Automobilista 2 - v1.0.0.3


Reiza Studios выпустили очередное обновление для своей версии Automobilista 2 Early Access. Обновление V1.0.0.3 добавляет настоящие имена водителей в серии Stock Car 2020, а также множество других исправлений, связанных с автомобилями и треками, как указано ниже.

Added real driver names to Stock Car 2020 series & fictional names to ARC Camaro series (all series will feature dedicated driver names and AI personalities by the next update)
Bathurst: Adjusted track, curbing and wall geometry in several places: elevation at The Cutting, curb height at Quarry, curb width & angle at McPhillamy Park, walls at Forrest’s Elbow, curb width at The Chase and curb height at Murray’s corner; tweaked foliage placement & types; added more details to the roads & environment; added crowds; added several buildings; added distant villages; finished power lines & night lighting; adjusted livegrass placement; adjusted shadows and optimization; added hires adverts textures; Fixed wrong normals on 150m board
Recalibrated brake marker spacing at Goiania, Cascavel, Guapore
Corrected object orientation and reset pivot on dynamic brake marker objects. at Velopark, Interlagos, Campo Grande
Super V8: corrected RPM display range
Sprintrace, Corolla, Stock Car 2019, Copa Uno: Fixed stickers flickiring and interior LOD issues
Added wiper animations to Copa Uno & Uno Copa Classic B
Corrected windshield wiping animation for MIT Lancer R & RS, Stock Car 2019, Copa Montana, Metalmoro AJR, Sigma P1, Opala 1979, 1986 & Old Stock
Fixed Goiania layout for first round of Stock Car 2020 championship
Added missing Stock Car Push-To-Pass functionality (not allowed in 1st lap, 5s delay between button pressing & activation) to Copa Montana, Stock Car 2019 & Stock Car 2020
Stiffened front tyre sidewalls for F-Reiza, F-Ultimate,Stock Car, Ultima GTR (Road & Race), Copa Truck, F3, F-Trainer, Sprint Race, Montana, Caterhams & all Prototype classes
Removed medium tyre compound option for StockCar 2020 (only hards available now as per 2020 rules)
Lowered default diff preload & viscous lock settings (requires setup reset to take effect)
Minor AI callibration to Stock2020, F-Retro, G55 series

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