RaceRoom - Update v0.9.2.39 Hotfix



Sector3 Studios выпустила небольшое обновление для игры RaceRoom Racing Experience, весом в 315 МБ. Обновление содержит множество улучшений, добавлены киберспортивные ливреи CUPRA и другие исправления, проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.
Update details:
Download size = 315 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 6680013
Dedicated version = 74.0.1295
Dedicated BuildID = 6680156

Fixed an issue where the checkered flag could sometimes show up one lap early in multiclass races
Upon serving a slowdown penalty, the lift of throttle coming with the sequential shifting is no longer counted as slowing down
Shared Memory block: added engineState int for all drivers; -1 unavailable, 0 = ign off, 1 = ign on but not running, 2 = ign on and running
Shared Memory block: added lap_valid_state for player; -1 = N/A, 0 = this and next lap valid, 1 = this lap invalid, 2 = this and next lap invalid
Shared Memory block: added traction_control_percent for player; -1.0 unavailable, 0.0 -> 100.0 percent
Shared Memory Block: Attempt at improving Lap distance calculations where values could sometimes be seen jumping and going backwards
Shared Memory block: upped minor version to 10
For Shared Memory API, refer to our github repo
Physics: When starting a Hillclimb run, the tyres will now always be pre-heated.
Spectator: Fixed cars falling through the ground at the very end of races.
Spectator: Fixed an issue where the wrong car is shown upon switching to another type of TV cameras.
Dedicated Server: Banning a user still required a server restart to take effect. Fixed that now so that if a player is kicked, the dedicated server will also prevent it from immediately rejoining the server.
Content - Added CUPRA esport liveries for the upcoming CUPRA series.
Update details:
Download size = 53 MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 6683269

In Multiplayer, the mandatory pitstop setting now offers 3 choices: Off, 2 tyres changes & 4 tyres changes. Until now, it was always 2 fresh tyres that were mandatory, which did not allow to match esports ADAC GT Masters regulations where 4 tyre swaps are enforced.
If set to 4 tyres and a player only changes 2, a time penalty is given at the end of the race.
Note: In order to be validated, the 4 tyres need to be all changed in the same pitstop. Two consecutive pitstops of 2 tyre changes will not be validated.

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