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СЛЕДУЮЩАЯ ГОНКА: MONO CLASS Alpine CUP (2024) на треке Zandvoort (GP) Вторник 27 Февраля. ПРЕДСТОЯЩИЕ ГОНКИ: MONO CLASS Alpine CUP (2024) на треке Brands Hatch (GP) Вторник 05 Марта.
Automobilista 2
Добавлено: 06.04.2020 12:20:13#1
И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
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Руль: Thrustmaster T300

Reiza Studios выпустила первое общедоступное обновление для их ранней версии нового гоночного симулятора Automobilista 2. Это обновление содержит незначительные улучшения и исправления. Версия Automobilista 2 Early Access теперь доступна в Steam за € 26,99, что составляет 40% скидку от полной цены.

V0.8.0.1 Changelog:


Adjusted rain spray parameters – slightly longer draw distance & slower decay
Raised default Camera World Movement from 50 to 75, reduced G Force Effect from 50 to 25 (resulting in less default cockpit camera movement)

Added game version number to the main menu screen
Desaturated Championship & Time Trial panels in Main Menu to better illustrate current unavailability
Adjusted order and included Start button in Test Day / Custom Event menu (allows pressing start button with cursor+ accept button as well as gamepad start button)
Added missing track background screens & track maps for Snetterton
Corrected F-V10 livery thumbnails

Physics & AI
Slightly adjusted tyre tread physics for F-Classic Gens 2&3, SuperV8, MIT Lancer, F-Vee, Opala, Ultima GTR, Copa Truck, Caterhams, karts
Slightly reduced pneumatic trail for slick tyres & adjusted max steering rack forces to suit (results in slightly more consistent FFB)
Fixed error in suspension rates of SuperV8, Sprint Race which could lead to excessive bouncing mid-corner and other handling woes
Adjusted differential locks for all Caterham models with LSD
Adjusted brake response curve & reduced default brake pressure to 90% for all cars
Fixed error in Ultima GTR Race rear brakes which would cause it to lock rear wheels easily
Reduced brake torque for Superkart
Fixed missing rear pre-warmed tyres for F3, Roco 001
Adjusted AI dry tyres for Caterhams, Touring Car Classics, Ultima GTR, ARC Camaro, F-Vintage, F-Trainer for more consistent performance vs player
Adjusted AI wet tyres for StockV8, Sprint Race, Superv8, Caterham, F-Classic, Touring Car Classics, F-Trainer for more consistent performance vs player
Fixed Chevette 5th gear ratio

Mitsubishi Lancer: Fixed windscreen textures issue
Ultima GTR: Fixed shifting animation (manual instead of paddles); Added chrome stripes to some liveries; Fixed wheels and exhaust vertex AO; Added backfire animations
Caterham 620R: Updated several liveries (adding some metallic variations)
Formula Vintage: Added missing lower LOD models (which could cause cars to disappear in lower car detail settings)

Jerez: Complementary art pass & fixes
Snetterton: Fixed curbs & added 3D marbles to both layouts
Note: To users still struggling with brake sensitivity, please make sure to calibrate your controller to try to ensure the full range is being correctly used.

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Добавлено: 07.04.2022 12:14:36#42
И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
Сообщения: 3802
Спасибо сказали: 1068 раз(а)
Дата регистрации: 18.01.2010
Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.3.5.0 & NEW CONTENT
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Вышло обновление Automobilista 2! Версия добавляет Stock Car Pro Series 2022, Formula Ultimate Gen2 и трассу Galeão Airport Temporary, а также различные улучшения и исправления ошибок. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.



Added Galeão Airport Temporary Race Track

Added Stock Car Pro Series 2022 Season
Added Formula Ultimate Gen2

Corrected nationality flags for all default AI drivers + added new Sprint Race, F-USA, Super V8 entries fixing missing entries; revised performance levels of all AI drivers for all classes
Fixed Lola 95i models being named without engine distinction & leading to mixed custom AI drivers
UI safety rating data is now updated after rules download is complete

Added ICM option to modify ERS deployment mode
Added option to configure how/when ICM menu position will reset on exit
Added filter controls to photo screen and enabled photo tools in vehicle showroom
Fixed sound playing when opening ICM menu
Fixed missing environment data on championship event results screen
Added F-USA Gen1 to formula class filter
Livery name adjustments for Copa Classic B & FL for vehicle selection screen

Adjusted oversteer/countersteer damping compensation
Minor FFB adjustments to F-Retros Gen1 & F-Ultimate

Added ERS deployment system with RPM and gear deployment maps
Revised turbo model of F-Ultimate engines for slightly faster turbo spin-up & adjusted wastegate harvesting to suit
Revised tires for Stock Car Corolla & Cruze 20/21/22 models & F-Ultimate, focused especially on stiffening tire carcass with more accurate damping rates
Revised default setups for Stock Car 20/21/22 to suit latest tire developments
F-Ultimate Gen1: Slightly adjusted brake torque
F-Retro Gen1: Revised brake torque, revised default setup (setup reset recommended)
Formula Trainer (both models): Revised brake torque, revised default setup (setup reset recommended); updated gearing
F-Ultimate Revised turbo with smoother spool up for better driveability

Added forced and unforced mistake logic for AI drivers

Revised F-Ultimate V6 Hybrid turbo sounds
Added beep DRS & shift protection notification events
Reverted brake squeal mixer fader reduction back to old value

Road America: Fixed a bug in RA (Bend) pit lane path; Reduced ai collisions at T5 during race starts
Snetterton: LOD pass; Added variable crowd attendance per session Optimized pastoral fences; Fix lod on a7 building internal walls
Azure Circuit 2021: Enabled option for rolling starts
Jacarepagua Historic: Added variable crowd attendance per session; Updated HUD track map
Interlagos (all layouts): Added variable crowd attendance per session; Updated HUD track map
Hockenheim Historic 1977: Added variable crowd attendance per session; Adjusted HUD track map zoom level; Fine tune AI fastline and corridors; Better rolling start AI behavior; Reduced high frequency road noise physics; Object LOD fixes.
Hockenheim Historic 1988: Added variable crowd attendance per session; Adjusted HUD track map zoom level; Fine tuned AI fastline and corridors; Better rolling start AI behavior; Reduced high frequency road noise physics; Object LOD fixes
Spa-Francorchamps 2020: Minor LOD adjustments
Silverstone 1975: Increased AI garage depth; Fastline and corridors fine tuning for no-chicane layout
Brands Hatch: Corrected a transparency sorting issue in foggy conditions (paddock hand rail material)

F-V12: Added driver animations; Adjusted cockpit view. Fixed front wing UV mapping
F-Trainer (both models): Fixed the driver shifing animation; Added vibrating mirrors on cockpit; Adjusted the cockpit view; Detached the gear shifter in the cockpit; Fixed the suspension geometry in the cockpit view.
F-USA Gen1: Various livery updates
F-Vee: Revised Driver animations; Detached the cockpit gear shifter; Adjusted the cockpit view
Brabham BT44: Adjusted the driver feet position.
Chevette: Revised driver animations; Detached the cokpit gear shifter
Fusca (all models): Revised driver animations; Added vibrating mirror in the cockpit; Fixed the cockpit center mirror uvmap; Reduced the steering wheel radius and the driver seat to accommodate the driver; Detached the cockpit gear shifter
Gol (all models): Revised driver animations; detached the cokpit gear shifter
Uno (all models): Revised driver animations; detached the cokpit gear shifter
Passat (all models): Revised driver animations; detached the cockpit gear shifter
Puma GTB: Revised driver animations; detached the cockpit gear shifter.
Puma GTE: Fixed the driver gear shifting animation
Copa Montana: Added driver aniamtions; Detached the cockpit gear shifter; Fixed the cockpit center mirror; Remodeled the seat to fit the driver.
Super V8: Revised Driver animations; Fixed the damage models on lods B/C/D; Detached the cockpit gear shifter; Adjusted the cockpit view
Puma P052: Revised driver animations; detached and relocated the cockpit gear shifter.
Ginetta G40 (both models): Fixed the driver gear shift animation
Ginetta G55 (both models): Fixed the driver gear shift animation
F-USA Gen 1 Fixed Reynard 95i rim colour overrides
F-Ultimate (both gens): Added DRS lights
Kart Shifter & Superkart: Completely redone the driver animations; Adjusted some visual gear shifter parameters.
Opala: Fixed gauges textures & steering wheel axis issues
Sigma P1: Added 3 new liveries

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Добавлено: 18.04.2022 16:35:15#43
И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
Сообщения: 3802
Спасибо сказали: 1068 раз(а)
Дата регистрации: 18.01.2010
Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.3.5.2
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Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.3.5.2. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений,Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.


Added Stock Car Seasons 2021 & 2022 championships

Added control assignment help text
Fixed text wrapping on strategy/setup labels of session overview in Spanish localisation
Added distinct vehicle selection logos for F-Trainer, Caterhams & Copa Classic classses

Further updates to Stock Car tire carcass & tread
Minor adjustment to F-Ultimate Gen2 tread
Globally reduced wet / street tires sensitivity to water
F-USA Gen1: Adjusted FFB max force for both models
Sigma P1: Adjusted RPM critical range for lifetime for improved reliability
R-Retro G3 TE: Flattened wastegate map so it uses the same pressure limit at all RPMs (limit set by boost pressure % )
F-Ultimate (both gens): Added anti-lag system to turbo & and slightly adjusted its properties
Sigma P1: Minor default setup adjustments (setup reset recommended)

F-Ultimate (both gens) Adjusted AI tire rolling resistance for more balance straightline speed vs player
Added real driver names to Stock Car seasons 1979, 1986 & 1999

Adjusted turbo sounds for F-Classics and F-Retro TE
F-Ultimate Gen1 sounds is now same as Gen2

Galeao: added marbles, night lights in the paddock area, adjusted LOD values for few objects; added real historic weather data
Hockenheim Historic 2001: Add variable crowd attendance per session; Adjust HUD track map zoom level; New AI fastline and fine tuned corridors; Better rolling start AI behavior; Reduced high frequency road noise physics; Object LOD fixes

Caterham (all classes): Added dirt map; Adjusted carbon material mapping (ch3) for dirt; Added vibrating bits on the cockpit
Metalmoro MRX P2: Added 3 new liveries
Metalmoro AJR: Fixed cycling between empty Motec display pages
F-Ultimate Gen2: Added new display with ERS bar; minor cockpit mesh corrections; Corected fuel data; added livery overrides
Chevette: Added dirt map; Adjusted the shift gaiter rigging
Added DRS LEDs to F-Reiza, Metalmoro AJR & Sigma P1



Added a 1s delay before ERS 'auto' mode is considered settled enough to be used as the new base mode for cycling mode (an overshoot into 'auto' now means a navigation up the stack will will select 'off' if done within 1s)
Added ERS deployment mode and clutch state information to shared memory

Added ERS Auto mode indication to HUD
Fixed ICM issue that only allowed selection of the first two pit strategies

F-Retro G3 TE: revised cockpit engine & turbo; assigned proper interior AI sound

Galeao: Revised track according to actual event references; adjusted track elevations between T1 and T2, replaced the startlight gantry to match one used in actual event; update static concrete barriers, walls and dynamic cones; adjusted AI collision corridors at the chicane

Uno (all cars): Added dirt map; Adjusted driver animation fingers position; Added vibrating bits on the cockpit; Adjusted the shift gaiter rigging
Corvette C3 - Livery override folder added
McLaren MP4/1C: Fixed tire side texture rotation issue
Metalmoro MRX P2: Added 1 new livery

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Добавлено: 07.05.2022 18:44:14#44
И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
Сообщения: 3802
Спасибо сказали: 1068 раз(а)
Дата регистрации: 18.01.2010
Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.3.6.1 Officially
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Пользователям AMS2 доступны две следующие бета-версии:

ReleaseCandidate: Это последний выпуск, в настоящее время V1.3.6.1 сборка 1996. Чтобы получить доступ к этой сборке, щелкните правой кнопкой мыши Automobilista 2 в своей библиотеке Steam, перейдите в «Свойства» -> вкладка «Бета» и выберите ветку «ReleaseCandidate» в раскрывающемся меню. . Эта ветка будет отключена после официального общедоступного выпуска и вернет вас к версии AMS2 по умолчанию. Если вы затем захотите принять участие в бета-тестировании в следующем обновлении, вам просто нужно повторить этот процесс.

Предыдущая сборка: этот параметр позволяет пользователям вернуться к предыдущей версии V1.3.5.2, если они столкнутся с какими-либо проблемами с новым обновлением или захотят сравнить изменения, если они в этом заинтересованы. Чтобы получить к нему доступ, щелкните правой кнопкой мыши Automobilista 2 в своей библиотеке Steam, перейдите в «Свойства» -> вкладка «Бета» и выберите ветку «Предыдущая сборка» в раскрывающемся меню. Чтобы вернуться к текущей сборке, просто повторите процесс и выберите «Нет» в раскрывающемся меню.


