rFactor 2 - Build 1121



Studio 397 в последние время продолжают удивлять нас впечатляющими темпами развития и улучшениями своего гоночного симулятора rFactor 2, команда выпустила новую свежую сборку v1121.

Changelog Build 1121
Old UI (opt-out)

Client build ID: 5504070
Dedicated server build ID: 5504080
New UI (public_beta)

Client build ID: 5503999

User Interface

Added key binding for hide cursor. This is useful when running the in-game overlays and doing a broadcast to a capture card that insists on showing your cursor otherwise.
All replay controls can now be custom assigned in the controller tab. By default, all replay controls are mapped to the same defaults unless re-assigned.
Added a first-time startup wizard. For now, only has name and nickname fields. This will be extended.
Added player area in the main UI. For now, only has name and nickname fields.
In the showroom, we now check for upgrades on page load and do not show info if there aren’t any.
Disabled select button in the list layout for category items. When switching from the grid or thumbnail layout to the list layout, and having a “category” item selected, the select button would be available and would glitch things when clicked.
Clear car configuration info when viewing a “category” item.
Updated the pop-up layout and styling.
Renamed event screen “Drive” button to “Passenger” when in multiplayer spectator mode.
Made transitioning to packages area page smoother:
Get packages after the page has loaded to avoid blocking.
Show a pop-up message while getting packages.
Use a dark grey background during switching to the page.
Enabled a chat message for single-player admin commands.
Fixed a game crash when switching sessions.
Fix accessing garage data properties if data is not available.
All controller profiles are updated. This fixes various issues when using ‘Detect’ on a first-time hardware setup.
We have new controller profiles for:
Simucube 2 Sport;
Simucube 2 Pro;
Simucube 2 Ultimate;
Logitech G923 PlayStation 4 and PC;
Logitech G923 Xbox One and PC;
XBOX One Controller For Windows.
Added “PlayerFileOverrides” to various profiles to ensure proper driver aids are enabled/disabled on the first-time wheel detect.
Added use thread “true” for all profiles.
Ensured that the “920 workarounds” is set to “false” on all non-Logitech profiles.
Fixed profile naming and removed redundant profiles.
Fixed stuck ‘look left’ on the TS-XW profile.
Thrustmaster F1 wheel Integral profiles: Fixed all mapping conflicts: T-GT, TS-PC, T500 RS, TS-XW.
Thrustmaster Racing wheel profiles: Fixed all mapping conflicts: T-GT, TS-PC, T500 RS.
Thrustmaster F1 wheel Integral profiles: Fixed all mapping conflicts: T-GT, TS-PC, T500 RS, TS-XW.
Thrustmaster Racing wheel profiles: Fixed all mapping conflicts: T-GT, TS-PC, T500 RS.
Added correct max torque to Fanatec CSW v1, v2, V2.5, and Direct Drive profiles.

Modding Support

Published a ton of new information about modding for rFactor 2 on the documentation website.
Large update to modding documentation will full documentation on PBR material system, dedicated Development Tools section, and more.
First official release of 3ds Max 2021 Plugins.
First official release of Material Editor.
First official release of Maps Converter Tool.
Added Loch Drummond (PBR Track) to ModDev.
Added ability to disable auto albedo correction on pre-PBR shaders.
Added ability to choose cube Fresnel default settings on pre-PBR car body shader.
Corrected Deformable Tire shader naming in Max Plugins.
Exposed Atmospherics section in Wet file to configure Haze and other settings.
Updated ModDev to use the main game HUD.
Added ability to save preset positions in the Scene Viewer.


Added new pit exit marshal textures, thanks to Alessandro Micali!
Small refactor of glare settings in PostFX
Many other minor tweaks to various shaders and settings.


Significantly improved logging for multiplayer sessions.
Fixed race conditions in our low-level socket node list.
Increased the size of an internal array to accommodate all possible cars in a session.
Fixed an issue where not just the server would send out node reordering messages.
Changed some very “spammy” log messages.
Fixed several crashes where some code would reference invalid data.
Added descriptive names to all threads.
Improved the handling of an application crash to ensure logs get flushed.

Broadcast Overlays

Made qualifying box sector colors correspond to the best lap sectors instead of the absolute best sectors.
Added fallback for drivers with no last name set.
Added drop-down in the control panel to select overlay configuration.
Made replay transition follow the configured series color.
Added an option to show more data in tower field 4 (gap to next, number of pit stops).
Added an option to automatically enable the race update box when the timing box is enabled.
Fixed pit timer getting stuck after leaving the pit lane.
Fixed displaying of gaps to leader/fastest lap time in tower and banner.
Extended field 2 data with the manufacturer and team logo.
Added turning lap time green or purple in the qualifying box after the lap.
Added option to minimize boxes in the control panel.
Fixed starting order not working with multiple events.
Fixed replay jumping to the wrong time.
Cleaned up the CSS to make it easier to make changes in the custom.css.
Added a replay marker button to mark replay events.
Updated team name and car number to use the entries from the .VEH file.
Added mixed/overall standings option.
Added an option to toggle between driver name, team name, and description.
Made b-roll a standalone element.
Added option to condense tower by hiding fields 2 or 3.
Fixed schedule slide date comparing.
Added an option to start the overlay in multi-class or single-class mode.
Updated banner behavior based on the selected car class (or mixed/multi-class mode).
Rearranged control panel.
Known issue: tower animation flickers when swapping pages.

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