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RaceRoom - Update v0.9.4.75 & BMW M4 GT3

Автор: Validamar 24.05.2023, Просмотрено: 585, Категория: RaceRoom


Sector3 Studios выпустила обновление v0.9.4.75 для игры RaceRoom Racing Experience. Последний выпуск содержит BMW M4 GT3, а также содержит множество улучшений, физики и других исправлений, проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.

Update details:
Client version =
Client BuildID = 11304184
Dedi version = 93.0.1422
Dedi BuildID = 11304297

New content - BMW M4 GT3 in GTR3 car class
GT3 car classes have received physics updates - remember to reset your car setups
WTCC 2013 cars have received physics updates - remember to reset your car setups
Force Feedback - Introducing dynamic linearity which will allow us to tune the forces on a per-car basis through steering geometry and power steering adjustments. It makes all the cars feel more grounded and solid to drive, particularly at low speed. This update makes the existing FFB Linearity slider obsolete, so slider was removed with the update. The changes will help to get the most out of any type of wheel, however, you may find that some weaker wheels need a slightly higher ‘Minimum Force’ setting with the removal of the linearity setting. Users who were running above 85% linearity before shouldn’t have to change anything. However when used to 80% and lower, it is recommended to up the minimum force by 1% or 2%.
Brands Hatch - updated to 2023 specs
Donington - Updated to 2023 specs
Sonoma - Updated to 2023 specs
Dedicated Server - Added a LiveUpdate feature. The setting takes a value in second and defines how often the dedicated server will update ..DocumentsMy GamesSimBinRaceRoom DedicatedUserDataLog_DedicatedResultsLive.txt with everything happening in real time on the server. Information is provided in json format.
Game client - Adjusted the formatting of results files being written inside ..DocumentsMy GamesSimBinRaceRoom Racing ExperienceUserDataLogResults - Changed file data and time prefix to be the same for any session of the same event, making it easier to match sessions together. Modified to use userID’s instead of strings where applicable. Added LiveryID

Официальная веб-страница - www.sector3studios.com

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