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Kunos Simulazioni выпустила очередное обновление для Assetto Corsa Competizione. Версия 1.7.3 содержит множество улучшений, физики и других исправлений, проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.
v1.7.3 changelog


- Fixed a duplicate entry issue in British GT championship mode.
- Fixed British GT 2-hour event rules not fully applied when played in Single Player.

- Fixed a floating point error causing inconsistent track grip status readout.

- Minor volume tweaks to Porsche GT3 and Cup cars.
- Improved audio blend with the F7 camera.

- Fixed incorred blurred custom rim on the Camaro GT4.
- Fixed LOD UV issue on the AMR V8 GT3.
- Tweaked appearance of wet kerbing at Snetterton.
v1.7.2 changelog


- Various visual fixes around Donington.
- LOD adjustments on the new British GT tracks.

- Only the full track map is available on the "Track Map" HUD page.
- Slight adjustments to the Car Selection page to avoid overlapping of text in some localizations.
- Updated driver database.

- Fixed behaviour with repeated D-Pad inputs in certain situations.

- Adjustment to the fuel consumption of the Honda NSX GT3 (old).
- Improved rev limiter behaviour of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 (both old and new).
- Fixed an issue with the strategy presets in the KTM XBOW GT4 aggressive setup preset at Oulton Park.
- Fixed MFD max fuel limit not respecting BOP fuel cell limits.
- Corrected fuel tank size of the Aston V12 GT3 in all BOP groups.

- AI - Potential improvement to AI overtaking at Snetterton.
- AI - Increased aggression of lower-class drivers to improve their ability to navigate traffic.
NOTE: global AI aggression might need slightly lower values to achieve the same results as earlier.

v1.7.1 changelog

- Corrected server browser behaviour when searching for LAN servers.
- Tweaked dynamic skidmark appearance.
- Fixed glowing village houses at night at Oulton Park.
- Corrected British GT decals on custom liveries under British GT season.
- Improved real-time widget filtering.
- Aston V12 reduced setup oscillation on settling.
- Corrected total track medal count.
- Server: removed a spammy log line - see separate Dedicated Server update.

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