Automobilista 2 - V1.0.1.2


Reiza Studios выпустила обновление v1.0.1.2 для своего гоночного симулятора Automobilista 2. Обновление включает в себя бесплатный патч для предыдущего выпуска и исправление для устранения проблемы Crash To Desktop при сохранении и загрузке настроек. Кроме того, патч также включает в себя улучшенную логику AI и систему штрафов.

V1.0.1.2 Changelog:
Fixed CTD when saving/loading car setups.
Fixed in-game session lengths block displaying wrong values in multiplayer.
Further adjustments to AI behavior over the first lap (ongoing development).
Further revisions of penalty system & detection of cars to be ignored when going off track (ongoing development).
Fixed position 6 selecting position 5 on instant replay leaderboard.
Fixed load to frontend placeholder background image.
Fixed text in vehicle selection screen displaying in some wrong situations.
Fixed & corrected StockCar 2020 thumbnails.
Fixed error in Stock Corolla causing a blank red car to load.
Fixed error in one of the new AI personalities causing some drivers to coast to a halt.
Further adjustments to ARC Camaro, Truck, Stock Car onboard cameras.
Slightly reduced kart scrub radius.
Further minor adjustments to the tyre sidewalls & load damping.
Slightly reduced AI Aggression multipliers for all cars.
Slightly reduced grass, gravel bump amplitude for less bouncing when going off-track
Hockenheim: Adjusted AI pace in T2, T6, and T8 @ Hockenheim Modern; Adjusted AI pace @ final corner in 77/88 layouts; Added some pit in/pit out line cones to 88/01 versions.
Londrina: fixed broken pit exit/entry merge to the main path..
Corrected Stock Car 2019 driver model animations.
Stock Car 2020: Piquet Jr livery update with Extreme SimRacing logo
Stock Car 2019 – Collision mesh correction.
ARC Camaro – Fixed cockpit mirrors.
Camaro SS Added wiper animations and cockpit vibrations.

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