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СЛЕДУЮЩАЯ ГОНКА: GT CLASS GT4 (2021) на треке MONZA CIRCUIT (JUNIOR) в Вторник 13 Апреля. ПРЕДСТОЯЩИЕ ГОНКИ: GT CLASS GT4 (2021) на треке ZANDVOORT (CLUB) в Вторник 20 Апреля.

Automobilista 2 - V1.0.0.0 & Hotfix

Автор: Validamar 02.07.2020, Просмотрено: 238, Категория: Reiza Studios

Reiza Studios выпустили очередное обновление для Automobilista 2. Игра вышла из раннего доступа и перешла официально в статус V1. Официальный релиз, конечно же, не означает, что игра готова, это долгосрочный проект, в котором будут продолжаться крупные обновления игры, охватывающие все сферы разработки, а также наборы новых автомобилей и треков (бесплатных и платных).


Added Bathurst Track
Added Brasilia Track (2 layouts)
Added Granja Viana kart track (4 layouts)
Added Cascais Portugal Track
Added Stock Car 2020 Series
Added Copa Montana series
Added Opala Stock Cars 1979 Season
Added 2018 Camaro SS to Street Cars Series
Added F-Retro Gen1 Series (also featuring official Brabham BT44, Lotus 72E, Mclaren M23 Grand Prix cars)
Added Ginetta G55 GT4 Supercup Series
Added Ginetta G58 prototype to P1 Class
Added DRS rules for F-Ultimate & F-Reiza series ( valid only for tracks with DRS zones - Azure, Kansai, Interlagos, Montreal and Spielberg)
Reduced fraction of a lap that invalidates the next one if driver goes off track in Time Trial mode
Provisionally set pit speed limit to 120 km/h & added pit speed limiter for all historical cars to minimise potential issues in initial release (may revisit this later for historical accuracy when required features for proper functionality is coded in)
Reduced distance required for AI to pick up speed leaving pits
Removed stop-go from first speeding penalty
Reduced stop-go penalty from speeding penalty a 2nd Time
Doubled speed tolerance for temporarily going over speed limit
Reduced pitstop time penalty from hitting crew or wrong area
Reduced slowdown time to pay track limit penalty
Corrected F-V10 pit speed limit
Increased time to remove player from session when black-flagged
Fixed Old Stock info to display correct number of gears
Corrected Jacarepagua Historic length info
Corrected Copa Montana Gearbox information
Added missing ibarra HUD trackmap
Added DRS functionality to AJR Chevy V8, Sigma P1, F-Reiza, F-Ultimate
Added parameter for blending Physx & original physics for vehicle collisions with walls (hopefully eliminating "sticky wall" effect)
Front and rear wings for all formula cars now detatch with damage
Slightly reduced draft effects
Further revisions to adhesive friction curve with velocity & minor tread adjustments for all tyres (dry & wet)
Slightly increased load stiffness with tyre pressure for F-Ultimate, F-Reiza, F-V10, GT, Prototype classes
Increased front tyre sidewall stiffness for Stock Car, Ultima Race, Sprint Race & all prototypes for better compliance & less bouncing at high speed
Stiffened up default SuperV8 suspension rates
Fixed Metalmoro AJR excessive brake duct cooling
Revised aero & suspension damage properties for cars that still had provisional values
Fully revised kart physics & AI (all classes)
Further callibration of AI throttle application
Minor adjustments to P3, P4, Super V8, F-Vee, Copa Fusca, Copa Uno, Opala 1979 & Old Stock tyres
Decreased brake fade when below optimal temperature
Adjusted default steering lock for Karts, F-Vee
Revised F-Vintage & F-Retro V12 engine torque curves
Removed onboard brake bias and adjustable roll bars for cars that shouldnt have it
Slightly inreased base tyre carcass load stiffness for
Minor tyre tread adjustments to F-Retro, GT4 tyre treads
Lowered FFB smoothing for F-Trainer, F-Vintage, MCR
Lowered brake heating for steel brakes
Slightly increased SuperV8 downforce
Fixed minor innacuracies in F-Ultimate & F-Trainer tyre diameter
