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Kunos Simulazioni выпустила очередное обновление для Assetto Corsa Competizione. Версия 1.5.7 содержит множество улучшений, физики и других исправлений, проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.

v1.5.7 Changelog


Fixed pit exit erroneously triggering blue flag when driving near the wall at the start-finish line on Laguna Seca.
Fixed pit entry erroneously triggering blue flag when driving near the pit entrance wall on Kyalami.
Fixed a potential inconsistency with track limit warnings accumulated on existing pending penalties.
Fixed an inconsistency when serving a drive-through penalty without having the serve penalty checkbox selected.

Slight adjustments to the 2019 GT3 season balance of performance.
Slight adjustments to the 2019 GT4 season balance of performance.

Decreased streaming memory pool in EPIC texture setting preset to prevent potential video memory overload on mid/high-range cards.

Fixed a refocus issue with the MFD in Multiplayer when the session went from multi- to single-class due to all clients of a car group disconnecting.
MFD info panel now includes stint timer and a track limits warning counter. NOTE: the MFD info panel is recommended to be set to “Always visible” in the HUD settings.
Pitstop MFD: added tyre pressure control for all tyres simultaneously.
Fixed tyre status indicators not consistently showing wear on previously used tyres in driver swap scenarios.
Fixed an MFD pitstop page issue that was allowing the same tyre to be selected and applied for an upcoming pitstop with the default setup loaded.

Exposed “EnableManufacturerExtras” in controls.json; if set to false it prevents the game from making any calls to external libraries from wheel manufacturers (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec) Useful for troubleshooting controller-related issues.
Fanatec LEDs setting now defaults to off.

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