Automobilista 2 - V1.4.7.1 & Nürburgring Historic



Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений, а также Nürburgring Historic. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.

V1.4.6.4 -> V1.4.7.0 CHANGELOG


Added Nürburgring Historic 1971 featuring Nordschleife, Südschleife & Gesamtstrecke layouts (Part of Nürburgring DLC(
Added Stock Car Pro Series season 2023

Fixed wear state of all tires being reset in pit stops when less than four tires are changed
Fixed incorrect race 2 date for custom championships
Fixed champ editor incorrectly showing +1 lap for pre race sessions
Fixed track cut detection not working on some terrains (like the green area on the final chicane of Montreal)
Full servers are no longer hidden in Multiplayer lobby
Fixed rule preset selection issues when client doesn't have access to all DLC
Fixed an issue that could lead to a crash if an unknown class was encountered in lobby list
Servers are now hidden from lobby list if it can be determined they contain content the client does not have the 3rd party content installed

Fixed white pixel in upper left of TTotW menu

Adjusted tire treads for all RWD TC Vintages & GT Classics; Adjusted carcass heating for BMW 2002
Further adjustments to extreme, intermediate, wet & slick tires handling of water on a wet track, correcting various inconsistencies

Fixed bug where the AI drivers would choose the race starting tyres based on the weather of the previous session
F-Ultimate Gen2: Adjusted AI differential to fix inside tire smoking out of slow corners
F-Retro Gen3: Further AI calibration
Copa Truck: Fixed instant engine failure for some AI drivers during standing starts

Adjusted tire skid and scrub sound for BMW 2002 Turbo, Corvette 73, Lotus 23 and Mini Cooper S 1965
Revised starter timing and starter sound for: F-Vintage Gen1 M1, F-Vintage Gen2 M1, Lotus 49C, Brabham BT26A, Brabham BT44, Brabham BT52, F-Retro V8, Lotus 72E, McLaren M23, Brabham BT46B, Brabham BT49, F-Retro Gen2, Lotus 79, Brabham BT52, F-Retro Gen3, McLaren MP4/1C
Corvette GTP: Corrected tire sound effects
Brabham BT52: Fixed missing starter sound & adjusted starter timing

Bathurst 1983: Expanded track side crowd density
Kyalami Historic: Corrected csm garage building wall material

F-Classic Gen4: Fixed driver position in M1 & M3
F-Vintage: Fixed low riding looking cars in Gen2: Adjusted tachometers for all models
F-Inter: modified interior texture for outside view to match the cockpit screen
User Livery Overrides: Added Cadillac DPi, Group A touring cars , GT Classics and Vintage Touring Cars Tier 1 and 2 helmets and race suits; Fixed BMW M1 Procar & Porsche RSR 74 helmets and suits; Fixed materials for Ginetta G58
BMW 2002: deleted right wiper artefact on the chassis 3d mesh
Added cracked glass effects for crashes in cars with glass windshields
Caterham Supersport: Add correct badge and headlights
Brabham BT49: Fixed cockpit tire bug



Fixed occasional CTD when viewing cars from trackside camera
Helmet liveries from specific drivers are now excluded from the random pool of helmets for other drivers that don't have one assigned
Fixed an issue where the player driver would use a random helmet livery instead of the assigned one
Fixed an issue where the AI drivers would be loaded with the wrong helmet liveries in saved replays, multiplayer and championship mode
Championship Editor: Fixed a potential crash when exiting class selection screen and add proper guidance that at least one class must be selected
Altered some default values (for G-Wheel) and improved / lowered on center knock that is felt with some cars (g-wheel)

Fixed FR next compound button on Edit Strategy page

Copa Truck: Fixed instant engine failure for some AI drivers during standing starts

Increased volume for ignition sound effect
Wastegate sound is now prevented from playing when RPM's are too low
Shortened engine shutdown sound timer; Prevented artificial engine sound volume bump for a more natural sounding startup
Mini Cooper: adjusted external sound for player and AI cars, adjusted starter timing and starter sound.
Stock Car Pro Series: Fixed incosistent tire sounds for Stock Corolla '21, '22, 23

Nürburgring 1971: Completed artwork for release and fixed reported issues
Cascais 1988: Fixed LOD on animated 3D crowds

F-Vintage Gen2: Corrected tachometer orientation
McLaren MP4/5B: Corrected steering wheel position for better cockpit display visibility; Fixed rear wing disappearing at a distance
Copa Montana: Fixed windscreen wiper texture issue

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