Reduced Camaro SS tolerance for shifting without clutch
Adjusted suspension damage thresholds
Adjusted Sigma diffuser aero
Fixed Opala Old Stock engine (now uses proper 300 HP variant)
Reduced ARC Camaro default steering ratio
Moved Fusca default brake bias slightly rearwards
Improved AI throttle application logic so it differs from slow to mid & high speed corners (less hesitation exiting those corners)
Enabled different throttle, brake and line accuracy ranges according to AI driver skill (custom AI drivers per series to better explore these ranges still to be added)
Reduced range for AI drivers to stray off ideal line & smoothed transitions when exploring different lines
Adjusted AI damper rates to avoid bouncing / rolling over higher curbs
Further increased AI Strength range slower @ 70%, faster @ 120% for all cars
Slightly increased AI willingness to condede position when overtaken
Adjusted AI speed under blue flag / off track / damaged car
Reduced maximum AI lateral offset from ideal line
Adjusted surface sound gain (prevent crackling on limiter)
Disabled automatic toggling of headphone downmix mode.
Fixed error where 4.0 channel configuration in windows resulted in 5.1 mixing mode in-game
Placed limiter on surface sound bus .
Limiter in stereo output mode is controlled from game code; output set to -6dB to avoid possible output overloading
.F-Vintage: Updated gear change sound
Ultima GTR (both versions) adjusted gearchange sound volume.
Adjusted engine sound position & gearbox sound position for all cars (gearshifts should no longer be offset to the side)
Fixed "moving" shift sounds on multiple open wheelers
Improved Caterham Academy engine loops
Improved loops on several 4-cylinder Duratec engine sounds
Updated trackside advertising for international tracks
Updated 3D grass shader
Updated road shader
Disabled 3D grass rendering in rear view mirrors
Adjusted far fog climate values (adds a little more haze to the horizon)
Imola: Fixed transparent trees
Kyalami Historic: Improved AI fast line
Revised trackside TV cameras for Adelaide, Adelaide Historic, Interlagos, VeloCittá
Fixed bug with Ortona crowds
Fixed Azure map coordinates
Added ambient reverb to new tracks that still didn´t have them
Added wiper animations and cockpit vibrations for Metalmoro AJR, Sigma P1, Opala (all variantes)
Added DRS wing animation for F-Ultimate, F-Reiza, Sigma P1, AJR Chevy & Honda Turbo
Added suspension animation for F-Ultimate, F-Reiza, F-V10, F-V12, F-Vee
Adjusted driver model & animations for Ultima GTR, AJR, ARC Camaro, Puma GTE, F-Classic G1M2, G3M2
Corrected bugs in 3D animations of F-Vintage, F-Trainer
Adjusted MRX collision mesh
Revised backfire logic for all cars that have it (less backfiring in upshifts, more in downshifts / lifting)
Increased headlight range at night for all cars
Fixed duplicated Uno in Copa Classic B
Adjusted upper driver model LOD switching (fixes the driver appearing to "duck" as car approaches TV cam)
Fixed RPM bar / lights for G55, Opala
Improved Vertex AO for F-Classic tyres
Added batch of new liveries for Kart GX390

Fixed loading screen crash when joining in-progress multiplayer sessions.
Adjusted FFB clipping, aero & default steering ratio for Stock 2020 & corrected minor wheelbase/track width discrepancies.
Adjusted Ginetta G55 & G58 max FFB force to reduce clipping.
Bumped up SuperV8 engine output slightly to bring it closer to latest engine specs
Bathurst: Updated road & trackside ads textures, fixed triangulation glitch in the main road at the pitwall area.
Added missing Cascais loading screen.
Fix DRS trackside board issues at Interlagos, Kansai, Spielberg.
Corrected windshield water wiping animation for the Ultima GTR Road version.

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