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Automobilista 2 - v0.8.2.0

Автор: Validamar 12.04.2020, Просмотрено: 1404, Категория: Reiza Studios

Reiza Studios выпустила общедоступное обновление для их ранней версии нового гоночного симулятора Automobilista 2. Этот выпуск содержит несколько существенных обновлений в физике, так и в искусственном интеллекте, а также добавлен новый режим фото. Automobilista 2 Early Access теперь доступна в Steam за € 26,99, что составляет 40% скидку от полной цены.

v0.8.2.0 Changelog:
Important: In order to ensure you completely reset your build to the latest changes, it´s strongly recommended to delete your MyDocs/Automobilista 2 settings folder and start anew – make sure to calibrate your controller, and that your pedals are calibrated to the complete 1-100 range (some users have reported needing to calibrate pedals twice for it to register – we´re still investigating it).

Added Snetterton 100 layout
Added Velocittá CD layout
Added Interlagos Historic External Ring layout

Further updates to rain spray (longer life, draw distance, smaller from front wheels)
Reduced threshold for track limit penalties (still subject to further tuning)

Implemented initial version of in-game Photo Mode
Added back Random Weather option
Added vehicle statistics to track loading screen
Updated car class colour definitions & added short class name icons
Multiplayer Browser: Player count corrected to sort numerically instead of alphabetically; fixed incorrect
Lobby Screen: Fixed activation of “Invite” button; added class and vehicle name to driver table column headings; fixed private/password icon showing for all servers
Removed redundant session time acceleration button from Multiplayer monitor screen

Corrected error in fast damper rates incorrectly applying to cars without 2-stage damping (resulting in overall incorrect or altogether broken dampers in some cases)
Updated semi-slick treads on various Caterhams for more accurate performance on a wet track
Adjusted carcass load stiffness for F-Vee / Copa Fusca / F-Uno / Copa Truck / F-Classic / F-Trainer / F3 / P4 tyres
Removed excessive rolling resistance from wet tarmac & concrete (AI & player)
Further revised MRX aero, suspension rates & default setup
Adjusted ideal temperature ranges in several compounds (correcting sizeable errors in P4, F-Classic Gen1 tyres
Fixed wrong tread width on F-Vee front tyre
Fixed F-Classic Gen3 Model 1 7th gear
Updated rental kart physics (narrower track, rear tyres)
Applied Balance of Performance for cars in P3 class

Implemented new AI Aggression logic
Fixed AI suspension rate issue that could cause AI cars to vibrate violently
Slightly Increased AI smoothness when moving laterally (both calm and urgent) & AI simplified tyre peak slip angle, combining to slightly more natural changes of direction

Interlagos Historic: Complete art pass
Incremental art passe to Oulton Park, Spielberg
Updated night lights & fixed flags for Brands Hatch, Imola, Goiania
Added period-accurate night lighting to historical tracks
Updated Kansai trackside cameras

Copa Uno: Added missing lower LODs
ARC Camaro: Full field livery update
F-Classic:Fixed needle vertex AO, mirror material on LODs of G1M!; Added rear light to G1M2, G2M3; Fixed gearshift lever animation for G3M3
Updated wet and inter tyre textures for F-Classics & F-V12
Caterhams: Fixed carbon material
Roco 001: Fixed gearstick animation
Sprintrace: Added windscreen reflection, corrected drift gearshift animation (paddles instead of sequential
AJR: Added Tubarão #5 2020 Chevy V8 livery; added chrome parts to v
F-Reiza: fixed duplicated livery
F-V12: Added new Community Skins
F-Ultimate: Updated liveries for Reiza / Milano / Groove teams (logos/materials)

AI & Physics Updates:
This build features some major physics and AI improvements – it is recommended to reset your setups and AI Aggression setting.

On the AI side, the AI Aggression system has been completely revamped, changing the way the AI evaluates passing opportunities and how that blends with the AI Aggression setting – 50-70% is a good starting point, with 100% almost sure to result in at least some AI-to-AI crashes.

The AI performance range has also been adjusted but as overall calibration is still in progress you may still observe inconsistencies against player performance as you go from class to class and through different sessions and weather conditions – this should be evolving consistently as we progress through Early Access. AI performance on the run-down to the 1st corner and generally over the first lap likewise will still be calibrated further in upcoming builds.

On the physics side, the biggest change is the addressing of an error that was causing fast dampers not to be disabled in cars that didn’t have suspensions with 2-stage damping (pretty much all cars in the game except the F-V10, F-Reiza, F-Ultimate and Super V8) – this effectively meant dampers would not work right at certain speeds or were broken altogether, fixing this has gone a long way towards rectifying some of the handling anomalies reported since Beta began. While not all will have substantial handling differences, pretty much every car is worth revisiting with this update.

One of the positive side-effects of this correction is that Force Feedback may feel better / more consistent than before, as a result of the suspension now working properly (rather than development of the FFB system per se).

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