Corrected Julio Campos driver number
Metalmoro: Fixed cockpit windows texture
Boxer Cup: Fixed cockpit windows texture
Superkart: Fixed low-res mirrors
F-V10: Added community Team Cosmo; Adjusted default setup; increased soft tire wear rate
Metalmoro: Added community driver
Kart: Fixed error in damage file
F-Vintage: Fixed material name with gold rims which could cause GMT errors
F-Vee: Fixed unrealistic front suspension animation
Ultima GTR: Various physics adjustments; Adjusted AI performance; Adjusted gearshift timings; Adjusted driving aid properties
F-Trainer: Various physics adjustments; Adjusted AI performance; Adjusted gearshift timings; Adjusted driving aid properties
MRC2000: Various physics adjustments;Adjusted AI performance; Adjusted gearshift timings; Adjusted driving aid properties; Added left driver side configuration
Caterhams: Fixed Oil and Water gauges; added headlights for cockpit view; Added roll cage to driver side configuration; Adjusted drag coefficient; Revised tires in all models; Adjusted AI performance; Adjusted gearshift timings; Adjusted driving aid properties
OBS: Steam Achievements are being phased in over the next couple of weeks. You may notice some basic Achievements popping up in the meantime.
OBS2: Updated integration with newer Logitech drivers has been postponed for the next build (no need to update drivers just yet).
OBS3: If you have an online race tonight, you may stick to or revert to the previous v1.1.1 by selecting that branch from the Steam Beta tab. Further instructions as to how to do that here.


Сайт разработчиков - www.reizastudios.com
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