Fixed an issue that would lead to incorrect session times being applied to non-race session on championship load
Fixed incorrect pit window opening lap in custom championships and ensured minimum session scaling accounts for mandatory pit setting
Fixed number step issue when changing race 1 session start time in a custom championship
Added 'Static Wheel' option to Cockpit Driver/Wheel setting and prevented wheel ever being displayed when 'Off' selected.
FFB profiles slots now reset on every return to pits.
Clutch damage is now repaired when engine damage is repaired
Fixed some cases where clutch could incorrectly receive damaged when autoclutch is enabled
Added mandatory FFB "fade-in" on session start / out of pits now applied always after unpausing the game.
Fixed an issue that could leave F-Ultimates in a broken state after viewing instant replay
Corrected 2022 Stock Car Pro Series Championship calendar
Updated shared memory project header to V12 - Adds clutch state and ERS deployment mode info

Added Filter functionality to multiplayer browser
Updated Imola & Galeao track maps to reflect latest changes
Onboard TC/ABS adjustment input messages are no longer displayed when those systems are unavailable
changed the text of the four options of the 'Display Cockpit Wheel/Driver' setting to less confusing names

Further tire carcass & tread adjutments for GTE / GT3 / GT4 / GT1 / DPi / P1 / F-Ultimate Gen1 / Gen2
Revised all slicks tread sensitivity to wet surface
Super V8: Revised tire model, suspension, inertia, included real life setup options for springs, ride height, camber, rear wing, tire pressures, engine inertia and added flexible axles; Added 3.27:1 final drive ratio for Bathurst; Slightly raised rear roll center djusted spring rate range to match RL car springs and options
Adjusted heating and inertia slightly in 80s and 90s Formula clutch, and Super V8
Copa Truck: Revised driveline elasticity
Reduced flash heating in basic/road & carbon clutches
Cadillac DPi: Removed application of slow-to-fast dampers. Remodeled 3rd element. Adjusted suspension travel to add bumpstop functionality (main and 3rd element). Balanced aero/ride height to remove squatting. Adjusted tire pressures to suit new carcass model. Remodeled damping and springs (ready for beta)
Revised drafting & dirty air effect model
Fixed atmospheric wind not being applied to some aerodynamic surfaces
Added Non-linear clutch wear effect on performance
Clutch damage is no longer scaled with the damage scale setting
Added clutch damage, revised torque capacity, and revised clutch inertia to all cars (except TSI Cup, ARC Camaro)
Added flexible axles and revised overall elasticity for GTE, GT3 and GT4 Stock Car Brasil 2019-2022, Copa Montana, P2, Ultima Race, F-Ultimates, Corvette C3, Corvette C3R, Stock car Omega, Group A, BMW 2002 Turbo
Globally revised draft / dirt air properties for all high performance cars
Added clutch damage, revised torque capacity, and revised clutch inertia to all cars (except TSI Cup, ARC Camaro)
Added flexible axles and revised overall elasticity for GTE, GT3 and GT4 Stock Car Brasil 2019-2022, Copa Montana, P2, Ultima Race, F-Ultimates, Corvette C3, Corvette C3R, Stock car Omega, Group A, BMW 2002 Turbo, Porsche Cup
Revised engine inertia for Porsche Cup, Cadillac DPI, Ultima Race, GT1, Stock Car Brasil 2019-2022, Copa Montana
F-Ultimate (both gens) Adjusted body drag coefficients for more accurate top speeds & overall performance; Revised throttle map, fuel consumption and engine inertia; corrected fuel tank size, increased downshift blip to help drivability; Revised ERS mapping; increased contrast between attack and qual mode; Monza and Spa energy saving to stay within per lap discharge allowed; ERS torque is now applied to beginning of driveline instead of wheels
Revised default setups & minor physics adjustments for Metalmoro AJR, Ginetta G58, Porsche Cup, Stock Car 2019, BMW M4, BMW M8, Corvette C8R, Cadillac DPi, Porsche Cayman GT4 Cayman to better suit latest carcass revisions (setup reset required)

Fixed an issue where Custom AI Driver track specific overrides would only apply to a single model within a class
Increased likelihood of AI mistakes in qualifying hotlaps
Added dedicated driver names for F-3, F-V10 Gen1, F-Retro Gen1
Stock Car 2019: Corrected Diego Nunes driver name
Imola: Updated AI lines & corridors
Toned down AI performance with slicks in the wet to match latest physics revisions for player slicks on a wet surface
Reduced AI rolling resistance in F-Ultimate (both gens), GT3

Porsche Cup: Updated onboard sounds
F-Retro G3 TE: Assigned proper interior AI sound; increased volume of turbo whine

Galeao: Fixed lap not counted when pitting; Added dynamic brake markers, cones, pit signs; Corrected Max AI participants to 31
Laguna Seca: Improved rolling starts
Campo Grande: LOD fixes
Oulton Park: Minor LOD fixes
Jacarepagua: Adjusted garage positions for larger vehicles clipping pitwall on Oval and SCB layouts
Donington: Added variable crowd attendance per session; LOD fixes in GP layout
Imola: Reduced track cut limits on concrete runoffs; Minor graphical tweaks; fixed innacurate latitude and longitude of Imola (was pointing to the Imola city and not to the Imola racetrack) Updated DRS and S2 trigger points
Santa Cruz: LOD fixes
Spa-Francorchamps: Fixed a hole in an interior garage wall; Minor LOD fixes
Updated trackside cameras for all Hockenheim Historic tracks

TC Classic / Hot Cars: Added sponsors to all Passat, Puma GTE, Puma GTB & Fusca liveries
Puma GTB: Added dirt map; Adjusted lights materials and textures; Adjusted lights uv maps; Added the cockpit gauge lights; Adjusted the shift gaiter rigging; Adjusted cockpit vibrating mirrors parameters; Adjusted collision (detachable/wobbling hood)
Copa Truck: Added dirt map to Mercedes, VW & MAN models
Puma GTE: Added dirt map
Puma P052: Added dirt map
F-Classic G1M2: Added dirt map; adjusted carbon material uv maps ch3 (dirt) on LOD A and cockpit; Redone the suspension animations adding visual camber; Fixed the RR axle mesh skin



Corrected Stock Car Pro 2022 championship schedule as per latest adjustments

Updated Steering Lock help text
Cleaned up empty rows from vehicle assignments list
Fixed FFB graph anchor on telemetry HUD


Adjusted GT1 soft, F-Ultimate Gen2 medium and hard tread coefficients to atone performance gains from carcass revisions
Minor adjustments to Cadillac DPi, GT1, P1 driveline elasticity
Revised front wing / splitter draft effects for generally higher downforce loss behind another car
Further revisions to tread sensitivity to wet surface in high performance slick tires
Minor adjustments to Super V8 & Ginetta G58 FFB parameters
Revised engine heating, cooling & wear rates for Stock Car Opalas, Omega, Corvette C3 & C3-R, Camaro SS, F-V10 Gen1 & Gen2, F-V12, F-Classic Gen3, F-Trainer, Puma P052, Sigma P1 & Ginetta G58
F-Ultimate (both gens): Slightly increased rear wing drag from incremental settings
Super V8: Further revisions to engine inertia, fuel consumption and fuel mix settings
F-V12: Fixed fuel tank size
F-Classic Gen1: Revised fuel consumption
F-Trainer: Updated clutch type
Mclaren 720s: Adjusted default coast ramp diff & preload values

Fixed relative sound effects volume going out of balance for low master volume settings
Porsche Cup: Further adjusted interior sound, added low-RPM gearshift clunk in contrast to more agressive "at speed sound; Fixed loss of engine sound below ~1500 RPM on throttle, djusted upshift volume on higher revs, updated RPM Limiter sound, fixed missing AI sounds
F-Reiza: Adjusted gearshift sound for all views.
Revised road noise volume for several cars

Added F-Retro Gen2 & Gen 3 custom AI driver entries
Donington: Updated AI lines for both GP & National layouts

Donington: Re-exported curb bollards to fix excessive damage caused to cars by hitting them

Porsche Cup: Updated Liveries
F-3: Added dirt map to F301 & F309
F-V10 Gen 1: Added dirt map
Copa Montana: Fixed livery override for windscreen

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Добавлено: 17.05.2022 12:25:34#45
И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
Сообщения: 3802
Спасибо сказали: 1068 раз(а)
Дата регистрации: 18.01.2010
Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.3.6.2
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Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.3.6.2. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.


Ginetta G55 (both models): Adjusted front splitter height sensitivity & reduced rear wing efficiency (both models)
McLaren 720S GT3: further adjustments to default setup to reduce low speed cornering instability, particularly when tires are overheating; increased 6th gear length; adjusted default traction control & engine braking (setup reset required)
Porsche Cup (both models): Revised tire model to more closely simulate Michelin N2 Hard slicks; Slightly raised rear roll center by adjusting rear upper suspension arm angle; minor adjustments to stiffness distribution and low speed damping; minor differential adjustment (setup reset required)
Ultima GTR Race: Minor FFB adjustments

Improved AI paths for Oulton Park (all layouts)
Cadillac DPi: Adjusted AI suspension rate multipliers causing poor AI performance on updated physics

Porsche 911 Cup (both models): Fixed engine pitch discrepancy between external / chase cam view sound and cockpit audio

Oulton Park: Minor optimization to garage building interior; Minor track cut limit adjustments
Rebuilt bollard physics export to fix excessive damage to player car at Oulton & Cadwell Park

Metalmoro MRX P3 / P4: New & updated liveries
Stock Car Pro 2022: Updated Bruno Baptista Toyota Corolla livery
Added dirt maps to F-V10 Gen2, F-V12, Ginetta G40 (both models), Sigma P1 & Opala (all models)
Revised functionality of analogue gauges in F-Vintage, F-Retro Gen1 & Lotus 23
F-Retro V8, V12, Lotus 72, McLaren M23: Updated gauges texture F-Retro V8, V12, Lotus 72, McLaren M23: Corrected oil and water gauges
Brabham BT26: Fixed gauges issue F-Vintage G1/2 M1/2: Fixed gauges issue Lotus 23: Fixed oil and water gauge issue
Ultima GTR Street: fixed graphical height offset causing car body to sit high over the wheels

Официальная веб-страница - www.reizastudios.com
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Добавлено: 30.06.2022 09:24:04#46
И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
Сообщения: 3802
Спасибо сказали: 1068 раз(а)
Дата регистрации: 18.01.2010
Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.3.8.0 & Argentinean track pack
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Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.3.8.0. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений, также три бесплатные трассы. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.

V1.3.7.1->V1.3.8.0 CHANGELOG


Added Argentinean track pack ( Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Termas Rio Rondo)

Fixed pit limiter state not resetting on return to garage
Fixed phantom 6th controller profile being available on the first load of a brand new profile
Extended FFB fade in after pause
Revised various terrain material properties, fixing long-standing issue with slippery astroturf & minor inconsistencies with various curb & concrete types

MPRS message position is now adjustable in HUD editor

Fully revised physics for Group A, BMW M1 Procar, Sprint Race, F-Retro Gen3, Metalmoro MRX (all models), Roco 001, MCR Sports 2000 Opala 1986, Omega 1999, Copa Classic B & FL, Mini JCW UK, Caterham Academy, F-3, F-Trainer (both models), F-Vee (setup reset recommended)
Minor tire tread adjustments to Porsche Cup, F-Classic (all), F-USA (all), GT1, GTE, GT3, GT4, GT5, P1, Cadillac DPi, Stock Car 2019, Stock Car 2020-2022, Super V8 BMW Procar M1, Group A, Group C cars
Revised tread/carcass heat conductivity and ideal temperature ranges
Revised clutch LSD model for Porsche Cup, GT Classic, Group A, M1 Procar, F-Retro Gen3 & SprintRace, F3s and F-Reiza & updated their respective default differential setup (setup reset recommended)
Improved ABS system logic for all cars that feature the device
Updated pit limiter logic to help prevent overshoot when leaving the garage
General FFB: Added new LowPassFilter to be used in FFB scripts (Butterworth, 2nd order)
FFB max force adjustments for F-V10 Gen2, Porsche Cup Group A, Procar, Sprint Race, Omega Stock, Opala 1986, BMW M4 GT4, Ginetta G55, Ginetta G40, Gol, Passat, F309, Sigma P1, Metalmoro MRX, Roco, Corvette C8.R, F-Vee, Caterhams, F-Trainer, F-Ultimate Gen2, F-USA (all models). Porsche 962c, Mini JCW
Porsche Cup (both models): Minor adjustments to CoG height & weight distribution; Adjusted front splitter & rear wing to move overall center of pressure forward & other minor aero adjustments; slightly softened default front roll bar; slightly increased brake torque
Stock Car 2020-22 (both models): Adjusted tire dimensions to 305/660 as per real Pirelli Cinturato model introduced during 2020 season
Super V8: Minor adjustments to front & rear track width for improved stability; Slightly adjusted FFB parameters; reduced default steering lock
Metalmoro AJR: Adjusted diffuser center of pressure slightly foward
Group C: Minor adjustment to diffuser center of pressure and front splitter height sensitivity to both cars
F-USA (all gens): Minor adjustment to front wing height sensitivity & venturi center of pressure
F-Classic (all gens): Minor adjustment to front wing height sensitivity
F-V10 Gen1: Minor diffuser & front wing adjustments
F-V10 Gen2: Minor adjustment to diffuser center of pressure; Minor FFB adjustment (reduces grainy / high frequency noise)
F-Retro Gen3: Adjusted diffuser center of pressure; Decreased heating and increased cooling, slightly slower oil to water heat exchange for F-Retro G3 TE
F-Ultimate (both gens): Minor rear wing lift/drag effiency adjustment; Increased brake disc thickness & reduced wear rate
F-Ultimate Gen2: Adjusted FFB max force, moved undertray center of pressure slightly rearwards
Corvette C3-R: Adjusted engine torque curve
Revised and added thermostatic engine cooling to Lotus 23 and Mini 65
F-Retro Gen1: Fixed tire linking to incorrect carcass model
Caterham: Minor adjustments to body aero (more drag, less propensity to lift); Reduced brake heating rate for all models; increased brake duct cooling for 620R
BMW M4: Minor aero & engine adjustments for performance balancing (more to come); FFB Max force adjustment Adjusted brake torque; minor rear roll bar rate adjustment; reduced default steering lock
Porsche 911 GT1: Revised turbo model
Ginetta G55 (both models): Slightly decreased rear wing efficiency

Fixed AI not repairing damage or changing tires when refuelling during Q/P sessions
Fixed AI programmed mistakes that weren´t triggered when they should in some cases and vice versa
Fixed some cases where AI would incorrectly estimate starting fuel and/or required fuel to add at pitstop
Added shared engine lifetime simulation for player and AI vehicles
AI performance calibration pass to all classes with revised physics
Revised AI personality parameters, adding more distinct characteristics for series with custom AI drivers
Adjusted AI overtaking parameters for all cars (less hesitation to overtake, less prone to aggressive twitches)
AI cars now start with 25% of fuel tank in practice sessions like the default player setup (rather than qualifying loads as before).
Further calibration to AI wet performance when on slicks
Added custom AI driver names to F-Vintage (both gens), F-Retro (all gens), F-Classic (all gens), M1 Procar, Group C, Group A, GT1, GTE, P1, P2, P3, P4 & DPi classes
Adjusted AI performance for Bathurst, Brands Hatch, Hockenheim, Laguna Seca, Monza, Montreal, Adelaide (both versions), Kansai (all layouts), Nordschleife (both layouts) Silverstone 1991, Silverstone 2001, Spa (both versions)

Adjusted onboard sounds to not overload output compressor potentially leading to minor distortion
Revised wall reflections DSP & improved low pass filter
Fixed inaccuracy with audio wall reflections distance calculation, now reflections are audible (WIP - most noticeable on surround sound systems)
Increased highpass cutoff frequency on audio reflections

BMW E30 Group A, Mercedes 190E Evo2: Added dangling parts; Adjusted collision and damage models
Mclaren F1 GTR: Added Damage/Dangling parts; Fixed the wiper sound trigger; Revised collisions; Adjusted lights glows texture
Opala(all models): Added broken light textures; Adjusted light materials
Uno(both models): Added broken light textures; Adjusted light materials.
Sprintrace: Added damage models
Stock Car 2020-2022: Fixed damage on some parts and LODs
Caddilac DPi: Added 5 new liveries
F-Classic Gen1 & Gen2: Revised all liveries
Mercedes E190: Fixed winscreen dirt buildup rate

Build 2043:
Tire tread adjustments for GT1 hard compound, Porsche Cup, Omega 99, Opala 86, F-Vee, Vintage TCs, F-Vintages, F-Trainers, F-3, F-V12, F-USA, Copa Truck, Street cars
Omega Stock Car: Minor ccorrections to Inertia & front splitter
F-Trainer: Minor CoG height adjustment
F-Vee: Minor body aero adjustment
GT1: Disabled tire warmers as per real regulations of the era
Fixed error with Caterham Supersport physics being shared with Superlight in previous build
Adjusted AI performance using road tires on wet
Further art developments to Cordoba & Termas Rio Hondo

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И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
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Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.3.8.3
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Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.3.8.3. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.



