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Automobilista 2 - V1.3.0.1 & DLC

Автор: Validamar 29.11.2021, Просмотрено: 877, Категория: Reiza Studios


Reiza Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.3.0.1. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений, а также новый DLS контент. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.


Added Volkswagen Polo & Virtus to TSI Cup class
Added updated Azure 2021 (replacing old Azure))

Added support for customizing AI driver names & personalities (See Information for Customizing AI drivers in AMS2 V1.3 for details)
Minor revisions to shadow cascading parameters, slightly improving shadow quality especially for HIGH and lower settings

Added driver profile statistics page
Added minimum rating information to server browser
Lobby Page: Condensed mutually exclusive icons to one field; Switched to short vehicle names; Added player rank information.
Extended player interaction pop-up to include remote player profile information; Added Steam profile link and friend request button.
Added Full variant tachometer (default option for new profiles)
Reordered vehicles by names/numbers in the vehicle selection screen
Revised & corrected all UI vehicle information, addressing several innacuracies
Updated label of Exit to Main Menu button on multiplayer session results screen
Fixed session overview and pre-event menu alignment
Fixed race session settings being incorrectly displayed on test day session overview

Added DEFAULT+ profile
Exposed FFB gain per vehicle to FFB script files.
Adjusted base gyro/damping FFB calculations
Reduced FFB parking force multiplier to minimise rattling when standing still

Extensive revisions to all tires & driveline models, with several corrections & improvements; the driveline updates include addition of elasticity moelling & fixing a bug clutch LSD preload calculation
Revised ABS & Traction Control slip ranges & scaling
Adjusted camber & toe step increments (now all camber & toe adjustments are +/- 0.1 degrees in cars that weren´t already set to that standard
Revised default setups of all cars to a more suitable baseline
Revised body drag coefficients of Sprint Race, Caterhams (all models) Caterhams, F-Classics, BMW M6 & M8
Revised Ginetta G55 setup & aero distribution
R-Retro Gen1: Moved diffuser center of pressure slightly forward
Sprint Race: Slightly reduced brake torque, increased body drag coefficient, minor CoG height adjustment
F-Vee: Reduced baseline steering lock by 1.5 deg
Adjusted Super V8 FFB smoothing, wheel rates, raised default tire pressure
Revised drag coefficients for
GT3: Revised baseline rear downforce for all models for more accurate aero balance
Ginetta G55: Revised default setup & aero distribution; Slightly reduced brake torque & default bias
Sprint Race: Minor CoG height, diffuser adjustments Slightly reduced brake torque & adjusted default brake bias
BMW M4: Minor default setup adjustments & aero revision, slightly reduced pneumatic trail
Corvette C3: Revised driveline & suspension geometry
Montana: Minor aero revisions
Porsche Cup: Minor rear wing & default setup revisions
Porsche Cayman GT4: Corrected error switching damper rates to non-existent fast dampers
Revised BMW M6 / M8 body drag coefficent (contributes to BoP)

General AI calibration for all cars (further fine-tuning still in ordee)
Bathurst: Revised AI performance
Adjusted AI Grip multipliers for Kansai, Oulton, Nurburgring, Donington, Santa Cruz, Spa 1993 to minimise gaps to player performance based on spreadsheet results
Adjusted AI corner cut scale to reduce corner cutting by the AI
Adjusted F1 AI field spread
Adjusted GT AI brake distance offset

Updated tires´ road rolling sounds (slightly "drier" with less "windy" artifacts in it.
Updated samples for external camera instead of filtered sample for dry / wet road sounds.
Revised AJR Nissan V6 engine
Porsche GT3-R: Fixed issue where transmission became inaudible off throttle
Porsche Cup: Corrected surface sounds
Mclaren 720S: Fixed missing traction control sound
Adjusted traction control sounds

Virginia: Several graphical and physical corrections; Minor AI tweaks (North pit layouts); Adjusted brake marker positioning
VeloCitta: Further track adjustments according to latest reference material
Bathurst: Fixed hotel railing transparency in fog conditions.
Kyalami Historic: Fixed red building zfight, Crowds LODs, some minor static object LOD pops; minor Z-Fight in treeline
Campo Grande, Ibarra, Imola, Imola 1972, Imola 1988, Imola 2001: 3d crowd LOD fixes
Goiania: Minor LOD fixes
Monza 1991: Fix hole in grass at Della Roggia Chicane

Mercedes E190 DTM: Fixed windscreen issue
Caterhams: Fixed right front cockpit tire spinning the wrong way
Copa Montana: Fixed sticker LOD issue
Chevette: Textures updates & fixed light issue
Puma GTB: Fixed cockpit external mirror flickering
Porsche 911 RSR: Corrected cockpit camera position
Corvette C3: Corrected cockpit camera position
F-Classic G3M1: Fixed RPM display bar
Passat HC: Fixed bonnet camera position
Sprintrace: Corrected RPM lights
Kart Shifter: Corrected RPM lights
Corrected look back camera for: ARC Camaro, F-Classics (all models), F-Retro V12, Lotus72E, Metalmoro MRX P4, McLaren F1 LM
BMW M6 GT3: Fixed display lap time issue
F-Trainer Advenced: Fixed cockpit dashboard issue


Fixed default Formula championships crashing from targeting old Azure track instead of updated one

Fixed throttle/clutch pedal values inverted on full tacho variant
Fixed replay list not correctly aligned in ultrawide resolutions

Optimization pass on Default+ profile
FFB adjustments to BMW M4, M6 & M8 GTE; F-Vee, Mini 1965, Corvette C3 & C3-R, TSI Cup

Further tire tread revisions & AI Calibration pass for F-Trainer, Caterham Academy, Vintage TC1, Vintage TC2, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, TSI Cup, Opalas, Omega Stock, F-Vee
Further fine-tuning of Traction Control slip ranges
Adjusted crankshaft mass for Vintage Touring Cars & Copa Classic
Corrected VW Polo & Virtus mass
Increased preload resistance in cars with open differential

Adjusted traction control sounds for all cars

Azure Circuit 2021: Reduced AI on AI trapping against armcos causing crashes/pileups; adjusted line at the chicane to reduce AI going 2-wide and clipping the barriers causing crashes/pileups; Reposition the rolling start location to before last corner and reduce rolling speed to 60 kph

TSI Cup: Fixed missing custom livery folders causing mix-up with Mini liveries; Fixed small gap in cockpit dashboard

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