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СЛЕДУЮЩАЯ ГОНКА: GT CLASS GT4 (2021) на треке MONZA CIRCUIT (JUNIOR) в Вторник 13 Апреля. ПРЕДСТОЯЩИЕ ГОНКИ: GT CLASS GT4 (2021) на треке ZANDVOORT (CLUB) в Вторник 20 Апреля.

RaceRoom - Update v0.9.2.16

Автор: Validamar 22.12.2020, Просмотрено: 213, Категория: Sector3


Sector3 Studios выпустила небольшое обновление для игры RaceRoom Racing Experience, весом в 250 МБ. Обновление содержит обновленную физику, шины, исправления треков, а также добавлены новые трассы и автомобили.

Начнем с релизов контента: теперь доступно поколение линейки Audi Sport Customer Racing! Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVO, Audi R8 LMS GT2, а также новую версию GT4.

От Volkswagen Вы можете насладиться автомобилями breaking ID. R, а также легендарным Scirocco Group 2 1976 года.

После выпуска Daytona в начале этого года мы рады представить нашу вторую лицензированную площадку NASCAR: The Glen!

Мы рады наконец-то выпустить Brands Hatch Гран-при!
Единственный способ представить вам схему Гран-при - это разделить Инди и Гран-при (как мы это сделали с Nordschleife и Nuerburgring). Однако вы можете получить макет Гран-при со скидкой 50%, которая продлится до 25 декабря.

Update details:
Download size = 5.3 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 5996517
Dedi version = 70.0.1235
Dedi BuildID = 5996692

Content releases:
Audi R8 LMS GT4 (2020)
Audi R8 LMS GT2
Volkswagen Scirocco Group 2 (1976)
Volkswagen ID. R
Brands Hatch Grand Prix layout
Watkins Glen International, with four layouts.

Physics engine:
Physics engine - Added support for engine maps. Cars featuring these will have special settings in the car setup menu. Control bindings are also added to alter the map from inside the cockpit, which not all cars support.
Physics engine - Added support for modifying the amount of Engine Braking from the car setup.
Physics engine - Added support for throttle maps. Those are not tweakable in car setup but are specific to each car.
Physics engine - Revamp of the turbo simulation for better realism of spool / throttle management.
Physics engine - Added support for Energy recovery system, which is adjustable for electric & hybrid engines in the car setup menu as well as through a key bind from the cockpit.
Physics engine - Revamp of the aerodynamics simulation of the diffuser to better simulate diffuser stalls when too close to the ground.

Tyre model updates:
The following cars are brought to v4.1:
Audi Sport TT Cup
CUPRA eRacer
DTM 1992
Formula RaceRoom 90
Formula RaceRoom Junior
Group 2 (new class)
Group 4
Group 5
Hillclimb Icons
Mercedes DTM 2003 and 2005
Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (sprint & endurance specs)
Porsche 911 Carrera Cup (964)
Touring Classics
Volkswagen ID.R
WTCC 14-15-16-17
WTCR 18-19

Engine maps
The following cars are featuring engine maps:
CUPRA eRacer
Formula RaceRoom 90
Formula RaceRoom U.S.
Formula RaceRoom X-17
Group 5
Group C
GT3 classes
GTR2 class
Nissan Skyline (Touring Classics) has 2 engine maps
Mercedes DTM 2003 and 2005
Volkswagen ID.R

Dedicated server:
Added “Skip Qualifying” option. If this is enabled, the server will fetch leaderboard laptimes of all connected players for the current track layout and the performance index of the car they’re driving. The starting grid of the race will be defined by those lap times.
Added “Prevent false start” option. If set to off, players will be able to jump the start of the race and receive a penalty for doing so.
Added support for race duration in laps.
Added an option for rolling or standing starts for each race session. A rolling start is right now still AI controlled, but we aim for human control rolling starts in 2021.

New replay menu
Spectator - New data is available through the API. All changes are listed on the github page.
New data in shared memory API for Traction Control level, Engine Map and Engine Braking settings.
Unification of cut detections between the reputation system and the cut corridors. Previously, an incident point for an off-track would not always result in the invalidation of the lap.
Added a key bind to override traction control and allow for that quick 180 recovery from a spin.
Pitstops - WTCR car classes are now using the same pitstop timers as the GT4 car class.
Physics - Tweaks to behaviour of gravel and grass.
Physics - WTCR car classes now make use of the Anti-Lag System that had been developed for DTM 2020.
Physics - Fixed tyre pressure that wasn’t being set properly on preheated tyres which affected leaderboards.
Physics - Launch control logic change where it will now disengage when upshifting from 1st gear.
Sounds - ALS sound effects added to WTCR cars
Sounds - New external sounds for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR (18&19)
Sounds - New external sounds for the Radical SR9 AER
Sounds - Improved external sounds of the BMW M4 DTM 2020
Sounds - Improved external sounds of the Peugeot 308 TCR
Sounds - Improved cockpit and external sounds of the Porsche 962C
Sounds - Improved external sounds of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport
Sounds - New cockpit sounds recording for the Audi RS 5 DTM 2020
Sounds - New cockpit sounds recording for the Chevrolet Dekon Monza
AI - Countless tweaks and improvements to AI behaviour and their racelines around tracks
Added support for 32:9 monitor ratios
Art - Bathurst updated to 2020 specs
Art - Imola updated to 2020 specs
Art - Portimao updated to 2020 specs
Art - Oschersleben - Added a missing brake marker at turn 1 and a bump in the road that was missing after turn 3.
Added support for manual inlaps at the end of the race session. This option is currently accessible through Gameplay Settings, but we eventually plan to make it a server option just like driving assists so it can be forced on or off.

Официальная веб-страница - www.sector3studios.com
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