Added Cordoba No2 & 4 layouts

Adjusted AI suspension rate multipliers (also used in Multiplayer code) to minimise vibrations from opponents in Multiplayer

Minor tire tread adjustments to Group A, M1 Procar & F-3
F-Vee: Adjusted FFB

Added check for AI to add extra fuel over the default level if default isn´t enough for their run in practice sessions
Added custom AI drivers for GT3 series
Nurburgring: Adjusted AI Grip for Norschleife & 24h Layouts

Cordoba: Adjusted pit building, race control materials and textures, Added houses at Villa Parque Santa Ana; Added Myrian Stefford monument; Added powerlines and light poles, radio masts, water tower; Added road noise; Added marbles; Added pit and brake marker cones
Termas Rio Hondo: Art Pass & added seasonal foliage; Relaxed track limits slightly at T10 apex

F-Classic Gen3: Revised liveries
Mini JCW UK: Revised liveries



Added Buenos Aires alternative layout 6 with "tobogan" chicane

Fixed Championship editor allowing too many opponents
Fixed ABS driving aid not working in vehicles without factory ABS

Minor tire tread refinements BMW Procar, Copa Classic, Lancer Cup
F-Ultimate Gen2: Minor aero adjustments; Increased spring adjustment range & generally stiffened default to better optimize undertray aero (setup reset recommended)
Revised ABS strength as a gameplay driving aid for cars that don´t feature the system built-in
Procar: Adjusted default roll bar (slightly softer front, stiffer rear)
Group A: slightly stiffer default front roll bar
Revised aero dropoff rates for all cars with significant downforce, reducing minor inconsistencies

Further reduced high aggression AI lateral rate of movement for slightly less twitches
AI calibration pass for Copa Classic, F-Ultimate Gen2
Reduced AI CoG multiplier to attempt minimise chances of cars rolling over sausage curbs
Brands Hatch GP: Further AI performance adjustments
Buenos Aires:Adjusted AI line & performance at T4,T5,T6,T7 of layout 6

Fixed missing Azure tunnel & bridge reflections

Buenos Aires: Adjusted razor curbs on selected runoff areas ("Curvon 8, "Viborita" and "Cajon") ; Added missing winter trees for No.12
Cordoba: added new race control, 2nd garage building, adjusted seasonal foliage, tweaked crowds, roadlines, few small tweaks to curb heights for TC layout section, added tents, vehicles and other details around the track; Added animated marshals; Added night lighting

F-Ultimate Gen2: Added cockpit vibration effect to the front fender winglets; revised collision



Fixed championship editor not respecting max opponents and max rounds in some cases
Fixed crash trying to start Stock Car Pro 2022 championship
Revised livery name alterations for Porsche Cup & VW TSI Cup, adding more distinctions to help prevent duplicated liveries with custom AI files

Fully revised Lancer Cup, TSI Cup, Opala 79, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno physics
Further tire tread revisions to F-Trainer (both), F-Vee, F3, F-Vintage (both); F-Retro Gen3, F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 (both gens), F-Reiza, F-Ultimate (both gens), GTE, GT3, Group C, BMW Procar; Ginetta G40 (both), P1, Vintage Touring Cars
FFB Max force & smoothing adjustments for F-Vee, F-Trainer, Lancer Cup, Opala 1979, Opala 1986, Sprint Race, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, VW Polo & VW Virtus
Ginetta G40 (both) Slightly adjusted CoG height, frontend aero
Further revisions to tire tread of all radial slicks & wet compounds when running on a wet surface (revisions in progress, to be completed by V1.4)
F-Ultimate (both gens): Adjusted ERS mapping for Silverstone

Minor adjustments to AI racing behavior: Reduced range at which AI car ahead will try defend from car behind; Increased range AI behind will try pass car ahead; Slightly reduced speed differential needed to attempt overtake; Slightly decreased avoid ratio at max aggression; Minor increase of care factor against human; Minor decrease of lateral range while defending
Slightly increased AI hotlap pace push for pratice / quali
Added Porsche Cup, GT4, GT5, G40 Cup custom AI driver names + Ai entries for the 5 new DPi liveries
AI calibration pass for Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, Opala 1979, Lancer Cup, F-3, TSI Cup
Adjusted AI grip for Spielberg (both layouts)

F-Reiza: Increased DRS beep volume increase
Added & adjusted several soud effects from trackside objects - helicopter, 747 jet and turboprop animation sound effects

Added real weather data for Buenos_Aires, Cordoba and Termas Rio Hondo
Buenos Aires: Added VR trackside cameras
Cordoba: Static object LOD corrections
Termas Rio Hondo: Additional static object, crowds, and marshals; Change Default race date to May 29 2022
Minor adjustment to grass friction coefficient

Corrected driver gear shift animation of Lancer RS, Caterham SuperLight & SuperSport to match the actual car gearbox (sequential or H-shifter)
Reduced frequency of exhaust backfires in vehicles in which that is not common

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И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
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Automobilista 2 - V1.4.1
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Наконец-то вышла Automobilista 2 V1.4.1 — новое обновление содержит мега-список изменений и улучшений, новых функций, автомобилей и реформу Spa-Francorchamps 2022 года в качестве бесплатного дополнения к существующему DLC Spa-Francorchamps!

V1.3.8.3 -> V1.4.0.0 CHANGELOG



Added F-USA Gen1-3 Short Oval, Speedway & Superspeedway configurations (part of Racin´USA Pt2)
Added Ginetta G55 GT3 to GT Open Class
Added Mini Cooper 1965 to Copa Classic B class
Added Vulkan Truck to Copa Truck class
Added Mercedes AMG GT4 to GT4 class

Added WWT Raceway Speedway and road course configurations (part of Racin´ USA Pt3, available as free trial for the coming weeks)
Added Autoclub Speedway (speedway & road course part of Racin´ USA Pt3, available as free trial for the coming weeks)
Added Daytona Tri-Oval layout (part of Racin´ USA Pt1)

Added support for Full Course Yellow
Added support for cars to use different aero packages depending on track
Fixed bug allowing player livery to be selected by AI in championships
Added low downforce aero packages for F-V12, F-V10 Gen1 & F-V10 Gen2 classes (affects physics & default setup for both player and AI)
LiveTrack developments: Added support for custom min-max grip ranges per track to account for tarmac quality / dirtiness / maintenance and other such variables from track-to-track; Adjusted baseline minimal grip and range (generally lower mininum grip, higher peak, slightly slower buildup, offline isn´t as globally poor grip as it was before); Adjusted Livetrack presets for better scaling & set light rubber as baseline starting point instead of Green in Default progressing configuration)
Fixed potential freeze when a new participant joins Multiplayer session while session is alredy in progress
Added some mitigation to help reduce extreme wheel movement of remote clients in Multiplayer

Extended Opponent Settings to allow user to set the number of AI vehicles per class in single player
Opponent Aggression setting now uses 5 predefined levels rather than 0-100% slider.
Enabled seat/mirror adjustment for non VR users accessed via in-game Cockpit Configuration options
Updated various vehicle specifications to recent revisions & added specs for new cars & associated aero packages
Fixed livery limit warning not displaying on Opponent Settings screen
Prevented livery name from expanding beyond container bounds on livery selection screen
Revised vehicle information according to latest physics adjustments

Fully revised physics for Caterhams, ARC Camaro, GT Classics, Vintage TCs, Street Cars
Revised tire thermodynamics covering ideal temperature ranges, heating & cooling rates and fallout rates when outside ideal operating window
Added Qual / Soft / Medium / Hard compounds to F-Classics (all); medium & hard compound records for F-Reiza; Hard compounds for F-V12, F-V10 (both gens)
Added bespoke wet compound records for Formula Classic, Formula V10, Formula Reiza, F-USA, Formula 3, Proto2-4, GT4, GT5, Sprint Race
Added bespoke intermediate records for Formula Ultimate (both gens)
Further development to F-Vee, Vintages, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, Opala 79, Old Stock, TSI Cup, Street Cars
Revised various existing compounds for GTE, GT1, F-Ultimate (both gens), Super V8, Stock Car 2019; Revised wet & intermediate compounds (WIP)
Extensive engine revisions (torque & compression curves, inertia, turbo models, fuel consumption, heating & cooling rates & associated wear) to GTE, GT3, GT4, GT1 (all), Porsche Cup, F-Classic Gen3 (all), Cadillac DPi, Sprint Race, P1-P4 prototypes, ARC Camaro, Stock Car 2019-2022, Group C, Vintage TCs, F-USA (all) Mini JCW, Corvette C3, TSI Cup, Ginetta G40 GT5 & G40 Cup, Copa Classics, Hot Cars, Copa Uno & Copa Fusca
Fixed bug leading to extreme engine cooling
Revised clutch LSD models for F-Vintages (both gens) F-Retro (all gens) Cadillac DPI, P1 , P2, P3, P4 (MRX), BMW 2002 Turbo, F-V10 (both gens), F-V12, F-Ultimate (both gens), Corvette C Caterham Supersport, Superlight, 620R, F-Classic G1-3, F-USA G1-3 Stock Car 2019-2022, Copa Montana, Ultima GTR Race & revised default setups to suit (setup reset recommended)
Changed radiator & brake duct ranges to 5% increments for cars that have it adjustable
Added throttle maps for cars that still missed it: BMW 2002, F301 & F309, Caterham Superlight & Supersport , F-Classic Gen2M1&2, G3M3, F-V10 Gen2
GTE, GT3 & GT4 BoP revision complete, including various adjustments to turbo downscaling depending on environment pressure (so turbo cars no longer have substantial advantage on tracks at higher altitude)
Copa Truck now features more detailed modelling of each truck´s engine with performance differences
Adjusted CoG height for F-Trainers, Ginetta G40s2
Various fuel tank size corrections & corrections to discrepancies between fuel tank pistop ranges; corrected tank ranges that didn´t factor initial minimal 1L in tank
Adjusted center of fuel tank height for various cars to rectify minor inconsistencies
Added custom draft production scale per car, accounting for variations in drag & dimensions
Slightly increased lift & drag increment per radiator & brake duct setting for cars that still had that specially low
Disabled lingering redundant one-step setup ranges that made options appear adjustable in setup screen even though they weren´t
Further adjustments to FFB Max force in various cars
Fixed diff ramp angles in GTE / GT3 to current defaults / disabled redundant range in Mclaren 570 & Ginetta G55
Further adjustments to slick behavior on a wet track
Ginetta G40 Cup: Correted mass (925kg with driver)
Reduced rate of artificial pre-race tire heating without formation lap
Minor moment of inertia corrections for Stock Omega, Opala (all models), Lancer Cup (both models) GTE / GT3 / GT4, GT1, Street Cars
Ultima GTR Race: Revised specifications to suit new GT Open class it now belongs to, with adjusted tire dimensions & weight; Disabled onboard adjustable ARB
Mercedes AMG GT3: Minor adjustments to default setup (slightly lower rear slow rebound, increased diff preload to 110 Nm)
Adjusted fuel tank positions for Porsche RSR, Corvette C3.R
F-Classic G2M3: Added boost function going to full boost pressure setting (100 % temporarily while boost button is is held; Slight adjustment to turbo efficiency; adjusted boost map for improved driveability
F-Ultimate Gen2: Adjusted mass (798kg as per latest regulation update)
F-3: Fixed syntax error causing its tires to use the wrong components as of V1.3.8.3
F-Ultimate (both gens): Reduced front & rear wing drag-to-lift efficiency

AI can use more then one tire compound
Addec custom AI driver names & personalities for Vintage Touring Cars 1/2, Copa Classic B & FL, GT Classics, HotCas, Opala Stock, Formula Vee, Copa Uno, Copa Fusca and Lancer Cup
Further adjustments to AI movement when pulling out from behind another car to overtake
Revised AI performance for Adelaide Modern
Generally raised AI overtaking parameters & reduced gaps between minimum and max aggression for AI rates
Dsabled function that was added to prevent AI from cutting corners but was actually making the issue worse
AI calibration pass for all cars
Adjusted AI performance for Nurburgring Nordschleife layouts, Adelaide
Adjusted performance levels for all classes with custom AI driver
Restored AI aggression for practice and qualifying when dealing with other AI cars
Slightly improved AI overtakes of slow/lapped cars.
Added table of contents and sub headings for each class in AI driver list to facilitate editing by end users
Globally reduced rolling resistance for AI on most cars to compensate error in benchmarking AI straightline speed (further per car fine tuning still pending)
Added automatic radiator adjustment (for F-USA Gen1-3 oval variants only for now)
Added functional differential for all AI physics according to car spec to improve their ability to negotiate corners
Implemented AI mistakes for oval tracks (AI spins)
Added new AI personality parameter 'fuel_management' that works in oval tracks and is customizable by end user as explained here

AI / Remote / replay cars now have same drivetrain sounds & surface sounds as player car
Grinding gears sound effect should now play continuously on H-Shifters instead of infinite restarting
Added ambient reverb for Buenos Aires and Galeao
Removed artificial reverb parameters from Adelaide, Imola, Interlagos and Montreal tracks.
Adjusted F-Classic V6 Turbo internal sounds, adjusted external volume.
Increased volume of audio effect from running off the ideal racing line
Added crowd sounds (Auto Club only for now)

