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Automobilista 2 - V1.5.5.4 hotfix

Автор: Validamar 01.02.2024, Просмотрено: 232, Категория: Reiza Studios


Reiza Studios выпустила новое дополнение V1.5.5.4 hotfix. В нашем обновлении есть еще один внушительный список улучшений и исправлений. Проверьте полный список в теме, для более подробной информации.



Added flag panel support for local yellow flags (local & full course lights now supported by all Grade 1 tracks)
MP logs will now rotate and maintain a history of 5 files
Fixed a rare CTD case that occurs when returning to the garage
Fixed bug leading to designated driver helmet livery and outfit not working for low downforce & oval variants of player vehicle
Shared Memory: Fixed mLaunchStage incorrectly declared as unsigned

Adjusted HUD engine wear colour change thresholds to better match damage model
Added Performance screen option to enable/disable full screen pause on focus loss. (-doNotPauseOnFocusLoss switch remains available)
IFixed ICM Cycle Button not being able to be double bound like other ICM controls
Fixed ICM auto-close timeout not accounting for ICM Cycle inputs

Minor tire tread adjustments for GT5, G40 Cup, F-USA (All gens). Mini JCW, F-3, F-Trainer Advanced F-Retro Gen2, F-Classic Gen3 soft compound
Adjusted tire wear rate for GT3 (both gens), GT Open
Adjustes tire wear rate for all wet compounds (correcting excessive wear issue suffered by most)
Adjusted FFB for F-Reiza, F-Ultimate (both gens)
F-USA 2023: Added AMDM model.

Extended corridors which define the limit places AI cars can go by 1/3 of its car width to reduce chances of AI drivers stepping into grass or high curbs to a minimal
Fixed car control not returning to player from AI teammate when returning to garage
Adjusted speed differential thresholds to trigger overtaking & defensive moves
Further adjustments to distances from car ahead in which AI overtaking routines kick in
Further adjustments to how far ahead AI will factor lapped cars by
Adjusted AI brake usage for LMDh, F3 (both models), F-Trainer (both models) GT3 (both gens), GT Open
Daytona RC: Reduced speed boost at the bus stop chicanes causing AI to often overshoot the corner in racing conditions
F-USA Gen3: Adjusted Ai drivers performance levels (inc. AMDM failure ratios) & increased performance levels to 3
Adjusted Mclaren MP4/6 AI start performance
Disabled AI start wheelspin mistakes for cars with traction controlAI calibration pass for GT5 & G40 Cup, F-3, F-Trainer Advanced, GT5

Fixed lack of external sounds for viewed vehicle when it is very far from camera
Formula USA Gen1-3: updated external sounds

Added interactive flag panels / lights to Azure, Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park, Fontana Gateway Imola, Indianapolis, Laguna Seca, Long Beach, Nurburgring, Oulton Park, Road America, Silverstone, Spielberg, VIR, Watkins Glen
Added local yellow support for interactive flag panels
On oval tracks flag panels will now remain static green for the whole race unless there is a full course yellow
Added dedicated Safety Car pitbox to Laguna Seca, Road America, Spielberg
Cadwell Park: Fixed 3d marshals LOD range
Laguna Seca: Fixed LOD range for 3d marshals

Added leader lights to BMW M8 GTE
Nissan R390 GT1: Corrected high and low downforce 3D models being swapped around
Mini Cooper 1965: Added fully bespoke Copa Classic version conforminig to appropriate rules & using adequately modern driver outfits
F-V10 Gen 1: Adjusted front suspension animations to correct front wheels appearing to lift slightly at higher loads from external cameras
Corvette C8R GTE: Added cockpit windscreen banners
Mclaren 720S GT3 EVO: Fixed cockpit bonnet mesh; Adjusted internal cockpit net vibrations; Added new cockpit lights
Reynard 2Ki (SS/SW): Corrected angle of front winglets
F-USA Gen3: Added Gil de Ferran (Jules de Fierro) tribute livery

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