RaceRoom - Update v0.9.2.43 & New Content




Sector3 Studios выпустила небольшое обновление для игры RaceRoom Racing Experience, весом в 1,7 ГБ. Обновление содержит множество улучшений и исправлений, добавлен автомобиль Opel Astra TC Cup, класс ADAC GT MASTERS 2020 и трассу Vålerbanen, проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.
Update details:
Download size = 1.7 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 6785299
Dedi version = 75.0.1299
Dedi BuildID = 6785264

GT4 Base BOP rework:

(all GT4 leaderboards were cleared)
All cars - Reduced differences in fuel usage / Fuel tank capacities
All cars - Slight reduction of torque and tyre grip
All cars - Default tyre pressure changes to improve consistency on longer runs.
BMW M4 GT4 - Reduced downforce
KTM - Slightly less downforce on the front, slightly more drag
Lotus Evora - Power increase
Porsche 718 - Increased downforce, increased drag, increased torque, reduced weight
Porsche 981 MR - Reduced torque, reduced downforce, increased weight

Other changes:
Added content for upcoming ADAC GT3 and GT4 esport series
Added content for upcoming store releases
Fixed dark cars on Road America when real time reflections were disabled.
Spectator - Fixed Qualifying results disappearing from broadcast overlays as soon as the session timer hits zero.
Spectator - Made the steering animations smooth while looking at cockpit onboard cameras
Rolling Starts - Fixed an issue with H-shifting where the car would make unnecessary gearshifts while under AI control if shifter was not in 1st or Neutral.
Rolling Starts - Fixed the last reported issues with regards to players disconnecting from the starting grid, causing some traffic jams.
Dedicated Server - Fixed an issue with results from race 1 being duplicated.
Dedicated Server - Fixed pitstops not always registering in results files
Pitlane speed limiter - Helped with some players still getting caught going above 60kph limits after accelerating a lot and overshooting the limit by making throttle fade out when approaching the speed limit.
Single Player Championships - Fixed an issue where an “Invalid lap” would be presented at the start of a race.

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