Interlagos: Restricted track cut limits at pit entrance

Restricted available car liveries to a limit of 40 total for all classes in the game
Added actual driver helmet designs and outfits to Stock Car Pro Series 2019-2022
Updated F-USA driver helmet model
Puma P052: Added damage/dangling parts; Fixed the reverse lights (wasn't working before); Adjusted lights glow texture, lights uv map (ch5) and adjusted the material; Revised collision.
Caterham SuperSport: Fixed the H-pattern movement to reflect the correct gear sequence
Opala 1979: Fixed the cockpit shift light
McLaren F1 GTR: Fixed windscreen issue
Ginetta G40 Cup/GT5: Fixed gauges lights
F-USA Gen1: Added magnesium wheels for cars that should have them
Montana: Adjusted onboard cameras
Camaro GT4R: Updated position of look back camera so as rear wing doesnt obscure
Various onboard camera corrections for Copa Classic models & Copa Fusca
Updated F-USA G3 LCD steering wheel to include water temp in Fahrenheit
Fixed inaccurate RPM bar calibrations on F-USA G1 and G2 cockpit displays
Switched water temperature on F-USA G1 and G2 displays to fahrenheit
Added custom driver outfits & helmets to Stock Car 2019 + new entries to 2020-22..
Updated driver outfits for Stock Car drivers that participate outside series that use the Modern GT driver outfits
Updated liveries for Copa Uno, Copa Classics

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И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
Сообщения: 3802
Спасибо сказали: 1068 раз(а)
Дата регистрации: 18.01.2010
Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.4.3.3 & USA Pt3
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Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.4.3.3. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений, а также новый DLS контент USA Pt3. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.
V1.4.1.3 -> V1.4.3.0 CHANGELOG


Added Spa-Francorchamps 1970 to Spa-Francorchamps DLC
Added Short Oval & Speedway configurations for Opala 1986 Stock Car, Stock Car Omega, Copa Montana, Super V8
Added Low Downforce variants for all GT1 & Group C cars

Fixed poor performance issues in Time Trial mode
Fixed vehicle name disappearing after toggling from class list mode on pre race leaderboard
Made mandatory stop available in timed races as a user option; Added separate counter for valid mandatory stops; Fixed time+1lap races allowing mandatory stops in last lap; Mandatory stops must now be completed as far as pit exit trigger to count as valid (effectively preventing valid mandatory stops in last lap of a timed race with no extra lap)
Fixed bug where sometimes the real weather from previous session would load in current session in championship mode & made default championship race distance scaling 100%
Fixed some users having ABS/TC/SC forcibly disabled in multiplayer lobbies that have the force realistic driving setting enabled
Adjusted logic to help prevent incorrectly switching to 'build/off' ERS mode when driving on wide but legal exit curbs in Qual/TT sessions and adjusted auto logic to always use Qual mode in TT
Addressed an issue that could lead to default red vehicle skins for users with very large custom FFB scripts
Vehicles no longer spawn with engine running in garage
Updated Logitech and Fanatec SDKs
Fixed default axis mapping for Logitech G29 & G923
Added Logitech G PRO Wheel preset
Added preset buttons for Fanatec Generic controller profile
Fixed Proximity Arrow Logic to correctly display nearest Opponents
FFB: Fixed for potential hard pull in FFB with new lock stops implementation; Removed lockstop code from them as this is now handled outside of scripts
FFB: Added new Functions for use in FFB script, adjusted Default & Default+ profiles to improve lockstops, (now acting outside of usable steering range) FFB SCRIPTS: Exposed rear wheels "slide" & "stretch" metric to ffb script; Changed "offtrack" collision metric to "crashing", added additional crash metric "spinning"; Added wheel vertical G's metric for all 4 wheels
Full Course Yellow: Made it easier to give back illegal overtakes to AI during full course yellow; Prevented a issue where more than one AI would overtake the player to regain position when only one AI should; Fixed some false positives and false negatives related to detection of offroad vehicles that you are allowed to overtake during full course yellow; Extended full course yellow HUD element to include name of driver to follow; Forced display of driver label for the driver a player should follow under full course yellow. Adjusted height of driver labels and their scaling when close to the camera; Allowed the leader to slow down more progressively during full course yellow; Increased the speed limit for the leader a few meters before the end of full course yellow; Added driver label for the car a player needs to follow under FCY; Fixed disconnected clients continuing to trigger double yellow and full course yellow events in some cases
Made vehicle adjustment messages visible in all HUD modes (seat adjustment/Brake bias setting etc)
Adjusted pitstop times for all series for more accurate pitstop losses: Reduced time car is hold when there is no service & for adjusting tire pressure; Reduced time crew takes to get to the car; Reduced chances of crew making a tire change error & time lost due to an error; reduced time it takes to fix front aero damage

Added Radar HUD Gadget (customized HUD layouts may need re-adjusting)
Fixed leaderboard container incorrectly sized.
Fixed missing localisation of cockpit config description
Added weight jacker to In-Car Menu
Fixed LIVETRACK PRESET option label not localised

Further physics developments for F-Trainers (both), F-Vee, Opala (all), Caterham (all)
Extensive revisions to Karts´ tire & chassis (all models)
Minor tire tread adjustments to Copa Classic FL, F-Classic Gen2 Soft compound
Minor thermodynamics fine-tuning to various tires
AMDM: Add random-only fuel leak with physics integration; Enabled AMDM for GT1 class
Revised suspension damage and wheel stress-induced loose wheel failure
Decreased RPM based engine wear slightly for F-V10 (both gens) & F-Reiza
Revised clutch wear rate on Omega and C3R clutches; Revised temperature ceiling on all carbon clutches (GT1/GTE/GT3, Super V8, most high end open wheelers and prototypes)
Revised engine heating and cooling for all Caterhams, karts & superkart
Copa Truck: Added function to cut 1st gear as per real trucks (1st gear is no longer available now rather than just being same as 2nd)
F-V10 Gen1: Revised aero; Stiffened 3rd spring front dampers; Reduced FFB pneumatic trail
F-V10 Gen2: Minor aero revisions; Stiffened 3rd spring front dampers; Reduced FFB pneumatic trail
F-Retro Gen1: Adjusted rear wing base downforce; Minor tire tread adjustment
F-Retro Gen2: Adjusted rear wing base downforce
F-Vintage (all models): Minor aero revisions: Raised default final gear for Cosworth-powered cars; decreased engine high RPM wear
Cateham 620R: corrected rear damper rates asymetry
McLaren 720S GT3: corrected rear toe default setting
Porsche GTE: Corrected fuel tank size

Improved AI simulated times when sessions are skipped to much more accurate times (currently for the following class/vehicles (non oval variants): ARC, Caterham 620R, Caterham, Academy, Caterham Superlight, Caterham Supersport, Copa Montana, Copa Trucks, DPi, Formula 3, Formula Classic Gen1-3, Formula Reiza, Formula Retro Gen1-3, Formula Ultimate 2019, Formula Ultimate 2022, Formula USA 2022, Formula USA Gen1-3, Formula V10 Gen1-2, Formula V12, Formula Vintage Gen1-2, G55 Supercup,Group A DTM, Group C, GT Open, GT1, GT3, GT4, GT5, GTE, M1 Procar, Mini JCW, Oldstock Race, P1-P4, Porsche Cup, SprintRace, Super V8
AI now actively pursues draft of other cars and is more appropriately affected by turbulence from the car ahead
Reduced likelihood of AI deciding to do more stints than needed on races with accelerated fuel consumption
Fixed an issue where the AI would pit for fuel very near the end of a timed race needlessly
Fixed case where the AI could run out of fuel if the pit box was occupied
Added a small amount of per-vehicle variation to the AI starting fuel in oval races
Changed behaviour of AI in P/Q sessions to make weather related tyre pit stops immediately instead of delaying until the end of their current stint
Fixed a bug where AI could enter into hotlap instead of outlap behaviour immediately after leaving the pits in P/Q
Fixed an issue that caused the AI to make a 45 degrees movement on standing starts on some combos
Fixed AI not making decision to pit soon enough in mandatory stop races on circuits where pit entry starts before last sector
Fixed AI sliding sideways on banked roads while sitting on grid before race start, which would lead to AI taking drive through penalties for false start
F-Vintage: Adjusted behavior for safer & more consistent driving
Made AI more willing to overtake another AI that is trying to retire
AI calibration pass for Caterhams, F-V10 Gen1, F-V10 Gen2, Copa Classic FL, Copa Truck
Monza 1991: Rework AI lnes & performance

Added engine blown sound effect
Fixed missing internal audio for AI on Lotus 23 and Corvette C8R. Metalmoro MRX P4
Small adjustment to wall reflection delay.
Fixed a bug where reflected engine sound would not be altered by Player engine volume slider.

Adjusted bumpines of razor, flat & grooved curbs for all tracks
Spa-Francorchamps 2022: Fixed missing dynamic physics (source of bug causing cars not have visual damage); Minor changes to static vehicle placement; Adjusted amplitude of exit curb at Paul Frere
Fontana: Fixed AI crashing into tire bundles (apex barrier) during rolling start and/or formation lap
Kansai: Corrected garage door numbers
Granja Viana: 2022 layout adjustments, optimization art pass, wet track mapping fixes
Interlagos Kart: Re profile uneven surface at layout junctions in physical mesh; Fixed pit mechanic clipping garage door frame; Minor graphical adjustments
Londrina Kart: Corrected curb physics and sound for slotted curb type; Fixed an abnormal bump in a curb end; Adjusted TRD garage depth Rebuild tire wall collision; Added missing kart racecon building collision
Ortona: Fixed pit garage tents hidden in some sessions; Smoothed some abnormal terrain; Minor graphical adjustments; Changed cone type layout
Velopark: Fixed 3rd sector trigger location causing pitstop in-lap not to count
Silverstone Natl: Smoothed an abnormal bump in the pit exit road
Adelaide: Removed armco barrier at T8 exit
Buenos Aires: Fixed collision at the outside concrete wall along the start finish straight
Monza 1991: Fix a camera clipping terrain and increase the near clip plane range
Silverstone 1975: Fixed flickering in pit lane camera(s)
Spa-Francorchamps 2022:
Nurburgring: Adjusted corner bollard location
Cascavel: Add track cut cheat block to pit lane entrance
Track Cameras : Added Donington GP and National VR cameras; Added Kyalami Historic VR cameras

Copa Truck (All Models): Added Damage models and damaged dangling parts; Revised collisions; Fixed rear tyre animation skin
Corvette C8R: Fixed livery override material for fresnel and spec maps
Mitsubishi Lancer R & RS: Corrected window textures added for livery overrides
F-Vintage Gen1: Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collision
F-Vintage Gen2: Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collision
F-Retro Gen1 (All Models): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions
F-Retro Gen2 (all models): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions
F-Retro Gen3 (all models): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions
F Vee (both): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collision
Ultima GTR: Fixed water gauge issue
F-Ultimate 2022: Fixed the DRS wing animation on the low downforce variatiant
Lotus 49C: Fixed the AO on the front left wheel in the cockpit view
Mini Cooper 1965 Classic B: Entry added for livery overrides
McLaren F1 GTR: Fixed raindrops wiping bug
Porsche GT1 98: Adjusted gear lever animation
User Livery Overrides: Added 3 new metallic materials
Copa Montana: Fixed cockpit mirror issue
BMW M1 Procar: Fixed gauges glow
Mercedes CLK: Fixed incorrect mapping in rightside mirror; Corrected glass material correction
Brabham BT44: Added rear light
Kart Shifter: Corrected engine model
Adjusted driver LODs to avoid driver parts popping off at relatively short distances

RC build 2189 now live:
Added Spa 1970 Layout without Malmedy Chicane
Fixed bugs causing Low Downforce variants of GT1 & Group C to crash
Fixed incorrect order of Combined/Separated Fanatec DD profiles; Added Logitech G PRO, G923 profiles; Added Generic Direct Drive profile
Super V8: adjusted oval tire tread
Corvette C3: Revised torque curve for slightly less torque at same peak power
F-Vintage (both gens): Reduced AI tire rolling resistance for more balanced top speeds vs player
F-Trainer Basic: AI calibration pass
F-Classic Gen3: Adjusted AI tire wear rate
Implemented new logic to make the AI lift off the throttle on curves due to dirty air. This logic helps preventing the AI from running in insane packs in ovaltracks for example
Increased the tendency for the AI to follow the lane of the car ahead when it is trying to draft
Fixed one case where the AI wouldnt make a mandatory pits resulting in DQ
Spa 1970: Various art updates; Added more buildings; LOD adjustments tobrake marker signs


Added Corvette GTP to Group C class

Disabled blue flags during full course yellows and withdrawn existing blue flags for drivers that enter the pitlane or complete the race
Fixed tin tops oval variant configurations being loaded at low downforce tracks
Fixed Racin´ USA Pt3 tracks no longer being available

Added HUD Radar Zoom option (Gameplay > Display)

Improved safety of AI overtaking of lapped cars on ovals
Super V8: Fixed AI erractic performance

Spa 1970: Various art updates; Updated trackside cameras

F-Classic Gen1 (Both models): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions; Adjusted the driver legs position of Model 2



Added suport for user helmet livery customization (WIP, only for F-USA Gen1 atm)
Fixed bug causing AI duplicating the player livery when using custom liveries
FFB: Narrowed lockstop range

Fixed missing class colours for various Oval/Low Downforce variants

Corvette GTP: Various tire, chassis & aero revisions
Corrected aero setup for all Group C & GT1 low downforce variants
F-Vintage: Corrected V12 models mass to be 15kg heavier than V8 counterparts; Adjusted default gear ratio for V8 models
Mini JCW UK: Adjusted wet tire compound thermodynamics
Group C: Minor tire tread adjustment

Prevented excessive AI weaving in oval tracks
Reduced AI downforce bias for IMS & further reduced AI downforce bias for Daytona for higher straight speeds
Further reduced AI Grip for IMS
Bumped downshift rev threshold for AI to downshift sooner coming down the rev band on all oval variants
F-USA (all gens): Improved AI suspension rates for better behavior & performance

Spa 1970: Further art updates; Added seasonal foliage

Corvette GTP: Add gauges glow texture
Copa Montana: Fixed shadow glitch
F-Classic Gen2 (All models): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions; Fixed the rain light; Adjusted the light glow texture

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Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 V1.4.5.2 & DLC Packs
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Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.4.5.2. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений, а также три DLS контента. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.
V1.4.3.3 -> V1.4.5.2 CHANGELOG



Added Nissan R89C to Group C class
Added Nissan R390 GT1 to GT1 class
Added 2017 Nissan GT-R to GT3 class
Added new F-Classic Gen3 class (4 generic models)
Brazilian Racing Legends Pt1 DLC:
Added Brabham BT49 to F-Retro Gen2 Class
Added Brabham BT52 to Formula Retro Gen3 Class
Added Lotus 98T to F-Classic Gen1 Class
Added Mclaren MP4/4 to F-Classic Gen2 Class
Added Mclaren MP4/5B to F-Classic Gen3 class
Added Mclaren MP4/6 to F-Classic Gen4 class

Supercars Pt1 DLC:
Added Mclaren Senna, Brabham BT62 to new Hypercars Class
Added Corvette C8 Z06 to Supercars Class

