Kartkraft - Build v0.1.0.2929



Студия Black Delta выпустила новое обновление v0.1.0.2929 для своего симулятора картинга KartKraft с акцентом на исправления багов. Проверьте полный список изменений в теме, для более подробной информации. Версия KartKraft с ранним доступом доступна в Steam за 17,99 €.


- Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to press keyboard key whilst binding wheel.
- Fixed physics glitches when respawning in pits after restarting a completed race.
- Possible fix for some misbehaving logitech wheels due to USB flooding.
- Added a new input setting to enable or disable RPM shifter lights for Logitech wheels. (More wheels with LED lights will be added in future.)
- Players are now prevented from gaining extra speed at start of PFI time trial events. Laps commencing using run-off area wiill be marked invalid.
- Reduced possibility of AI-controlled vehicles spinning after teleporting with cold tyres.

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