F1 2020 - Update v1.13



Codemasters выпустила новое обновление для гоночной игры F1 2020. Патч v1.13 теперь доступен для ПК, Xbox, PS4 и Google Stadia. Это обновление в основном содержит исправления для различных аспектов игры.

Игра F1 2020 Seventy Edition от Codemasters доступна для PlayStation4, Xbox One и Xbox One X, ПК с Windows и Google Stadia. Цифровые загружаемые версии F1 2020 для ПК доступны в Steam . F1 2020 Seventy Edition можно приобрести за 54,99 евро, а F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition - по цене 69,99 евро.
v1.13 Changelog
New Features

Added an option to allow the player to choose their preferred commentary language.
Penalties are now shown on the HUD (both in-race and spectator mode).
The customizable car now has 11 slots for sponsor decals.

My Team
Fixed an issue that meant the player could not sign Lewis Hamilton despite meeting all the requirements.
Fixed an issue that caused Facilities to reset.
Fixed an issue that caused the Facilities progress bar to disappear.

Driver Career
Fixed an issue that could cause teams to drop their number 1 driver if the player signs for them.
Fixed an issue that caused blue flags to disappear after using a Mid-Session Save.

Changes have been made to reduce the chance of being disconnected from a game session.
Fixed an issue that caused a host with a slow connection to start the race before other players.
Fixed an issue in Weekly Events that caused all players to exit the session after a host migration.
Fixed a crash that could occur when skipping through cut scenes after retiring from a Weekly Event qualifying session.
Fixed an issue in Leagues that caused results to not submit following the completion of a session.
Fixed an issue where camera functionality would be restricted when re-joining an online session.
Added countdown lights when taking control of your car on track after re-joining a multiplayer session.
Fixed an issue that caused the AI to have unrealistic lap times following a host migration.
Fixed an issue in spectator mode that caused the lap counter to show the incorrect lap number after a formation lap.

The Race Director will now correctly show the tyre used to set a lap time in practice sessions.
Players will no longer receive a corner-cutting warning when entering the pits at Circuit Zandvoort when using strict corner cutting rules.
Fixed an issue where players could get illegal overtake penalties under the safety car/VSC when giving a position back.
Fixed an issue that allowed the player to gain a time advantage at the end of a VSC period.
Fixed an issue that caused the lap counter to show the incorrect lap number after a formation lap.
Various other bug fixes and improvements.

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