Historical Track Pack DLC:
Added Cascais 1988
Added Jerez 1988

Added Random Failure Scale option
Added pit speed limit option to single race.
Added rule/content filter presets for custom events
Added Multiplayer support for Timescaling random failures
AI can now DLC vehicles even if user does not own them
Added 40+ years of real historic weather data for the locations that were missing it (Buskerud, Campo Grande, Curvelo, Goiania, Guapore, Indianapolis, Ortona, Velocitta
Adjusted gamepad damping bounds to allow smaller base levels and removed some baked in non-linearity
Updated Logitech TrueForce implementation following Logitech´s recommended specification
Renamed F-Classic Gen3 as F-Classic Gen4
Renamed Street Cars class as Supercars class

Added secondary mapping options for main vehicle motion inputs on main menu controls screen
Added controller binding options for increase/decrease fuel map (Note: existing profiles will need to manually rebind these or reset the user set to activate)
Added secondary bind options for vehicle tab of main menu assignments page
Fixed missing localisation of cockpit configuration button
Added Failure scale setting to lobby session details pane
Fixed HUD Radar colour logic

Minor adjustment to F-USA Speedway tire tread (all gens) Street F-Retro Gen2
Enabled bumpdraft and sidedraft physics in all tracks (was enabled only in Oval tracks)
Added Advanced Mechanical Damage Modelling for Stock Car Brasil 2019-2022, Super V8, Copa Truck, Stock Omega 1999, Sprintrace, ARC Camaro, Lancer Cup, Street Cars, Supercars. F-3, F-Trainer & F-Vee, Copa Classic, Hot Cars, Opala (all models), Caterham (all models), GT5
Revised loose wheel failure stress thresholds and added wing failure for F-Classic (all gens), F-V12, F-V10 (both gens), F-Reiza, F-Ultimate (both gens), F-USA (all gens)
Revised loose wheel failure stress thresholds on all cars with AMDM
FFB ajustments for Group C, GT1, GT3 (all models) Cadillac DPi, F-V12, GT1, GTE, GT3, GT4, Group C, BMW Procar
Brabham BT46B: Revised fan physics & added ambient pressure effect; Adjusted aero for new fan physics
F-USA (All gen oval variants): Decreased dirty air effect on cooling
F-Classic G1M1: Adjusted ultimate power output and default boost pressure
F-Classic G1M2: Revised engine with new turbo, fuel consumption and power output to diversify class
Lotus 79: Minor aero adjustments
Brabham BT46: Updated fan car physics
F-Classic (all models): Corrected front tire dimensions; revised gear mis-shifting tolerance
AMDM: Added wing failure logic to older open wheelers from F-Vintage Gen2 to F-Retro Gen3; Increased risk of oil and turbo failure on GT-type cars
Added support for individual front / rear onboard adjustable roll bars & disabled rear roll bars for F-Classics (all gens), F-Retros Gen2 & 3 , SprintRace; Disabled onboard roll bars altogether for Metalmoro AJRs, Mercedes CLK LM, Mclaren MP4/12 (still incorrectly had it enabled)
Corvette GTP: Slightly raised CoG height
Fixed CTD with Omega Stock Car 1999

Adjusted AI code for less hesitation when trying to overtake on straights
Fixed bug that could cause AI to pit too often due to tire wear
Rebuilt GT3 Ai roster to include Nissan GT-R GT3.
Updated Stock Car Brazil 2022 driver levels to reflect final championship results
AI calibration pass for F-Retro Gen2
Improved AI lines in the following specific cases: when defending position, when avoiding lateral contact with human player, when avoiding corner cutting; Improved detection of incidents that lead to yellow flags or full course yellow.
Adjusted AI lateral movement ratio (generally less jerky moves to try overtake)
Spa Francorchamps 1970: New AI fast lines & performance adjustments
Further AI calibration for F-Vintage Gen1&2

Further adjustments to wall reflections
Set up F-Classic Gen1 M2 with BMW I4 sounds

Spa Francorchamps 2020/2022: Add additional portable light tower at Eau Rouge
Spa Francorchamps 1970: Set 1000km layout Max AI participants to 32
Added custom grip range for Kyalami Historic for slightly less grip & updated range for Cleveland

Added support for driver outfit livery overrides
Added support for driver helmet livery overrides for all remaining formula cars
Updated cockpit Motec to include the following info: TC settings; shifting lights for the M8 and the 911 RSR; headlights pictogram on the Corvette C8 R display; 2nd page on the RSR (3rd still needed)
Adjusted undertray sparks logic
Opala (all models): Added tachometer damping function
Corvette C3: Speedometer units converted to MPH
McLaren MP4/4: Fixed rain drops issue on cockpit glass
Corvette C8R: Fixed revs jumping between shifts in rare cases
StockCar Omega: Fixed stikers flickering issue
Mclaren 720 GT3: Fixed misaligned hood in the cockpit view

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И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
Сообщения: 3802
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Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 V1.4.6.1 & DLC Packs
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Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.4.6.1. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений, а также DLS контент.

Пользователи AMS2 теперь могут выбрать последний релиз, чтобы получить доступ к этой сборке, щелкните правой кнопкой мыши Automobilista 2 в своей библиотеке Steam, перейдите в «Свойства» -> вкладка «Бета» и выберите ветку «ReleaseCandidate».



Added Bathurst 1983 to Historic Track Pack Pt1 DLC
Added F-Inter series

Fixed official championships taking grid setup of custom championship slot in some cases
Championship Editor: Added pit speed limit option; Disabled unused race 2 date option; Increased number of custom championship template slots to 5

Added reset seat position controller assignment and button to in-game cockpit configuration screen
Added controls screen option to reset all saved per vehicle FFB settings.
Added missing localisation to Opponents and Edit Grid screens
Fixed unstyled frontend OK/Cancel dialog
Corrected engine output figures for AJR Nissan, Nissan R89C in vehicle selection UI
Added Formula 3, Formula Inter & Formula Vee to 'Formula' vehicles filter group on the vehicle selection UI
Fixed oversized horizontal pinstripe line on 'Test Day' location holder when not focused

Adjusted traction control intervention for GTE, GT4, GT3. AJR Chevy & Honda, P2, DPi, MIT Lancer (both models), VW Polo/Virtus (all models), F-V10 Gen2, McLaren Senna, Camaro SS, Corvette C8 Z06, Brabham BT62
F-Classic G1M2: Decreased engine wear from increased boost pressure
Adjusted FFB for Formula Ultimate Gen1 & Gen2
Brabham BT52: Corrected engine output by 50hp at default and full boost pressure
F-Classic G1M2: Improved boost mapping at low RPM
Mclaren MP4/4: Corrected error in pitch inertia
F-USA (Gen2 & Gen3): Increase SW variant cooling to prevent unexpected overheating
McLaren MP4/5B: Corrected fuel tank size from 150 to 212 lt
Added AMDM for all kart types
Adjusted specialized FFB parameters for F-Classics (all models), F-V10 (both gens), F-V12, F-Reiza

Several improvements to the AI weather & tire strategy logic
Disabled holding of AI vehicles in pits when other cars are coming from behind for now (makes rules equal between player/AI preventing excessive time gain for player)
Fixed bug where several AI cars would spin during full course yellow on a wet track
Improved the behaviour and speed of the AI when entering and leaving the pits
Fixed a bug where the AI would do a empty pitstop unintentionally in the race
Calibrated simulated qualifying times for Copa Uno, Copa Fusca, Copa Classic FL & B, F-USA Gen1-2, SuperCars, HyperCars, Ginetta G40 Cup, Vintage Touring Car Tier 1 & Tier 2. F-Vee, F-Trainer (both classes), Lancer Cup, GT-Classics, F-Retro Gen2 & 3, F-Classic Gen1-4
Jerez 1988: Improved AI fast line

Audio wall reflections: further adjusted volume for trackside & chase camera
Surface sounds: slight reduction in volume on chase & trackside camera.
Updated tire skid sounds for Nissan R89C & R390

Snetterton: Fixed asset loading issue
Imola 2001: Fixed ice track bug
Spa-Francorchamps 1970: Increase garage limit to 32 car for GP layout
Bathurst: Updated and optimized foliage, foliage shadows, added 3d trees very near the track
Added VR cameras for Goiania Outer and Short, Guapore and Ibarra

Fixed bug causing drivers to vanish if using custom liveries
Added race suit overrides added to Camaro GT4, F3, F-Trainer, MCR2000, Opala 79, 86
Helmet and race suit overrides: Fixed 1960s helmet and race suitNissan R390 GT1: Fixed the wiper animations on LD variant; Fixed some objects not casting shadows on the LD variants
Updated cockpit displays for all GT3 and GT4 cars with several improvements & corrections
Porsche GTE: new LEDs colors and alpha channel. Blue LEDs were too dark and not enough visible before
F-USA Gen1-3 (All models): Added damage models; Fixed suspension animations on Speedway and Short Oval variants; Fixed steering animation
F-3 (F301 & F309): Added damaged parts; Added new textures and material for rain light; Added light glow for the rain light
F-Classic G4M1 & G4M2: Added damaged parts
F-Classic G3M2: Changed driver animations to paddle shift; Removed gear stick from cpit; Added shift paddles to the steering wheel
McLaren MP4/5B: Fixed wheel and badge materials issue
Stock Cruze 2019 : Car bonnet cam adjustment
Nissan R89c LD variant livery updates
Corvette GTP: Added new tire textures
Brabham BT49 & BT52: Windshield material updated for correct livery representation
Nissan GT-R GT3: Corrected display RPM bars range
McLaren F1 LM: Corrected oil and water gauges
Lotus 98T: Updated warning light to be oil pressure light instead of shift light
Added cockpit lights for BMW M4 GT4, Brabham BT62, Cadillac DPi, Corvette C8 Z06, McLaren 720S GT3, McLaren Senna, Super V8 and added mirror screen and better textures for 720S GT3 cockpit



Corrected Grid Grouping for Lotus 98t, Mclaren MP4/4, MP4/5B, MP4/6 within their respective F-Classic series

F-Inter: F-Inter: Revised aerodynamics; Corrected mass, inertia & weight distribution as per latest provided specifications; Revised Engine Thermodynamics
F-3: Revised FFB (both models)

F-Inter: AI calibration pass

F-Inter: adjusted engine & surface sounds for player & AI
Nissan R89C, R390GT1: adjusted tire sound for low downforce variants

Bathurst 1983 : Added remaining trackside objects (crowds, marshals, static objects and vehicles) Corrected aspect ratio on some track side billboard adverts; Extended track cut runoff areas; Rework roadline objects to fix lod problem between Forests and Murrays
Cordoba GP (No 4): Extend track limits to include blue runoff at T5 (layout junction)
Speedland Kart: Added missing corner markers for layout 2 ,3 ,4
Gateway Road Course: Add T1 layout cones

F-Inter: Fixed right mirror issue
Porsche 911 GTE: updated display with TC level LEDs on the dashboard.
Nissan R89: Fixed visual ride height in LD model
F-Classic G3M2: Removed redundant gear stick from cockpit
F-Classic G4M2: Fixed driver animation position
Caterham (all classes): Added support for driver livery overrides

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И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
Сообщения: 3802
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Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.4.7.1 & Nürburgring Historic
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Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений, а также Nürburgring Historic. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.

V1.4.6.4 -> V1.4.7.0 CHANGELOG


Added Nürburgring Historic 1971 featuring Nordschleife, Südschleife & Gesamtstrecke layouts (Part of Nürburgring DLC(
Added Stock Car Pro Series season 2023

Fixed wear state of all tires being reset in pit stops when less than four tires are changed
Fixed incorrect race 2 date for custom championships
Fixed champ editor incorrectly showing +1 lap for pre race sessions
Fixed track cut detection not working on some terrains (like the green area on the final chicane of Montreal)
Full servers are no longer hidden in Multiplayer lobby
Fixed rule preset selection issues when client doesn't have access to all DLC
Fixed an issue that could lead to a crash if an unknown class was encountered in lobby list
Servers are now hidden from lobby list if it can be determined they contain content the client does not have the 3rd party content installed

Fixed white pixel in upper left of TTotW menu

Adjusted tire treads for all RWD TC Vintages & GT Classics; Adjusted carcass heating for BMW 2002
Further adjustments to extreme, intermediate, wet & slick tires handling of water on a wet track, correcting various inconsistencies

Fixed bug where the AI drivers would choose the race starting tyres based on the weather of the previous session
F-Ultimate Gen2: Adjusted AI differential to fix inside tire smoking out of slow corners
F-Retro Gen3: Further AI calibration
Copa Truck: Fixed instant engine failure for some AI drivers during standing starts

Adjusted tire skid and scrub sound for BMW 2002 Turbo, Corvette 73, Lotus 23 and Mini Cooper S 1965
Revised starter timing and starter sound for: F-Vintage Gen1 M1, F-Vintage Gen2 M1, Lotus 49C, Brabham BT26A, Brabham BT44, Brabham BT52, F-Retro V8, Lotus 72E, McLaren M23, Brabham BT46B, Brabham BT49, F-Retro Gen2, Lotus 79, Brabham BT52, F-Retro Gen3, McLaren MP4/1C
Corvette GTP: Corrected tire sound effects
Brabham BT52: Fixed missing starter sound & adjusted starter timing

Bathurst 1983: Expanded track side crowd density
Kyalami Historic: Corrected csm garage building wall material

F-Classic Gen4: Fixed driver position in M1 & M3
F-Vintage: Fixed low riding looking cars in Gen2: Adjusted tachometers for all models
F-Inter: modified interior texture for outside view to match the cockpit screen
User Livery Overrides: Added Cadillac DPi, Group A touring cars , GT Classics and Vintage Touring Cars Tier 1 and 2 helmets and race suits; Fixed BMW M1 Procar & Porsche RSR 74 helmets and suits; Fixed materials for Ginetta G58
BMW 2002: deleted right wiper artefact on the chassis 3d mesh
Added cracked glass effects for crashes in cars with glass windshields
Caterham Supersport: Add correct badge and headlights
Brabham BT49: Fixed cockpit tire bug



Fixed occasional CTD when viewing cars from trackside camera
Helmet liveries from specific drivers are now excluded from the random pool of helmets for other drivers that don't have one assigned
Fixed an issue where the player driver would use a random helmet livery instead of the assigned one
Fixed an issue where the AI drivers would be loaded with the wrong helmet liveries in saved replays, multiplayer and championship mode
Championship Editor: Fixed a potential crash when exiting class selection screen and add proper guidance that at least one class must be selected
Altered some default values (for G-Wheel) and improved / lowered on center knock that is felt with some cars (g-wheel)

Fixed FR next compound button on Edit Strategy page

Copa Truck: Fixed instant engine failure for some AI drivers during standing starts

Increased volume for ignition sound effect
Wastegate sound is now prevented from playing when RPM's are too low
Shortened engine shutdown sound timer; Prevented artificial engine sound volume bump for a more natural sounding startup
Mini Cooper: adjusted external sound for player and AI cars, adjusted starter timing and starter sound.
Stock Car Pro Series: Fixed incosistent tire sounds for Stock Corolla '21, '22, 23

Nürburgring 1971: Completed artwork for release and fixed reported issues
Cascais 1988: Fixed LOD on animated 3D crowds

F-Vintage Gen2: Corrected tachometer orientation
McLaren MP4/5B: Corrected steering wheel position for better cockpit display visibility; Fixed rear wing disappearing at a distance
Copa Montana: Fixed windscreen wiper texture issue

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И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
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Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.4.8.0
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Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.4.8.0. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.

