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СЛЕДУЮЩАЯ ГОНКА: MONO CLASS BMW E90 (2023) на треке Hockenheimring (National) в Среда 07 Июня. ПРЕДСТОЯЩИЕ ГОНКИ: MONO CLASS BMW E90 (2023) на треке Loch Drummond (Short) в Среда 14 Июня.

rFactor 2 - Nürburgring Nordschleife & PBR Update

Автор: Validamar 23.10.2020, Просмотрено: 2232, Категория: rFACTOR-2


Studio 397 выпустила обновление для своего гоночного симулятора rFactor 2, представив вам новую версию Nürburgring Nordschleife, включая оптимизацию трассы и улучшенные визуальные эффекты, а также сбалансированный ИИ для режима одиночной игры.


Comprehensive & Extensive PBR Update to the entire Circuit
New Textures for Roads & Terrain
New Features on Roads such as dust and improved real road dynamics
Reworked outer terrain materials
Reviewed trees and treeline objects, materials and placement
All new crowds
Reviewed night-lighting
Further optimisation pass
Added “Grand Prix No Chicane” Layout
Added Support for up to 90 vehicles on Nords layouts using GP pits.
Added New Support Vehicles
Various General Fixes
Extended white line on layouts using the GP pit exit so cars can merge safely further down
Moved tire barriers in that slightly blocked pit entry transition on 24H layout

GT3 AI BoP Updates and Minor Fixes

AstonMartin Vantage GT3 2019

AI: More forward downforce
Audi R8LMS GT3 2019

AI: Added slightly more grip
Bentley Continental GT3 2020

Adjustments to aerodynamics to reduce excessive front lift.
Fine tuned to ride height sensitivity.
Fixed cams
Updated brake disc materials
Adjusted cokcpit AO
Fixed shadow in showroom
AI: Added grip, especially front end
Callaway Corvette GT3 2017

Fixed wet tires starting temp
Adjusted collision mesh
Adjusted lower LODs (removed endurance light covers)
Ferrari 488 GT3 2020

Fixed onboard cam clipping the curbs
Adjusted bonnet cam
Fixed clipping TV cams
Adjusted rev lights on the rev limiter
Ferrari 488 GTE 2020

Fixed onboard cam clipping the curbs
Adjusted bonnet cam
Fixed clipping TV cams
Adjusted rev lights on the rev limiter
AI: Slightly improved pace
McLaren 650S GT3 2017

AI: Reduced understeer
Mercedes AMG GT3 2017

AI: Reduced spinning in certain situations
AI: Reduced understeer
Adjusted collsion mesh
Porsche 911 GT3 R

Added speedo to dash
Radical RXC GT3 2017

AI: Slightly slowed down

Latest rFactor 2 Build Update

Steam Build ID Client 5694072

Dedi 5694077

Fixed some cars showing all white in the showroom
Fixed cars showing in the list that shouldn’t be there at server join
Fixed chrome material not working in the showroom
Fixed an issue that could cause a client to load an old version of a track when joining at server join
New UI Only

Steam Build ID Client 5694164

Added real descriptions for cars and tracks in the content selection list
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