Kartkraft - Build v0.1.0.2693



Студия Black Delta выпустила новое обновление v0.1.0.2693 для своего симулятора картинга KartKraft с акцентом на исправления багов. Проверьте полный список изменений в теме, для более подробной информации. Версия KartKraft с ранним доступом доступна в Steam за 17,99 €.


Improved: Wheel input binding now displays more information and requires a button press to reduce errors caused by timing
Added: Numpad keys can be used in photo mode
Added: Can now use left/right keyboard navigation in the input menu
Added: Can now drag and hide the live placings HUD item in time trial mode
Fixed: a bug where the chosen monitor setting was not saved
Fixed: bug where ghost volume would be ignored if set in the main menu
Fixed: occasional motion blur corruption in chase camera
Fixed: overlapping vehicles in post-race podium sequence
Fixed: VR camera rotating incorrectly at the end of cinematic sequences such as the post-race restart menu.
Fixed: bug where incorrect number of AI drivers would appear in a race

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