rFactor 2 - Build 1.1116



Компания Image Space Incorporated выпустила обновление v1.1116 для симулятора rFactor 2, находящегося на стадии открытого бета-тестирования. Основное изменение коснулось небольшим выпуском исправлений, в котором рассматриваются некоторые мелкие проблемы в коде игры.

V1.1116 Update

Steam Build IDs
client: 4356193
dedi: 4356207

Added "Track Cuts Allowed": You can now configure the number of track cuts before a penalty is given out, in single-player and multi-player. This entry can be found in your 'player.JSON' file.
Fixed number of track cuts resetting after a driver swap.
Fixed an issue where some marshals would not wave flags. This was an issue particular to the Nordschleife and the exceptionally large number of marshals.
Added additional logging to help debug driver-swap issues.

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