LFS - 0.7А



Мы рады объявить о выходе нового обновления с множеством новых функций. В версии 0.7А теперь доступна поддержка модов для лицензированных пользователей S3, обновли автомобили MRT и RB4, а также обновили графику и интерфейс.
Changes from 0.6V to 0.7A :


Mods support is now available for S3 licensed users
A vehicle editor and object modeller are available
Includes support for single-gear electric vehicles

Start new host screen starts a new host on
Host options screen now available for admins while online
Message "[user name] is connecting..." when someone is joining
Unlimited number of bans in ban file

Updated cars:
MRT with improved frame, steering wheel, wider tyres, minor updates
RB4 with more detailed exterior, interior, 10mm shorter wheelbase

Minor improvements to drivers and spectators
Updated ADS jpg textures for all tracks except RO
Increased number of mipmaps for number plate textures
Updated car shaders to better reproduce the editor materials
- Variable shine can now be used (alpha channel sets shine level)
- Material type 'overlay or plain' can be used for chrome parts
- Roughness value is NOT supported (specular reflection disabled)

Using updated font from new version of LFS
Improved display size of vehicles in game setup screen and garage
Removed feature that enabled "window while connecting" on new patch
FIX: Player name could be displayed wrongly in F11 and F12 menu

More prominent warning for clipping in engine sound editor
Experimental anti clipping audio option (enabled by default)
Anti clipping is automatically disabled in engine sound editor

Plain area 4km x 4km designed specifically to allow large layouts
Max selected objects in editor is now 60 (was 30)

Support for controllers with up to 128 buttons
Look Heading and Look Pitch are no longer automatically assigned

InSim (for programmers):
New packet size byte - now represents packet size divided by 4
This allows larger packets up to 1020 bytes (old limit was 252)
IS_ACM and IS_MCI make use of the increase packet size
New packets IS_MAL / TINY_MAL set / get allowed mods

/allowmods=yes to allow mods on host
/cars=none to disallow all of the official cars
/cars+=xfg+xrg to add xfg and xrg to the allowed cars
/cars-=ufr+xfr to remove ufr and xfr from the allowed cars
/window X Y sets window client area width and height
/enforce - spectate anyone who is driving a disallowed car
/unapproved=yes to allow unapproved mods to be used on host
/mods=AAAAAA+BBBBBB sets a list of allowed mods (and allows mods)
/mods+=CCCCCC+DDDDDD adds to the list of allowed mods
/mods-=BBBBBB+CCCCCC removes mods from the list
/mods=ALL removes the list of mods and sets /allowmods=yes
/mods=NONE removes the list of mods and sets /allowmods=no
/mods and /cars commands can accept plus or comma as delimiter

Script 'ev.lfs' is run when an electric vehicle is selected
Script 'kart.lfs' is run when using vehicle with centrifugal clutch
Script 'free.lfs' is run when using vehicle with no engine or drive

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