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Live for Speed - Patch v0.6F8

Автор: Validamar 09.09.2014, Просмотрено: 2993, Категория: Live For Speed
uploads/news/317/011936.jpgРазработчики Live For Speed выпустили новое допонение v0.6F8. Самым значимым является поддержка Oculus Rift Dk2 , также исправлены ошибки и добавлены различные улучшения.

Полный список изменений:

Нажмите, для открытия спойлера Нажмите, для закрытия спойлера
Support for Oculus Rift DK2
Two new 3D modes
Draws cars in a single pass, improving frame rate
Loading textures with the wrong format or too few mipmaps, they are now re-saved for a faster load time. Thanks DANIEL-CRO!
Many more updates – please read the lists of changes below…

You cannot upload hot-laps made with this test patch because it is only a test patch, not an official patch
Please keep a backup of your LFS.exe from 0.6F so you can easily go back if there are any problems
Changes from 0.6F7 to 0.6F8 :

Implemented Oculus Rift health & safety warning at startup
Option to store driving position (avoids setting it every time)


1) How to get LFS running on your Rift DK2 :
– Oculus Configuration Utility – Set your Rift to extended mode
– Windows Display – use extended desktop mode (not duplicated)
– Confusingly, set the DK2 to “portrait” (meaning rotated) mode in Windows
– Start LFS and click 3D on the View Options Screen
– Select Oculus Rift and click OK
– You should be given the option to exit, ready to restart in Rift mode
– Start LFS again after exiting in that way

2) To reset your seating position, there is a text command /rift reset which is assigned by default to the F8 key.
– Key assignments can be edited in Options – Game – F1 to F8

3) If, for any reason, LFS ends up on the Rift in 2D mode or with a black screen, you can get it back like this :
– Press ALT+F4 to exit LFS
– Delete the file “card_cfg.txt” in your LFS folder, so LFS starts up on the primary device (usually your monitor)
– After starting LFS again you can try to enter 3D mode again

4) Accessing your desktop while LFS is on the Rift.
– You will probably find that your mouse cursor is confined to the Rift’s virtual monitor
– Press CTRL+C to free the mouse and now the mouse can go onto the desktop
– When you click on a window on your desktop, LFS will be minimised
– To go back into the Rift, click on Live for Speed in your taskbar
Changes from 0.6F6 to 0.6F7 :

Graphical :

Removed / reduced some texture related graphical issues
Textures are automatically resaved (if needed) for faster load
Low res textures now load just as quickly as high res textures
FIX : Graphics options sometimes showed too many FSAA options

Misc :

Anisotropic filtering (AF) now default 4x
Mip bias sliders saved differently in cfg.txt
– You must set your mip bias and AF values again
Increased maximum value of multiplayer draw distance

Oculus Rift :

Mip bias sliders are available in Rift mode again (separate)
LFS starts up in windowed mode on desktop if unable to open Rift
Steer look and mouse look options are now disabled in Rift mode
Windows error message is displayed if the DLL cannot be loaded
Recompiled Oculus DLL now depends on fewer external libraries
FIX : Arcade view and helicopter view now work as expected
FIX : Button look and Pitch / Rotate view now work in Rift mode
FIX : Names above cars (N key) now stay still when view rolls

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