V1.4.7.2 -> V1.4.8.0 CHANGELOG


Added Circuito de Barcelona-Catalunya (DLC, free for all during Release Candidate stage)
Added Formula USA 2023 (road, short oval & speedway variants)
Added Formula Junior

Added Race Weekend option to set pre-race sessions as private sessions (with this setting enabled participants run on an empty track with no interaction from other vehicles)
Added option to set minimum number of changed tyres required for a mandatory stop to count as valid in SP/MP/Champ. Not all stops require the changes but at least one stop in the window must meet the requirements to avoid disqualification; AI will now take advantage of changing less tyres in mandatory stops if other factors don't compel them to change more
Pit Strategy: Removed 'Recommended' tire change strategy. (starting fresh for beta is advised, forced reset likely to follow before main release); When saving a strategy if only fronts or only rears option would be valid for the compounds selected this is automatically applied for the user; Time estimation for changes will now reflect the actual compounds selected regardless of front/rear/all setting
Updated Trueforce support, increased rate, cleaner TF audio effects. Uses native TF lockstop
Initial fuel levels in Multiplayer qualifying will now be the same as the player had set in the previous session, instead of forcing an auto fuel level

Fixed keyboard/controller navigation and incorrect button mapping on vehicle class selection page. ([A]/Enter now toggle classes, [X]/H clears all)
Fixed incorrect DLC marker on all vehicles selection list

Fully revised physics for F-Retros (all gens), F-Classics (all gens), F-Ultimate Gen2, P1 classes
Updated tire tread for F-Inter

Fixed a case where the AI would slowly rear-end other AI on corner entry making it spin, that was happening on some track/car combos
Minor improvements to AI aggression code
AI behavior adjustments: Increased the rate the AI pulls aside to overtake; Increased amount of AI throttle lifting over water puddles; Increased max distance from which AI overtaking routine kicks in; Increased threshold controlling when AI cars give up on overtaking into corners (both inside and outside)
Fixed an issue where the AI would make an abrupt movement to the pitlane line after requesting a pitstop

McLaren MP4/6: Adjusted rev limiter sound

Nurburgring 1971: Added more period correct advertisement boards; Object LOD adjustments; Minor performance fine-tuning; Some fixes for TV cams; Added VR cams for all layouts; Fixed LOD pop of billboard signs at Nordkehre
Indianapolis Speedway: Move pit lane entrance approximately 40m further down the pit wall as seen in the 2023 event
Azure Circuit: Improved track cut limits at Nouvelle and Piscine

ICLESUser Livery Overrides: Completed support for all vehicles & corrected some remaining issues
Added tire compound sidewall colors to F-Reiza, F-Ultimate Gen1
Formula Classic G4M3: Fixed T-Cam position
Mclaren MP4/4: Added missing low downforce variant

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И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
Сообщения: 3802
Спасибо сказали: 1068 раз(а)
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Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.5 & DLS Adrenaline Pack
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Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.5. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.

V1.4.8.1 -> V1.5.0.0 CHANGELOG


Adrenaline Pack Pt1:

Added Ascurra Dirt Track (2 layouts)
Added Tykki Dirt Track (4 layouts)
Added Foz dirt track
Added RX layouts of Barcelona, Hockenheimring, Nurburgring, Spa-Francorchamps
Added Rallycross class featuring Polo RX, Mini RX, Citroen RX & MIT Lancer X
Added Formula Dirt class
Added Kartcross class

Free base game content:
Added P1 Gen2 class featuring Metalmoro AJR Gen 2, Sigma P1 G5 & Ginetta G58
Updated Stock Car Corolla 2023

Added session auto-advance functionality for multiplayer sessions
Minor adjustments to net code
Mod Support: Added ability to define a mod and provide mod specific vehiclelist.lst and driveline.rg files. See 'UserData/Mods/README.txt' for details and examples
Adjusted damage scalars for all settings for slightly overall less sensitive damage
Added Spotter as a Gameplay option
Fixed FFB wheel pulling on engine off
Grid size for all track layouts bumped to accomodate at least 26 cars (except for kart and dirt tracks)
Revised pit stop properties for F-Junior, F-Vintages, F-Retros, F-Classics, F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza, F-Ultimates, F-USAs, F-3, F-Inter, F-Junior, F-Trainer, Group A, Group C, GT1, Stock Car Brasil 1999-2023, P1-P4, Sprint Race, Montana, GT5, Ginetta G40 Cup, Copa Truck, Street Cars, Hyper Cars, Supercars DPi, GTE, GT3, GT4, Ginetta G55 Supercup, Porsche Cup, Super V8, F-Vee
Adjusted LiveTrack Grip Range (lower "green" baseline grip, slightly lower grip for Light, Medium Rubber presets, Heavy Rubber grip preserved)
Rubber now loses grip with water saturation (racing line should be avoided in wet weather as a result)
Curbs are now more slippery when wet
Fixed excess tire wear/heating on grass, gravel and wet surfaces
Added Halo Transparency option for F-Ultimate Gen1 & 2 to Display menu
Fixed visual wheel camber in replays
Added visible Safety Car during Full Course Yellows
Vehicles from human opponents are now collidable during Multiplayer full course yellow
Fixed an exploit in Time Trial where illegal pit areas would be used for cutting track.

Updated main menu panel arts
Added 'Off-road' track selection filter to Grade selection
Added Rallycross race weekend preset for RX, F-Dirt & Kart Cross
Added P1-4 classes to Brazilian Series vehicle selection filter
Removed mandatory pit stop from F-Ultimate Gen2 preset
Reduced pit limit from 160 km/h to 130 km/h in F-USA Historic preset to align with 2000 regs instead of 1995/98

Completed physics revisions for all classes excepting the karts (125cc & 4-stroke)
Adjusted tire flatspotting physics (generally reducing changes of flatspotting)
Various adjustments to dirty air effects, correcting some interclass inconsistencies
Adjusted undertray spring / damper / friction, fixing inconsistencies
F-Junior: Restricted ride height range (min 4cm max 10cm)
F-USA Gen2: Adjusted Swift 009C undertray points to fix performance issues; Fixed aero inconsistencies in SW model

AI calibration pass for all revised classes
Adjusted AI performance degradation with tire wear (Ai tire wear rates still under revision)
Temporarily disabled effect of driver personality stamina and tire management skills´ influence on AI lap times while AI tire wear & performance degradation is in progress
AI cars will now use the max available boost pressure setting instead of the default in qualifying laps
Minor improvement to AI pit strategy during FCY
Improved AI lines for Brands Hatch (both layouts), Spielberg GP, Spielberg Historic 1974, Nurburgring GP / Veedol layouts, Velopark, Cascais 1988, Interlagos, Montreal, Silverstone 1991, Silverstone 2001, Silverstone 2020, Spa-Francorchamps 2022

Audio playback during fast-forwarding replays is now muted when doing high speed forward seek in replay
Fixed missing gravel runoff sound for some cars
Smoothed rev-limiter sound cutting out when engine bounces a lot on the limit
Disabled audio for hidden environment animations (helicopters, drones) during test day & practice sessions
Puddles and dirt sound effects are now panned left/right on track according to position
Fixed Mercedes CLK GT1 & AMG GT3 missing attenuation on external gearshift samples.
Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06: adjusted interior engine sound

Barcelona: Fixed various LOD pop issues in static and scene objects; Minor TSO optimization
Indianapolis: Fixed some static object lod issues near T3
Spa Francorchamps 2022: Returned wandering marshal to his post at Paul Frere
Nurburgring 1971 Sudschleife: Moved rolling start location 200m before Nordkehre

Adjusted suspension animation for F-V10, F-V12, F-inter, Lotus 79, Caterhams (all models)
Camaro SS: Adjusted light glow textures, shadows & glass cracks
McLaren Senna: Adjusted shadows (fixed missing rear wing)
Copa Uno B: Adjusted shift warning light
Brabham BT49: adjusted shift warning light
Updated display for Porsche GT3-R, Porsche Cup models (display alarms added)
Added pit limiter display warning to GTE / GT3 models that feature them
F Ultimate Gen1: Added ERS mode and pit limiter
Nissan GT1: fixed mismatching livery

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Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.5.3.2. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.

V1.5.0.5-V1.5.3.2 СОДЕРЖАНИЕ

Треки — пакет исторических треков, часть 2, DLC
Добавлена ​​Барселона 1991 г.
добавлен Интерлагос 1991 г.
Добавлен Интерлагос 1993 года.
Добавлен Монреаль 1991 г.
Добавлен национальный макет Барселоны ( часть DLC Circuit de Catalunya ).
Автомобили - Formula HiTech DLC
Добавлен класс Formula Hitech Gen1 (с универсальными моделями MP4/7 и 3).
Добавлена ​​Formula HiTech Gen2 (с Mclaren MP4/8 + 3 базовыми моделями).

Добавлено ведение журнала многопользовательской игры, чтобы помочь отладить распространенные проблемы с надежностью многопользовательской игры (скоро появится специальная тема для отчетов).
Добавлена ​​поддержка контроля запуска.
На экран настроек гонки добавлена ​​опция «Желтая полная трасса по расписанию».
В Copa Truck добавлена ​​специальная модель безопасного грузовика; Corvette Z06 Pace Car в США в 2023 году; AMG GT для F-Reiza, F-Ultimate Gen1/Gen2; переход от картинга к занятиям по картингу; Porsche RSR — F-Retro Gen1-3; BMW 2002–GT Classics, F-Vintages и TC Vintages; От BMW M3 до F-Classic, F-HiTech и F-V12
Добавлены мигающие огни машины безопасности, которые гаснут, когда машина безопасности собирается вернуться в боксы.
FCY: машина безопасности больше не выезжает из боксов в конфликтной ситуации, когда лидеры мчатся по овальным трассам; Исправлена ​​проблема, из-за которой при обнаружении незаконных обгонов во время полного желтого курса отслеживался неправильный водитель (отображается в метке следования) и не удалялось сообщение о незаконном обгоне, если правильный водитель мог быть проигнорирован; серьезно поврежденным автомобилям больше не запрещается въезд в яму на длинных овальных гонках (теперь для серьезно поврежденных автомобилей будет отображаться надпись «PIT OPEN»); поврежденные машины больше не наказываются за то, что не остаются с лидерами; Улучшено обнаружение транспортных средств, которые могут быть обогнаны в рамках FCY, чтобы предотвратить несправедливые штрафы.
Исправлена ​​устаревшая проблема, из-за которой размытие в движении всегда было принудительно включено в повторах (теперь оно будет учитывать пользовательские настройки); Исправлена ​​устаревшая проблема, приводившая к низкому размытию при движении, даже если пользователь установил высокое значение.
Исправлена ​​устаревшая ошибка в анимации головы водителя при внешнем виде, из-за которой угловая перегрузка проходила с инвертированной ориентацией, что приводило к склонности шлема сгибаться влево.
Увеличено расстояние по умолчанию между каждым транспортным средством ИИ во время полного желтого курса.
Исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой анимация шлема водителя не синхронизировалась с G-Forces автомобиля во время повторов.
Отключена анимация переключения передач, когда в автомобиле установлено автоматическое переключение передач в одном или обоих направлениях.
Исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой транспортное средство (ИИ или игрок с включенной автоматической ямой) могло застрять в гараже в одиночной игре (на тренировке или квалификации), если другое транспортное средство находилось на расстоянии блокировки рядом с ним.
Исправлена ​​проблема, из-за которой отсутствующие шины не сбрасывались после питтинга или перезапуска сессии.
Включен корректировщик на всех овалах в аутентичном режиме.
Исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой минимальное значение обязательной остановки для шин неправильно ограничивалось максимальным значением 3.
Исправлены автомобили с ровно двумя настройками главной передачи, всегда работающие с более коротким передаточным числом.
Ужесточены пороги обнаружения ограничения пути.
Исправлена ​​проблема на овальных трассах, из-за которой автомобиль на пит-лейне появлялся на первом или последнем месте в текущих таблицах лидеров, даже если физически он не находился на таких позициях.
Исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой машина безопасности не успевала двигаться из позиции ожидания, если лидер покидал боксы.
Исправлена ​​проблема, из-за которой игрок не мог управлять автомобилем в многопользовательском режиме, если он присоединился к тренировочной или квалификационной сессии, в которой были включены настройки машины безопасности и был доступен только один свободный пользовательский слот (также это могло привести к тому, что сессия не могла перейти к гонке, если это пользователь не вышел)
Исправлена ​​проблема на овальных трассах, из-за которой автомобиль на пит-лейне появлялся на первом или последнем месте в текущих таблицах лидеров, даже если физически он не находился на таких позициях.
Исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой машина безопасности не успевала двигаться из позиции ожидания, если лидер покидал боксы.
Исправлена ​​проблема, из-за которой игрок не мог управлять автомобилем в многопользовательском режиме, если он присоединился к тренировочной или квалификационной сессии, в которой были включены настройки машины безопасности и был доступен только один свободный пользовательский слот (также это могло привести к тому, что сессия не могла перейти к гонке, если это пользователь не вышел)
Частные сеансы: исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой транспортное средство игрока отображалось как призрак; Исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой иногда были видны окружающие тени от транспортных средств противника.
Исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой опоздавшие присоединившиеся игроки зависали в видимом состоянии в частной квалификации, если местный игрок был на правильном пути, когда они присоединились.
Включен корректировщик на всех овалах в аутентичном режиме.
Исправлена ​​проблема, из-за которой настройки Authentic Aids могли не синхронизироваться для клиента в многопользовательской игре.
Увеличен максимальный предел скорости на пит-лейне до 240 км/ч.
Переопределена папка установки для принудительного сброса настроек.

