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Automobilista 2 - Hotfix V0.8.0.1

Автор: Validamar 06.04.2020, Просмотрено: 1380, Категория: Reiza Studios

Reiza Studios выпустила первое общедоступное обновление для их ранней версии нового гоночного симулятора Automobilista 2. Это обновление содержит незначительные улучшения и исправления. Версия Automobilista 2 Early Access теперь доступна в Steam за € 26,99, что составляет 40% скидку от полной цены.

V0.8.0.1 Changelog:


Adjusted rain spray parameters – slightly longer draw distance & slower decay
Raised default Camera World Movement from 50 to 75, reduced G Force Effect from 50 to 25 (resulting in less default cockpit camera movement)

Added game version number to the main menu screen
Desaturated Championship & Time Trial panels in Main Menu to better illustrate current unavailability
Adjusted order and included Start button in Test Day / Custom Event menu (allows pressing start button with cursor+ accept button as well as gamepad start button)
Added missing track background screens & track maps for Snetterton
Corrected F-V10 livery thumbnails

Physics & AI
Slightly adjusted tyre tread physics for F-Classic Gens 2&3, SuperV8, MIT Lancer, F-Vee, Opala, Ultima GTR, Copa Truck, Caterhams, karts
Slightly reduced pneumatic trail for slick tyres & adjusted max steering rack forces to suit (results in slightly more consistent FFB)
Fixed error in suspension rates of SuperV8, Sprint Race which could lead to excessive bouncing mid-corner and other handling woes
Adjusted differential locks for all Caterham models with LSD
Adjusted brake response curve & reduced default brake pressure to 90% for all cars
Fixed error in Ultima GTR Race rear brakes which would cause it to lock rear wheels easily
Reduced brake torque for Superkart
Fixed missing rear pre-warmed tyres for F3, Roco 001
Adjusted AI dry tyres for Caterhams, Touring Car Classics, Ultima GTR, ARC Camaro, F-Vintage, F-Trainer for more consistent performance vs player
Adjusted AI wet tyres for StockV8, Sprint Race, Superv8, Caterham, F-Classic, Touring Car Classics, F-Trainer for more consistent performance vs player
Fixed Chevette 5th gear ratio

Mitsubishi Lancer: Fixed windscreen textures issue
Ultima GTR: Fixed shifting animation (manual instead of paddles); Added chrome stripes to some liveries; Fixed wheels and exhaust vertex AO; Added backfire animations
Caterham 620R: Updated several liveries (adding some metallic variations)
Formula Vintage: Added missing lower LOD models (which could cause cars to disappear in lower car detail settings)

Jerez: Complementary art pass & fixes
Snetterton: Fixed curbs & added 3D marbles to both layouts
Note: To users still struggling with brake sensitivity, please make sure to calibrate your controller to try to ensure the full range is being correctly used.

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