RaceRoom - Update v0.9.5.23 & DTM 2023



KW Studios в сотрудничестве с DTM выпустила DLC, DTM 2023 для RaceRoom Racing Experience, новую модель шин и общее обновление, включающее большое количество исправлений и улучшений. В пакет DTM входят 23 официально лицензированных команд Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, BMW и Mercedes-Benz.

Update details:
Download size = 10.8 GB

Client version =
Client BuildID = 12987166
Dedi version = 95.0.1454
Dedi BuildID = 12988246


New Content - DTM 2023 car pack with the Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVO II, the BMW M4 GT3, the Ferrari 296 GT3, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 and the Porsche 911 GT3 R (992).
Tyre model - applied to all cars. All leaderboards are wiped clean in this update.
Note: Default car setups have been adapted to the new tyres for most car classes, however this work is still in progress and we will continue updating with small adjustments as we go along.
Note (2): A.I. has to learn to handle the new tyre and this learning process is still in progress for some car classes, it will be improved in future hotfix updates.
Car physics - Brake behaviour has been updated on most cars. As per driver feedback, this results in much more braking power for 100% brake input.
Track limits - The rule is now that cars should have at least one wheel on track at all times and anything beyond the white lines is not considered track.
Added a startup argument to not render the cockpit, used in professional simulators where the driver is sitting in the real car. To activate,use -hidecockpit
Depth of field - Fixed blurry cars on large track scenes due to imprecisions in focus point calculations when using large xyz coordinates values.
Bathurst - Updated to 2023 specs
Brands Hatch - Updated to 2023 specs
Brno - Fixed absence of yellow flags when an incident occurred
Chang International - Added some cones in the pitlane to better guide cars on the correct path.
Donington - Updated to 2023 specs
Hockenheimring - Updated to 2023 specs and corrected some inaccuracies
Imola - Updated to 2023 specs
Interlagos - Updated to 2023 specs
Lausitzring - Updated to 2023 specs
Mantorp - Updated to 2023 specs
Monza - Updated to 2023 specs and vegetation since the July storm)
Motegi - Updated to 2023 specs
Nordschleife - 24H layout - Moved the curb and tyrewall in turn 2 closer to the apex
Norisring - Updated to 2023 specs
Nürburgring GP - Minor texture updates
Paul Ricard - Fixed pit entrance gate
RedBull Ring - Updated audience, normal maps and various fixes
Silverstone - Added cones at pit exit, added normal maps
Slovakiaring - Updated with many improvements
Spa-Francorchamps - Fixed a hole at pit entrance in an armco
Suzuka - Added Vettels Buzzin Corner (curb and bee hotels), various texture updates
Zhejiang - Fixed horizon texture
Zhuhai - Performance improvement pass

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