Automobilista 2 – v1.0.2.0 & Silverstone


Reiza Studios выпустила обновление V1.0.2.0 и DLC Silverstone Pack для своего гоночного симулятора Automobilista 2. Помимо здорового набора исправлений и улучшений, обновление также включает в себя пересмотренный режим чемпионата, улучшения пользовательского интерфейса, обновленную систему штрафов. Кроме того, в обновлении также представлены классические Lotus 49C, Brabham BT26A и серия F-Vintage Gen2 в качестве бесплатного контента.

Наряду с обновлением Reiza Studios также выпустила долгожданное DLC Silverstone Pack, в котором представлены 3 исторические версии всемирно известной трассы и ее текущая современная.

Ознакомьтесь с полным списком изменений ниже.

The track limit penalty system and regulations have now been completely revised to adhere more closely to real racing regulations and for better consistency. A more detailed explanation of the rules for track limits as of v1.0.2.0 will follow shortly.

Added F-V10 Gen1 class
Added Lotus 49C, Brabham BT26A to F-Vintage Gen2 series
Released Silverstone Pack featuring 2020, 2001, 1991 & 1975 versions (DLC package)e

Championship mode: Added Frontend standings table; Added race length scaling option; Added progress reset option; Fixed bug ensuring player vehicle respects championship configuration.
Added new track limit penalty system- no more slowdown penalties (except to give back positions), the driver has a customizable number of track limit violations before being awarded a drive-thru penalty
Added penalty tolerance logic for when the cut occurs over grass/gravel or occurs after contact with another vehicle
Decreased the distance in which a track limit violation invalidates the next lap
Track limit rules made standard for all racing sessions (whether single or multiplayer) for better consistency

Added Brazilian-PT localization (Beta)
Fixed some situations where Championship was incorrectly identified as a Career championship
Added UI Pit Strategy screens (access via Setup screen)
Added Vehicle List switch option to the Vehicle Selection page.
Fixed Time Trial info unit still showing old style in Minimal mode
Multiplayer chatbox now logs all messages over the session
Removed the fade delay from “Give back Position” HUD message so it disappears instantly when the position is returned

Reduced tyre speed effects on adhesive friction for all slick tires
Increased longitudinal slip (and reduced understeer as a result) for f-Retro, F-Vintage, Opala 1986 tyres
Adjusted F-Vintage Gen2 tyre width, diameter & gear ratios to match new official cars
Reduced engine inertia on all MRX engines
Adjusted front splitter pitch sensitivity for prototypes, GTs
Minor aerodynamical revisions for AJR, Stock 2020
F-Ultimate: Adjusted ERS charging & deployment properties (higher throttle threshold, more charging from full brakes) to minimize chances of the battery running out over 1st laps
Adjusted car body friction & restitution (slightly less jerky when coming into contact with other cars)
Fixed Copa Classic CTD from the missing wet compound tyre
Fixed Camaro SS 6th gear ratio

Removed all “artificial” AI functions affecting their behavior in racing situations (minimizes unpredictable reactions)
First-lap decision making on 1st lap introduced in v1.0.1.0 now applies to all race laps
Fixed AI tendency to put wheels on the grass on straights for no apparent reason during lap 1
Added initial version AI defensive driving logic (very subtle on this release to minimize potential issues)
Further AI refinements to reduce the likelihood of accidents on lap 1, including logic for AI to be more careful when rejoining the track after going off
Adjusted DRS activation speeds for AI for Sigma P1 & AJR cars equipped with the device
Minor AI Grip tuning for Cascais, Hockenheim
Improved pitlane merge to the main path at Hockenheim GP / National

Super V8: Muted PitLimiter sound for now until further code adjustments

Hockenheim 2020: Slightly relaxed high-frequency road surface noise for a less bouncy ride

Added F-Classic suspension animations & adjusted driver animations (all models)
Fixed F-Trainer driver hands position in 3rd person view
Stock Car Cruze 2020: Fixed chassis visual glitch
Camaro SS: Corrected mirror position
ARC Camaro – Fixed visual glitch on liveries 3,4,98,99
Puma P052: Corrected display RPM and Speed readings
Chevette: Windscreen reflection reduced
Stock Car Cruze, Corolla 2020: Added dynamic dirt & damage

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