Пользовательский интерфейс и интерфейс
Сообщение «ВЫ МОЖЕТЕ НАЖАТЬ СЕЙЧАС» теперь отображается для лидера (вместо предупреждающего сообщения), когда машина безопасности уже вышла за пределы дороги, когда гонка вот-вот возобновится с полного желтого курса.
Экран входа в конфигурацию кабины теперь переключает вид на кабину.
Различные исправления для отслеживания фильтра оценок.
Исправлено неправильное состояние лимитера в виджете HUD после возвращения в гараж с включенным лимитером.
Исправлен обратный отсчет автоматического продвижения, который неправильно отображался на клиентах, не являющихся хостами, если на сервере он не включен.
Встроенная группа камер в режиме воспроизведения теперь переключается по команде, а не автоматически.

Продолжение обновления физики V1.5 для всех классов.
Переработанный FFB для всех автомобилей.
Пересмотренный идеальный диапазон тормозов для всех автомобилей.
Пересмотренный аэродинамический спад с рысканьем для всех автомобилей с высокой прижимной силой.
Пересмотренный BoP масштабирования турбо-высоты для GT3, GT4, GTE.
Добавлена ​​система управления запуском для F-V10 Gen2, Corvette C8 Z06, Mclaren Senna, Rallycross.
Обновлена ​​логика подогрева шин перед гонкой в ​​случае пропуска группового круга, чтобы минимизировать неточности в управлении на первых нескольких поворотах.
Скорректирован диапазон оборотов холостого хода для всех двигателей Формулы-1.
Незначительные корректировки для двигателей группы A и GT1.

Переделаны быстрые пути AI для нескольких макетов трасс (полный список здесь )
Отключены все множители AI Grip для конкретных треков (сохраняющиеся изменения производительности от трека к треку теперь регулируются исключительно с помощью путей AI).
Калибровочный проход AI для всех классов на сухой и мокрой дороге
Исправлена ​​ошибка в оценке водителей ИИ при обгоне впереди идущей машины, из-за которой они слишком рано съезжали с дороги и теряли тягу.
Скорректировано применение тормозов AI для всех классов, чтобы лучше соответствовать использованию водителя-человека.
Корректировка поведения ИИ: расширенная функция, позволяющая снизить вероятность того, что ИИ решит сбиться с пути только в крайнем случае; Скорректирована разница в скорости ИИ и пороговые значения расстояния для защитных действий; Уменьшены коэффициенты предотвращения для минимизации рывков при переключении линий; Увеличен порог осторожности ИИ по отношению к игрокам-людям; Повышенная осведомленность о проверке стен; Скорректированы диапазоны переднего и бокового буфера; дальнейшая точная настройка использования тормозов для различных классов
Скорректирована производительность запуска ИИ для классов с новой добавленной системой управления запуском.
Скорректировано поведение под синим флагом, чтобы ИИ не мог беспорядочно двигаться на круге.
Исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой ИИ иногда мог знать о других транспортных средствах в приватных сеансах.
Пересмотренные и ужесточенные диапазоны навыков пилотов с искусственным интеллектом для Formula Classics Gen1-4, Formula V12, Formula V10 Gen1-2, Formula Reiza, Formula Ultimate Gen1-2, Formula USA Gen4, GTE, GT3, Stock Car Brasil 2019-2023 гг.
Скорректирована межклассовая производительность ИИ Lotus 98T, Mclarens MP4/4, 5B и 6 Sigma P1 из класса P2.
Немного увеличен порог влажности шин AI для более раннего переключения на мокрые шины и немного позже с мокрых на сухие.
Немного уменьшен прирост производительности ИИ на квалификационных горячих кругах.
Повышенная забота ИИ об игроках-людях
Добавлена ​​функция независимой настройки того, насколько сильно ИИ замедляется на этапе охлаждения для каждого класса.
Добавлен скаляр плотности топливной нагрузки ИИ для корректировки производительности ИИ при работе с более высокими загрузками топлива.
Скорректированы стандартные пороговые значения стратегии пит-стопа, когда ИИ решает, что стоит сделать пит-стоп для шин (ниже для автомобилей F1, выше для автомобилей с колесами с гайкой 4/6).
Определенное количество сухих кругов AI в квалификации для автомобилей в стиле Формулы-1 (минимум 1, максимум 2 круга) и автомобилей не в стиле Формулы-1 (минимум 2, максимум 3 круга)
Скорректированы параметры обгона агрессии ИИ для всех вариантов овала.
Добавлена ​​«обманная» функция ИИ, позволяющая предотвратить выход за пределы питбокса при более высоких настройках ограничения скорости на пит-боксе.
Немного увеличен ИИ, отпускающий газ под синими флажками.
Пересмотренная скорость износа шин ИИ и связанная с этим деградация (комбинация должна привести к тому, что ИИ будет меньше страдать от снижения производительности из-за износа шин и раньше приходить на пит-стопы с шинами.
Дальнейшие изменения в работе ИИ с мокрой дорогой на сухой трассе и сликами на мокрой трассе.
повышение осведомленности о глобальной проверке стен ИИ; немного уменьшен диапазон переднего буфера и увеличен боковой диапазон
Барселона: исправлено выравнивание AIW на перекрестке старта и финиша в схеме шиканы.

Добавлены звуки грязи в автономном режиме.
Обновлены внешние звуки двигателей Ford DFV (F-Vintage G1M1 и G2M2, Lotus 49C, Brabham BT26, Brabham BT44, Brabham BT49, F-Retro Gen1, F-Retro Gen2, F-Retro Gen3, McLaren M23, Lotus 72E, Lotus. 79)
Обновлены внешние звуки V8, V10 и V12 для всех F-Classics.
Обновлены внутренние и внешние звуки F-V12.
Скорректирована громкость звука трения и проскальзывания шин для F-USA Gen1, F-USA Gen2.
F-Junior: скорректированы параметры звука двигателя игрока и противника.
Исправлена ​​проблема, из-за которой некоторые звуковые эффекты продолжали воспроизводиться при переключении цели просмотра.
Автомобили с закрытой кабиной: скорректированы звуковые эффекты дребезжания шасси.
BMW M4 GT4: переработанный ограничитель двигателя и звук контроля тяги
Chevrolet Corvette C3 и C3R: изменена громкость звука двигателя камеры преследования.

Скорректирован диапазон захвата LiveTrack для Буэнос-Айреса, Монреаля (все версии) и Хоккенхайма 2020.
Исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой не работали настоящие стартовые огни трека в Кансай, Санта-Крус и Тарума.
Скорректирован дорожный шум для исторических макетов Хоккенхайма, Монца 1971 г., Спа 1993 г., Монреаль (все версии).
Interlagos 2020: добавлена ​​3D-листва, переделаны материалы и текстуры трасс, ландшафта; Обновлены материалы и затенение временных трибун для макета Гран-при.
Спа-Франкоршам: исправлена ​​проблема с тенью местности, видимой в определенную дату и время суток в макетах 1993, 2020 и 2022 годов.
Спа-Франкоршам 2020: исправлен неправильный штраф на следующем круге при выходе за пределы трассы возле Бланшимона; Добавлено выделенное место для безопасной парковки.
Гран-при Хоккенхайма: увеличена кромка колеи, чтобы закрыть ранее исключенные бордюры.
Ascurra Dirt: переключите P1 на левую сторону сетки.
Daytona: Убран лишний сток при въезде на шикану остановки; Скорректированы ограничения треков; Исправлены проблемы с отображением LOD статических объектов; Перенесена линия выхода из пит-лей на трассах Daytona RC и NRC, как видно из 24-часовой гонки.
Херес 2019: исправлена ​​ошибка физического покрытия трассы в тормозной зоне Т1; заменен сломанный зуб на бордюре въезда; Исправлена ​​ошибка с освещением пола гаража.
Spielberg Historic/Vintage: исправлен отсутствующий флажок LOD на комплекте шин для въезда на пит-лейн.
Нюрбургринг (все версии): исправлены данные о географическом местоположении и часовом поясе; Исправлены черные травинки возле Данлопа на 24-часовой схеме Нордов; Исправлена ​​небольшая проблема с коллизиями на макете RX. Исправлены данные о длине трека для макета Sprint S.
Барселона: исправлено столкновение с шинным барьером при въезде на пит-лейн; Скорректирован диапазон захвата LiveTrack.
Кьялами: увеличено расстояние между рамками сетки, чтобы исправить ситуацию, когда ИИ-водители иногда меняют ход во время старта гонки.
Исторический Монреаль, 1988 год: обновленные путевые телекамеры
Спа 1993: Небольшая оптимизация производительности и экспорта.
Сильверстоун, 1991. Исправлено мерцание боковой камеры на Hangar Straight.
Оултон Парк: изменено положение комплекта шин на вершине шиканы.
Speedland Kart 3: исправлено неправильное расположение покрышек.
Доработаны VR-камеры для всех приемных треков.
Tykki: исправлена ​​планировка пит-лейна RX (машины не заводятся в гараже); Мелкие исправления графики; Исправлено максимальное количество участников AI с 5 до 7 в макетах приема.
Индианаполис 2022 (обе схемы): обновите маршрут формирования круга.

Определенные цвета экипировки и шлемов для всех водителей в цветах F-Junior, F-Vintages, F-Retros, F-Classic, F-V12, F-V10. Ф-Рейза. F-Ultimates (все поколения), Группа C, Группа A, GT1, GTE, GT3, GT4, Суперкубок GT4, Кубок G40, GT5, GT Open, MINI JCW, Porsche Cup, Copa Montana, SprintRace, Formula USA Gen1-3, P1, P2, P3, P4, Aussie Racing Camaro, Vintage Touring Cars T1-2, GT Classic Touring Cars, StockCar Brasil 1979-1999, F-USA 2023, F-Inter, Rally RX1, Карткросс, F-Dirt
Скорректирована скорость накопления грязи на кузове для всех автомобилей.
Переопределения пользовательской раскраски: исправлена ​​проблема с частями тела при использовании металлических материалов.
Изменены визуальные пороги обратного огня для всех автомобилей до более реалистичной частоты.
Исправлены искровые эффекты, которые были слишком темными в течение дня.
Увеличены уровни детализации шлема водителя, чтобы он не выскакивал и не выскакивал на больших расстояниях.
Скорректированный вид кабины для группы A, Mclaren F1 GTR, Mclaren 570S GT4, Ultima GTR, Metalmoro AJR Gen2, F-Vee, MIT Lancer Cup (обе модели)
StockCar Pro Series 2023 Cruze: исправлена ​​проблема с свечением тормозных дисков, исправлена ​​проблема с задними фонарями LOD; Скорректированное смещение высоты; Исправлено положение ног водителя для модели Cruza.
Stockcar Pro Series 2023 Corolla: Изменено положение руля; Скорректировано положение водителя и анимация; Изменен вид из кабины; Исправлена ​​UV-карта на передних внутренних покрышках; Отрегулировано положение рулевого колеса по центру относительно точки зрения водителя; Скорректированная анимация водителя.
StockCar (все сезоны): обновленный и улучшенный дисплей на рулевом колесе; Изменены материалы кабины
Porsche Cup: исправлены модели повреждений на LOD A.
Настроенные бортовые камеры для Corvette C8 Z06, F-Dirt
Metalmoro AJR Gen2: исправлена ​​проблема с дождем на лобовом стекле.
Lotus 23: исправлены артефакты низкого разрешения на текстуре грязи/повреждений.
Roco 001: добавлена ​​анимация водителя; Скорректирована сетка переключения передач. Добавлена ​​текстура грязи/повреждений; Пересмотрены коллизии; Отдельные передние крылья; Добавлены модели повреждений.
Mercedes CLK LM GT1: возвращена анимация водителя для использования рычага переключения передач; Пересмотрены коллизии; Скорректирована анимация водителя для использования подрулевого переключателя.
Ginetta G58: исправлено положение анимации водителя при виде от третьего лица.
Catherham 620R: фиксированные шарниры правого колеса.
Копа Грузовик:
Brabham BT44: скорректирована анимация подвески и развал передних колес.
F-Classic (все поколения): исправлена ​​текстура мокрых шин для различных моделей; Исправлены блестящие шины на низких уровнях детализации; повышенный порог скорости, необходимый для образования искр под поддоном; Исправлен задний багажник, закрывавший обзор в кабине, угол поворота рулевых колес и отсутствующее лобовое стекло кабины для F-Classic G4M2; Обновленный и переработанный 3D-дисплей для Mclaren MP4/5B, MP4/6. Исправлен скин подвески на lodA и виде из кабины, а также исправлена ​​анимация подвески для F-Classic G3M3.
F-V12: Добавлены модели повреждений; Переработана структура анимации подвески кабины.
F-V10 Gen1: добавлены модели повреждений; Переработана структура анимации подвески кабины.
Mclaren MP4-12: добавлены модели повреждений; Переработана структура анимации подвески кабины.
F-V10 Gen2: скорректирована анимация подвески на передних колесах.
F-Ultimate (оба поколения): добавлены модели повреждений; Переработана структура анимации подвески кабины; Улучшен прозрачный HALO; Исправлена ​​сетка передней подвески при виде из кабины и скорректирована сетка правого зеркала кабины для Gen1.
F-Vintage G2M1: исправлено неправильное имя в месте столкновения.
F-Dirt: исправлены красные панели кузова при просмотре из кабины.
Переработанная ливрея F-Junior № 55, Mclaren F1 GTR № 03, Mclaren Senna № 04, Mercedes CLK LM № 53; Новые лакокрасочные материалы
Camaro SS: изменена модель кабины на 6-ступенчатую механическую коробку передач и скорректирована анимация водителя.
Corvette C8 Z06: добавлена ​​информация о Launch Control на страницах 1 и 2. TC пиктограммы отключения дисплея кабины на 3 страницах. Улучшенные текстуры
Mclaren Senna: на дисплей кабины добавлена ​​информация Launch Control.
Настройки встроенной камеры для карткросса
Copa Truck: исправлено место появления, из-за которого грузовик подпрыгивал при входе в меню настройки или выходе из него; Исправлены дворники, которые не удаляли воду с лобового стекла в модели Vulkan.
F-Trainer (оба): добавлены модели повреждений; Добавлена ​​текстура грязи/повреждений; Исправлен скин задней шины; Пересмотренные коллизии
Porsche 911 GT1: исправлен недостающий лакокрасочный материал.
Metalmoro AJR Gen1: исправлены красные панели кузова при использовании окрасочных материалов, переопределяющих ливрею.
Opala Stock Cars 1986: Исправлен мерцающий баннер на лобовом стекле.
BMW M8 GTE: Обновленная ливрея №9 №15 Новые лакокрасочные материалы
McLaren F1 GTR: исправлено положение выхлопных труб.
F-Vee (обе модели): обновлена ​​модель и текстуры размытия обода.
Porsche Cup: исправлен диаметр задних шин для модели 4,0 л.
BMW M3 E30 Gr.A: в 3D-модель добавлены детали регулируемого заднего крыла.

