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rFactor 2 - Build: 11731633

Автор: Validamar 21.07.2023, Просмотрено: 313, Категория: rFACTOR-2


Привет, сим-гонщики, вышло обновление v11731633 сборки 2023 Q2, в котором исправлены различные проблемы связанные с ИИ! Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.

Change log:
Fixed cars rolling over
Introduced behaviour to deal with understeer and oversteer
Fixed various issues related to AI limits:
AI no longer ignore walls to attempt an overtake
AI won’t deliberately leave the track anymore to overtake
AI only leave the track if they get pushed off, rather than going into the grass to keep their safety distance to other cars

Fixed AI attempting to overtake when the laws of physics would not allow them to leave their line without crashing
Fixed an issue where cars would refuse to pit because other cars already requested a pit stop, causing them to run out of fuel in Qualifying
Fixed AI randomly starting to shake and getting confused when overtaking another car, falling back or crashing
Fixed cars running off the racing line and sometimes even into walls for a few seconds after spinning
Fixed AI sometimes not braking enough for their pit boxes
Added a warning to moddev when pit boxes don’t have waypoints, making them inaccessible to AI
AI no longer move off the racing line into the middle of the track when shown blue flags, which caused traffic jams
In addition to the previous fix, AI no longer lift off in corners when shown the blue flag - They will not fight back and stay predictable, following multiclass rules
AI no longer incorrectly interpret player car’s deceleration and change of direction as acceleration - This fixes AI cars rear ending the player
Various fixes and improvements for AI pedal inputs, including improved draft behaviour
Fixed waypoint lapdist inaccuracies completely disabling AI braking, causing cars to run flat out into walls especially in or near the pits
Fixed various issues with obstacle evasion, improving AI behaviour around cars out of control. Known issue: AI still occasionally fail to move off the racing line if they encounter an obstacle on the racing line mid-corner
Added emergency state for AI allowing them to overdrive the car if necessary to avoid hitting walls or obstacles
Improved safety car physics in wet conditions
Fixed AI moving off their lines instantly, causing them to spin frequently if other cars are around - This fixes their behaviour to change lines just enough to get to where they need to be as efficiently as possible
Fixed “Finish Session” and “Next Session” to actually finish the session, simulating the rest of it. When the player chooses to skip Qualifying, this will still ensure a reasonable starting grid

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