RaceRoom - Update v0.9.3.028



Sector3 Studios выпустила обновление v0.9.3.028 для игры RaceRoom Racing Experience, весом в 2.7 GB. Последний выпуск содержит множество улучшений, и исправлений, а также добавлен новый автомобиль MERCEDES AMG GT4 2020.
Update details:
Download size = 2.7 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 7330489
Dedi version = 77.0.1325
Dedi BuildID = 7330164

New layout for Dekra Lausitzring : Banked turn 1 as raced in DTM 2021
New layout for Motorland Aragon : WTCR
Fixed FFB going wild when wheels were lifted in the air during a pitstop
Shared Memory - Changed wheelrps and speed to more accurate values regading wheel speed differences in 3rd party applications
Fixed a broken options menu that could occur while using certain controlsets
Fixed an occasional micro-freeze at the end of a single player race caused by large aiadaptation.xml files.
Fixed an engine sound issue that was triggered by activating Instant Replay while refuelling with engine off during a pitstop
Sounds - Fixed some loud gearshift sound sample that was still playing even though the car is electrically powered
Audi V8 DTM 1992 - Fixed jolted upshifting
Canhard R51 & R52 - +5mm front ride height, adjusted default tyre pressures
Formula RaceRoom X-17 - Complete physics overhaul (leaderboards are cleared)
Formula RaceRoom U.S. - Complete physics overhaul (leaderboards are cleared)
KTM X-Bow RR - Fixed a collision box issue that could see the car hit very low objects and curbs with its undertray.
VW ID.R - Increased power consumtion in all engine modes
Nordschleife - AI improvements in pitlane on the Nordschleife-only layout
Nordschleife - AI improvements on the 24H layout
Road America - AI improvements in pitlane
Zandvoort - Fixed pitlane exit detection that was still not perpendicular to the track and led to small advantage when driving close to pitwall
Zolder - AI improvements in pitlane

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