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Automobilista 2 - V0.8.3.2

Автор: Validamar 18.04.2020, Просмотрено: 1350, Категория: Reiza Studios

Reiza Studios выпустила общедоступное обновление для их ранней версии нового гоночного симулятора Automobilista 2. Помимо списка исправлений и улучшений, обновление также содержит новый контент в виде автомобиля класса Puma P052 to GT5. Automobilista 2 Early Access теперь доступна в Steam за € 26,99, что составляет 40% скидку.

V0.8.3.1 Changelog:

Added Puma P052 to GT5 class
Added new Jerez layout (no Senna chicane)

Added initial HUD Layout Editor (from OPTIONS -> EDIT HUD LAYOUT)
Added Initial telemetry HUD page
Fixed missing car class icons
Fixed class positions incorrectly displaying during single class/practice
Fixed Superkart/ Stock V8 mini class icons
Blocked lap timer incorrectly displaying in HUD ‘off’ variant
Disabled currently unused containers/elements
Created separate leaderboard and lap/position info HUD elements
Disabled leaderboard by default on ‘light’ HUD variant
Adjusted trackmap zoom mechanics & tweaked graphical elements
Revised start light HUD element
Adjusted text colour and border of player in HUD leaderboard
Added missing vehicle stats for MIT Lancer R & RS
Updated trackmaps for VIR (all configs), Snetterton (all configs), Velocitta (all configs), Jerez 2019; Added Missing track logo for Snetterton
Increased vehicle preview resolution

Physics, FFB & AI:
Reduced wheel contact factor in all open wheelers (reducing chances of cars launching into the air with relatively minor contact) & corrected mass of several independent detatchable parts
F-Classic G3M1: Fixed default gear ratio for 7-speed gearbox
F-Ultimate: Adjusted torque curve & throttle map for smoother power delivery
Minor tyre tread adjustments to F-Classic (all gens), Ultima GT, MCR 2000, MRX P4, F-3, MIT Lancer R & RS
Added TC / ABS to MIT Lancer R & RS when running Authentic driving aids
F-Classic (all gens): adjusted default front wing setting for better aero balance
Adjusted AI prudence when challenging human opponent
AI behavior tweaks: smoother lateral reactions & brake application; less performance variation depending on AI skill when on throttle / brakes; less performance loss as AI driver loses stamina
AI performance calibration passes for all cars

Added alpha to coverage to all foliage shaders – improves quality, only works with MSAA
Jerez: Reworked wet track material and puddle mapping; fine tuned road blend textures and vertex alpha blending to improve some blending abnormalities
Oulton Park: Fixed pitwall collision bug
Night lighting updates for Cascavel, Velopark, Kansai, Goiania, Jerez, Imola, Imola 2001, Imola 1988

Copa Uno: Updated liveries (partial); Adjusted collision mesh
Super V8: Adjusted collision mesh; Updated Vertex AO; Added detachable parts from Damage
Gol Copa Classic: Added LODs & updated materials
F-Ultimate: Updated liveries with logos

Hotfix V8.3.2 Changelog:
Fixed telemetry HUD switching
Added new function to improve AI skill / performance on 1st lap
Fixed inverted FFB on Fuscas, F-Vee, F-Vintages
Adjusted gearbox tolerances for P052

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