Automobilista 2 - v1.0.6.0



Reiza Studios выпустила обновление V1.0.6.0 для гоночного симулятора Automobilista 2. Этот патч добавит BMW M6 GT3 и Ginetta G55 GT4 в список автомобилей. Кроме того, этот выпуск также включает большое обновление для недавно выпущенного DLC «Нюрбургринг» и вносит значительные улучшения в физику и ИИ.

Обратите внимание, что из-за ряда обновления настроек физики, сохраненные настройки необходимо сбросить до значений по умолчанию.
V1.0.6.0 Changelog


Added BMW M6 to GT3 class
Added Ginetta G55 to GT4 class

Fixed issue where too much chat history was played back in some instances
Seat adjustment input is now continuous (hold to move)
Adjusted various background image anchors to improve display on 16:10 and triple screen

Physics & AI
Slightly increased longitudinal slip in Cup / Stock 2020 / Proto P3-P4 tires
Stiffened sidewalls for GT / Stock / Proto tires
Revised default tyre pressures & ranges for all cars (closer to optimal and / or as per real series regulations – requires setup reset to default)
Adjusted default steering lock / ratio for GT3 / GT4 cars to more accurate values (requires setup reset)
Revised Balance of Performance for GT3 / GT4 class
Revised brakes for GT3/GT4 cars
Corrected tyre tread width for Porsche Cayman Clubsport (265mm front / 305 mm rear), Porsche 997 3.8 Cup (275mm / 315mm)
Revised Porsche Cup aero, adjusted default roll bars
Reduced front splitter downforce dropoff with yaw in all GT/ Stock Cars
Fixed missing wet tire compound for Camaro GT4R
Adjusted Camaro GT4R suspension
Adjusted Copa Montana center of gravity height
Revised Procar, Group A, Ultima Race baseline damper rates
Fixed Ultima race front left, rear right fast damper ranges incorrectly available
Improved rear efficiency, reduced Group A rear brake torque
Adjusted FFB max force for F-Vee, Procar, Mini, Stock Car 2020, GT3, GT4 cars
Callibrated tire temperature color display range (correcting errors with some tires not displaying correct colors for optimal / overheat tires)
Adjusted rear wing efficiency for Stock2020, Montana

Further smoothing out of AI lateral transitions to reduce jerkiness/weaving/abrupt lane changes
Added logic to prevent AI slowing on track after returning from partially outside track limits
Added logic for AI to be more reactive and switch switch behaviors more often
Initial steps to reduce the impact of small Front-to-Rear collisions between AI (as seen at race starts especially with vehicles of differing performance)
Reduced range of AI variation from ideal racing line
GT3, Porsche Cup, P4, P3, P2, F3 callibration pass
Minor AI aggression scalar adjustment for GT cars
Further wet weather callibration passes for all GT / Stock / Proto cars

Adjusted Mclaren 720s tire skid volume
Lowered tranny whine given enigne sounds feature them prominently

Nurburgring: Various fixes for LODding / Z-Fighting issues; Corrected a few trackside ads;
Added proper groove to 24hr layout; trimmed roadverge excess polys; Various crowd corrections; Various texture updates; further correction to trackside shimmering cameras; minor optimization pass
Kyalami: New AIW pit lane path (fix AI hitting pit wall when leaving pit box, improved merge to the main path at T1); Relax track cut limits on some runoff areas; Minor performance, art pass & LOD fixes
Interlagos: Fixed floating pit box lines
Campo / Curvelo: Adjusted flag LOD range
Montreal Historic: added missing HUD map

Porsche Cayman GT4 – Fixed red cockpit material issue
Fixed lights for Fusca (all variants) + wiper UV mapping fix (HC1/HC2)
Adjusted brake glow ranges for carbon brakes (player & AI)
Camaro GT4R: Fixed missing RPM LEDs

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