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Automobilista 2 - V0.8.7.1

Автор: Validamar 04.05.2020, Просмотрено: 1125, Категория: Reiza Studios

Reiza Studios выпустила свежее обновление для гоночного симулятора Automobilista 2. AMS2 Build V0.8.7.1 содержит множество исправлений и улучшений, а также добавляет класс Opala Stock Cars 1986. Кроме того, обновление также вводит режим Time Trial, таблицы лидеров будут сброшены к тому времени, когда Automobilista 2 достигнет своего статуса v1.0.

Changelog V0.8.7.1:


Enabled Time Trial Mode
Player now has complete control in pits if Pit Stop Control is set to “Manual” in Gameplay Options (no longer gets automatically held up due to incoming traffic)
Implemented new CutTrackFraction logic for detecting how far back a track limit infringement in the previous lap invalidates the next one (5% of track length in practice, 10% in qualifying, 15% in Time Trial)
Fix bug where spawning in a garage in between sessions would cause Trucks to crash into the garage

Added Opala Stock Cars 1986 Season

Added missing F-Trainer A vehicle specs; Corrected Puma GTB, Super V8, Lancer R & RS, Copa Classic specs
Fixed AJR V6 short name in the session config screen
Added new ‘Full’ variation of the Laptime Info HUD element (gives past lap info or Time Trial info depending on game mode/session)
Moved Laptime info position slightly higher in the default layout

Physics & FFB:
Added “Tyre Scrub to Rack” effect to FX FFB slider (New Default profile only
Added “Min force” FFB function, disabled by default (can be activated in custom FFB file)
Minor FFB adjustments to various cars to better suit New Default profile
Increased FFB smoothness for FWD cars
Fixed remaining issues with excessive brake wear
Revised drivelines for all TC Classics, AJR, F-Vintages, F-Classics Lancers, Ultimas to correct excessive drivetrain losses & inertia
Fixed suspension physics for Copa Classic B Passat
Minor adjustments to tyre tread & carcass for Copa Classic, Lancers, Opalas, Ultima Race, AJR, Stock Car & F-Classic
Added wet tyre options for Lancers & Copa Classics
Corrected excessive engine boost in Lancer R & RS
Fixed wrong default tyre option in some TC Classics that could cause CTDs
Reduced front ride height range & moved diffuser center of pressure forward by 8cm in Metalmoro AJR for more accurate aero balance (all variants)
F-Classics Gen1&2: moved diffuser center of pressure forward by 2cm for more accurate aero balance, increased diffuser downforce loss with yaw
F-Classic (all Gens): Adjusted default setup (stiffer rear ARB, corrected ride height inconsistencies); fixed V8 engine wear range

Disabled glitchy AI function that would cause it to behave erratically while trying to weave out of the way under a blue flag in Practice & Quali (AI will now just reduce speed to let faster car by)
Adjusted AI behavior under a yellow flag (a bit less overzealous)
Revised AI damper rates for all cars
Minor AI performance tweak to Londrina (both layouts)

Corrected environment & track temperature ranges for South American tracks
Interlagos Kart: Fixed layout 3 fences and walls missing when running less than High Track Detail

Passat Copa Classic B: Updated interior textures, corrected collision mesh
Puma P052: Updated cockpit interior textures; updated liveries for #03 #05 #08 #35 #36 #52 #65 #78 & added Community skins #55 #56 #58 #60
Sprint Race: Added rear brake lights

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