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И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
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Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.5.3.5 HOTFIX
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Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.5.3.5. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.



Немного повышен уровень влажности пресета Damp Track.
Дальнейшее незначительное уменьшение начального скаляра размера луж, чтобы лужи не росли так глубоко во время влажного сеанса.

Исправлен чрезмерный износ шин при обнаружении прокола на мокрой поверхности.
Дальнейшее незначительное уменьшение скаляра начального размера водной лужи.
Обновленные овальные протекторы шин для Super V8, StockV8 (2019–2022 гг.), Montana, Opala 86 и Omega 1999 г.
Небольшая корректировка протектора шин для всех картов и Superkart, овальные варианты с тинтопом (Stock 2019-2023, Super V8, Opala 86, Omega 99, Copa Montana)
F-Retro Gen1: скорректировано столкновение днища для базовых моделей и Mclaren M23; Небольшая аэродинамическая корректировка для Lotus 72E
F-V10 Gen2: передаточное число по умолчанию увеличено на один клик.
Карткросс: немного увеличена прижимная сила заднего крыла; Увеличено распространение поля ИИ. Корректировки ИИ
Ралли-кросс: стандартное смещение тормозов немного перенесено вперед; Корректировки ИИ
Небольшая корректировка чувствительности переднего сплиттера к рысканью для StockV8 2019-2023 гг. и Copa Montana.
Переработанный промежуточный протектор шин для F-V10 (оба поколения), F-Reiza, F-Ultimate (оба поколения).
Дальнейшие настройки системы управления запуском для автомобилей F-HiTech и Rallycross.

Линии AI переделаны для Буэнос-Айреса (схемы 6S, 12, 15), Кливленда, Интерлагоса 91/93, Road America (обе схемы), Бразилиа Внешняя, Кампо-Гранде, Каскавел, Имола 1972, Имола 2001, Нюрбургринг RX, Tykki Dirt 1
Дальнейшие корректировки AI-скаляров топливной нагрузки и износа шин для всех автомобилей.
Пересмотрена скорость износа шин AI, исправлен чрезмерный износ для классов GT и Prototype.
Скорректировано использование тормозов Ai для Opalas, Corvette C3 и C3R, Fusca FL.
Увеличено разброс полей ИИ для F-Dirt, Kartcross.
Калибровочный проход AI для влажной и влажной среды для F-Vintages (оба поколения), F-V12, F-V10 (оба поколения), F-Reiza, F-Ultimate (оба поколения)
Регулировка и калибровка искусственного интеллекта для овальных вариантов тинтопа, ралли-кросса, карткросса
Калибровочный проход AI для F-Retro Gen2

Незначительные изменения для отслеживания диапазона сцепления для всех типов поверхностей.
Уоткинс-Глен: изменено ограничение пути на Т1, чтобы исключить зону схода из числа разрешенных дорог.
Спа-Франкоршам, 1993: исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой машина безопасности не возвращалась в боксы в FCY, из-за чего период предупреждения никогда не заканчивался.

Исправлено отсутствие ветрового стекла в кабине F-Classic G4M2 и F-Hitech G1M2:
F-Vee (обе модели): скорректирована анимация передней подвески для корректировки подъема передних колес на скорости.
F-Vintage G1M2: дополнительно скорректировано смещение задней части по высоте.
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И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
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Automobilista 2 - V1.5.5.0 - Le Mans & Endurance Pack Pt1
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Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.5.5.0 - Le Mans & Endurance Pack Pt1. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.

V1.5.3.5 -> V1.5.5.0 Changelog


Added Le Mans featuring Circuit des 24h du Mans, Bugatti layouts (part of the Circuit des 24h du Mans DLC, free for all for the first few days

Added LMDh class featuring BMW M Hybrid V8, Cadillac V-Series.R, Porsche 963 GTP (part Endurance Pack Pt1 DLC, free for all for the first few days)
Added GT3 Gen2 class featuring BMW M4, Mclaren 720S EVO, 2023 Mercedes AMG GT3 EVO, Porsche 992 GT3-R (part Endurance Pack Pt1 DLC, free for all for the first few days)

Added official support for driver swaps with a generic AI driver, fixing previous inconsistent skill levels compared to the other drivers in the session
Added support for working track light LED panels (WIP, only Green / FCY states for now, and only Le Mans & Montreal already set up for them)
Added option to limit the maximum number of visible vehicles
Multiplayer: Added some additional MP logging around an unrecoverable condition when the local client is promoted to session host. Removed geographic restrictions on dedicated server searches. Increased MP browser list refresh speed
Added/Updated Championships for F-Vintage, F-Retros, F-Classic, F-HiTech, F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza, F-Ultimates (all Gens), Stock Car Brasil 1979-2023, Copa Montana, Sprint Race, pCup Brasil, GT1, Group C, BMW M1 Procar
Added series points sets for user custom Championships for the majority of all classes
Improved raindrop visuals and dynamics & updated raindrop and rain streak textures to achieve denser raindrops
Adjusted undertray sparks dynamics and coloration
Logitech G923 (low torque) TrueForce device improved sustained FFB effects / overall strength.
Added Class Scoring option to Custom Championship editor

Added class filter to championship end-of-weekend screen
Fixed pole position bonus points showing race bonus points on champ scoring selection dialog
Fixed long session lengths escaping their bounding box on the Start New Championship screen
Fixed localization and alignment issues on the Controls screen active suspension labels
Fixed cancel/save buttons sharing the same key bind on the Edit Grid page
Updated motorsport preset for Group C
Added event presets for LMDh+GT3Gen2, LMDh and GT3 Gen2
Interlagos 1993: Added missing track map in HUD display for Interlagos 1993

Added support for progressive third springs (used by new LMDh cars & Cadillac DPi)
GT3 (both gens): Adjusted body drag for all models & engine peaks for AMG Mercedes & Porsche to rectify excessive terminal top speed
Added Low Downforce setup configurations for GTE
Adjusted traction control actuation for GTE, GT4, GT3 Gen1 (all models)
Revised FFB for GT1, GTE, GT Open, Porsche Cup, GT4, Ginetta G55 Supercup, GT5 and G40 Cup (all models)

Added car-specific AI race start mistake scalar overrides so AI for more modern formula cars (F-Reiza / F-Ultimates) with advanced clutches don´t struggle with major burnouts off the line, while those happen more often in stats with F-Vintages / F-Retros / F-Classics / F-V12 / F-V10 Gen1
Adjusted AI launch performance on wet for all high-power formula classes listed above
Slightly increased the likelihood of AI making a mistake during braking when under pressureDisabled AI half-spin mistakes on corner exit
Caterham (all models): Adjusted AI suspension rates & increased roll torque stab in an attempt to minimize issues with higher curbs
Increased amount of AI lifting off the throttle under blue flags
Kart 125 shifter: fixed bounce when spawned to track
AI calibration pass for LMDh, DPI & P1 (both gens)

Added reverb and wall reflection volume sliders to AUDIO options
Fixed missing starter sound for F-Trainer, F-Classic G1M2, F-Vee, McLaren F1 GT1
Metalmoro MRX P3 Turbo: adjusted engine sound and position
Fixed engine starter sound for Camaro SS, VW TSI Cup cars
Adjusted curb sounds so volume is less dependent on tire loads
Fixed missing Doppler effect in trackside audio for ARC Camaro and Kart Cross
Adjusted surface sounds for McLaren Senna & Karts
Adjusted engine sound for F-Hitech G1M4
increased gearshift volume for the Porsche 911 GT3-R & VW Polo RX
Camaro SS: fixed missing startup sound and adjusted external chase cam sound rev range

Interlagos 1991 / 1993: Fixed issue with the pitwall collision causing strange FFB on contact
Cleveland: Reduced chance of a player car missing the timing sector triggers which results in the lap not being recorded

Fixed shader emissive LCD and LED screens being too bright at night and too dim during the day
Updated cockpit display for GTE, GT3 Gen1, GT4 (all models) to suit shader developments
Fixed Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06 windscreen HUD being too dark at night
GTE: added leader lights on the Porsche 991 RSR and Corvette C8.R
F Classic G4M2: Fixed bonnet camera clipping
Mclaren MP4/7: Fixed wheels and brake disc´s pivot points

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И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
Сообщения: 3802
Спасибо сказали: 1068 раз(а)
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Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.5.5.4 hotfix
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Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.5.5.4 hotfix. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.



Added flag panel support for local yellow flags (local & full course lights now supported by all Grade 1 tracks)
MP logs will now rotate and maintain a history of 5 files
Fixed a rare CTD case that occurs when returning to the garage
Fixed bug leading to designated driver helmet livery and outfit not working for low downforce & oval variants of player vehicle
Shared Memory: Fixed mLaunchStage incorrectly declared as unsigned

Adjusted HUD engine wear colour change thresholds to better match damage model
Added Performance screen option to enable/disable full screen pause on focus loss. (-doNotPauseOnFocusLoss switch remains available)
IFixed ICM Cycle Button not being able to be double bound like other ICM controls
Fixed ICM auto-close timeout not accounting for ICM Cycle inputs

Minor tire tread adjustments for GT5, G40 Cup, F-USA (All gens). Mini JCW, F-3, F-Trainer Advanced F-Retro Gen2, F-Classic Gen3 soft compound
Adjusted tire wear rate for GT3 (both gens), GT Open
Adjustes tire wear rate for all wet compounds (correcting excessive wear issue suffered by most)
Adjusted FFB for F-Reiza, F-Ultimate (both gens)
F-USA 2023: Added AMDM model.

Extended corridors which define the limit places AI cars can go by 1/3 of its car width to reduce chances of AI drivers stepping into grass or high curbs to a minimal
Fixed car control not returning to player from AI teammate when returning to garage
Adjusted speed differential thresholds to trigger overtaking & defensive moves
Further adjustments to distances from car ahead in which AI overtaking routines kick in
Further adjustments to how far ahead AI will factor lapped cars by
Adjusted AI brake usage for LMDh, F3 (both models), F-Trainer (both models) GT3 (both gens), GT Open
Daytona RC: Reduced speed boost at the bus stop chicanes causing AI to often overshoot the corner in racing conditions
F-USA Gen3: Adjusted Ai drivers performance levels (inc. AMDM failure ratios) & increased performance levels to 3
Adjusted Mclaren MP4/6 AI start performance
Disabled AI start wheelspin mistakes for cars with traction controlAI calibration pass for GT5 & G40 Cup, F-3, F-Trainer Advanced, GT5

Fixed lack of external sounds for viewed vehicle when it is very far from camera
Formula USA Gen1-3: updated external sounds

Added interactive flag panels / lights to Azure, Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park, Fontana Gateway Imola, Indianapolis, Laguna Seca, Long Beach, Nurburgring, Oulton Park, Road America, Silverstone, Spielberg, VIR, Watkins Glen
Added local yellow support for interactive flag panels
On oval tracks flag panels will now remain static green for the whole race unless there is a full course yellow
Added dedicated Safety Car pitbox to Laguna Seca, Road America, Spielberg
Cadwell Park: Fixed 3d marshals LOD range
Laguna Seca: Fixed LOD range for 3d marshals

Added leader lights to BMW M8 GTE
Nissan R390 GT1: Corrected high and low downforce 3D models being swapped around
Mini Cooper 1965: Added fully bespoke Copa Classic version conforminig to appropriate rules & using adequately modern driver outfits
F-V10 Gen 1: Adjusted front suspension animations to correct front wheels appearing to lift slightly at higher loads from external cameras
Corvette C8R GTE: Added cockpit windscreen banners
Mclaren 720S GT3 EVO: Fixed cockpit bonnet mesh; Adjusted internal cockpit net vibrations; Added new cockpit lights
Reynard 2Ki (SS/SW): Corrected angle of front winglets
F-USA Gen3: Added Gil de Ferran (Jules de Fierro) tribute livery

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И.Ф: Vadim Egorov
Возраст: 40
Сообщения: 3802
Спасибо сказали: 1068 раз(а)
Дата регистрации: 18.01.2010
Руль: Thrustmaster T300
Automobilista 2 - V1.5.5.6 hotfix
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Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.5.5.6 hotfix. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.



Added increase pit status weighting of max visible vehicles selection
Turned off start lights when there is a full course yellow

Minor tire tread adjustments for F-Retro Gen3, Lancer Cup, Copa Classics, Copa Uno, Hot Cars
Further minor tire tread adjustments to GT3 (both gens), GTE, GT4, GT5, GT Open, G55 Supercup, G40 Cup, Mini JCW UK, Sprint Race, StockV8 (all seasons), Super V8, Caterham Superlight & Supersport
Further adjustments to drafting effects (reducing shape of the wake generated by the car in front so car behind needs to be more squarely behind it to get the draft & dirty air effects)
Revised FFB for F-Junior, F-HiTech (both gens), F-V12, F-V10 (both gens), Caterhams (all models), Street Hyper, Street Super, Street Camaro SS

Adjusted AI corridors for several tracks & corrected V1.5.5.5 error causing many of the corridors to be narrower than intended
Further adjustments to AI tire wear & resulting performance degradation
Generally increased AI loss of performance from running slicks on a wet track
Further adjustments to AI overtaking thresholds
Adjusted thresholds for AI to concede position when challenged
Further adjustments to AI pull out rate for more fluid overtaking moves
Further adjustments to AI brake usage for GTE, GT3, LMDh, P1 (both gens), F-Classic (all gens), F-HiTech (both gens)
Adjusted AI launch performance for Brabham BT52, F-Classic Gen1 Model2, Mclaren MP4/5B, MP4/7 & further adjusted MP4/6
Removed / reduced AI speed boosters at Bathurst 2020, Buenos Aires 6S, Nurburgring GP, Silverstone GP, Donington & Oulton Park (all layouts)
Hockenheim 1988: Fixed a problem with retired opponent vehicles or debris unable to return to the garage, becoming stuck on the track.
Interlagos (all layouts) added minor AI corridor fraction adjustment
Further AI calibration pass for F-USA Speedway variants (all gens)
AI calibration pass for F-Junior, F-Ultimate Gen2, Copa Classic FL, Hot Cars, GT5, Ginetta G40 Cup

Hockenheim 1977: Fixed garage dividers hidden in some session; Reversed the pit box order
Hockenheim 1988: Fixed duplicate crowds in race weekend
Kansai: Minor adjustments to Digital flag placement

Corrected height offset in several Copa Classic models setting them higher than they should
Porsche 911 RSR 74: updated tach values
McLaren Senna: Fixed missing glass roof issue
Cadillac DPi: Fixed missing cockpit details issue

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