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СЛЕДУЮЩАЯ ГОНКА: GT CLASS GT4 (2020) на треке LAGUNA SECA в Вторник 14 Июля. ПРЕДСТОЯЩИЕ ГОНКИ: GT CLASS GT4 (2020) на треке CIRCUIT ZOLDER в Вторник 21 Июля.

GRID - Update v1.1

Автор: Validamar 31.10.2019, Просмотрено: 247, Категория: Codemasters

Codemasters выпустили обновление для своей гоночной игры GRID выпущенной для Xbox One, PlayStation 4 и ПК. Новый патч содержит многие улучшения и исправления, после релиза игры. Игру мо́жно приобрести́ в Steam за 54,99 €, версия GRID Ultimate стоит 74,99 €.

Обновление v1.1:

Resolved multiple general text issues
Fixed issue of screen cutting to black after selecting a vehicle from the relevant screen
The volume of in-race commentary is now reduced at the starting line
Fixed several public PC crashes
PC: cursors will now disappear when using a controller or wheel
Fixed the ‘softlock’ state during the auto-save screen if players switch profile during Free Play

Quick Match: all players can now experience terminal damage in races
Fixed issue in multiplayer for human players starting slower than AI drivers in Time Attack
Private Match: fixed issue for informing a player that they are the new lobby host
Fixed issue stopping more than 6 players being able to get into a Quick Match session
Fixed issue where players can become desynced from each other
Resolved issue of crashes when players quit out of Spectate after re-joining a session
Fixed issues causing crashes when finishing a Multiplayer event

Fixed issue of race not starting if rolling start is enabled and the player has entered into a Hot Lap Qualifying session beforehand
Fixed the ‘out of world’ issue on the Okutama Sprint routes
Flashback: cars will no longer veer left or right immediately after using a Flashback following a collision
Fixed flickering during gameplay with ultra-settings and 4K display
Fixed Flashback issue altering a player’s fastest lap time
Fixed Accolades issue where you could only complete certain Milestones in a single race

Официальная веб-страница - www.codemasters.com

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