Automobilista 2 - V1.1.1.1



Reiza Studios выпустила обновление V1.1.1.1 для своего гоночного симулятора Automobilista 2. Обновление включает решения некоторых проблем и внесения улучшений, физики и других исправлений, проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.


Reverted track base grip & range to pre v1.1.1.0 values (corrects Time Trial grip levels being slightly lower in the last release)
Track rubber state is now reset if session starts wet
Fixed race length being overwritten by active session length when sending MP Lobby data
Removed redundant / pre-release folders for livery overries
Fixed AI being limited to host´s car class in servers with high player:ai ratios.

Fixed incorrect drive axle data on session on loading screen
Minor German localization adjustments

Various minor default differential & suspension adjustments for all cars (setup reset recommended)
Slightly raised brake cooling rates
Reduced slick water dissipation further reduces slick efficiency on a wet track)
Increased drafting air scale (slightly increases drafting effects for all cars)
Raised F-Reiza FFB max force scale

Fixed bug causing AI to be excessively slow in first session of a race weekend
Further fine tuning of aggression scalars per car
Further AI performance callibration passes
Further AI rain performance callibration with both wet & slicks
Reduced ARC Camaro AI CoG height to minimise chances of it rolling over high curbs
Added corner-specific AI performance adjustments: +10% exit of T8 @ Adelaide Modern; +5% exit of second last & last corners @ Spielberg GP; +10% Exit of Stowe @ Silverstone 91 +10% Entry of Luffield1 @Silverstone 91 +10% Exit of chicane @ Silvestone 75; -10% Exit of Luffield @ Silverstone Modern; +10% Exit of Oak Tree hairpin & exit of final corner at VIR Full / Grand +10% Radillon & -5% Exit of Stavelot @ Spa

Fixed missing gearbox grinding sound for some manual cars that were missing it

Nurburgring: Minor art & functionality pass
Imola: Minor art & functionality pass; revised AI paths & trackside cameras
Goiania: Updated AI paths
Spa-Francorchamps: Added DRS boards at detection & activation points
More drones moves/removed at various tracks

F-Vintage Gen 1&2: Added dirt / scratch map
Brabham BT26: Added dirt / scratch map; fixed rear wing livery overlap
Puma GTE: Added 3 new liveries
Ginetta G40 Cup: Updated liveries #10 #20
ARC Camaro: adjusted driver position, edited the cockpit to have more room for the driver feet, detached cockpit gear shifter

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